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  1. It's hard, specifically because it's just under the roof, a lot of dust settles rapidly. I have to periodically remove all the vehicles and minifigs, and then use a brush and small vacuum to clean everything up. It's tedious but it's a chore you have to do with a layout this size
  2. Hello Everyone ! I have been working on a Space Center for my Lego City layout for a while and after 4 years most of it is complete. It has been was heavily inspired by the Kerbal Space Center, and my love of the game. Here is some pics of the center ! It's not to minifigure scale and some buildings need improvement but I'm happy with it. I was lucky to live near to a Lego Store, where I found lots and lots of white pieces for a reasonable price. I got the Lego Saturn V after I designed the building so it couldn't fit in due to the gigantic size of the Saturn V, so let's say this VAB
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