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  1. Kerbal portrait study for my graphic novel
  2. I'm not too worried about the killer, I just wanted to remark on how Bob was engaging in a nonconsensual activity for the purpose of finding it who dunnit /s
  4. I drew happy kerbals for once.
  5. Hello all, I've been working on a graphic novel for KSP for a little while now! I've been active on r/kerbalculture (a subreddit for kerbal fan art lovers like us), and I wanted to see what the forum would think. I hesitate to advertise my novel here (will have NSFW /NSFL themes and imagery), but I figured I'd give it a shot. I will start posting a page to the aforementioned subreddit every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, starting Friday, February 1st. This story will be much more refined and organised than Eeloo is No Goddess. If you're interested, please spread the word as you see appropriate or tell me your thoughts. Please also check out r/kerbalculture because more artists would be awesome! Sorry for the formality, college's been wack lately.
  6. Message me for details, please. Composition and BME Education double major here.
  7. Atubara

    Art request

    I am interested. Finals coming and wrapping up for me. Message me for details if you want!
  8. Pol exempt because it isn't a real god in Joolianism. It was named after pollen!
  9. I've been playing around with Minecraft to take my mind off of stress and this happened.
  10. I'll try my best to keep it short. It follows the adventures of an astrophysicist scared of space and an outlaw bassist through their adventures through the galaxy. The whole premise is that the aesthetic is 70s themed, and astronomical objects such as black holes, neutron stars, and even aliens are represented as impressionistic art. You can PM me is you want me to go into detail. I just realised this sounded super boring from a general summary. I could go on for hours about my ideas.
  11. A few days ago I made a sub reddit to showcase the ideas of KSP fans. Ideas of a kerbal's culture and society beyond the astronomical part. It would mean the world to me if you could check out r/kerbalculture! I want to hear other people's ideas. Here is a black hole of a Space DnD-styled game I would love to make. The spray can tool works wonders when layered correctly!
  12. Two English knights settle down for the night, completely lost from their fellow knights. To wander is the Joolian way. Alternative titles: Darkerbal Souls Assassin's Kreed, English bloke eating an apple or something Civ XVII, Co-op mode