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  1. I like to discuss the balancing issues I have regarding the SpaceDocks, although this is also true for possible other parts using ShipYard or depending on different build mechanisms. The biggest problem I have is to balance against Extraplanetary Launchpad hardware. Let's have a look at what ground based infrastructure is worth in the stock game. The player needs to upgrade the VAB twice for unlimited part support: 225,000+ 845,000 = 1,070,000 ==> unlimited part support Same for the Launchpad at the KSC: 75,000+ 282,000 = 357,000==> unlimited mass and dimensions
  2. Development Thread for the SpaceDock mod SpaceDock is a mod providing parts meant to be used with the ShipYard plugin. Revision Control Release Thread
  3. @Shadriss, my first impression was those modules would have to be moved in place by the player using some sort of vessel or kerbals on EVA. @steedcrugeon explained me that the structures connecting with the dock are not yet defined, haven't asked him about details I suspect them to use similar mechanics to what we have seen on the dock before this one.
  4. The modified KIS.dll is still linked in the OP. I would be glad to hear about how it does.
  5. Okay, so the last "B" version fixes most of my concerns. Put some attach nodes on top of the T-Beams and used a scaled version of the KIS "SM-62 Container Mount" for attaching the storage: The container mount is pretty useful gameplay wise since it allows uncoupling/coupling the cargo easily. It pretty much looks like being made for fitting onto the T-Beam although not being exactly designed for the containers. Regarding the new light panels, I wonder if I shall put attach nodes on top of them. Maybe they should move a bit more away from the T-Beam to allow attaching the smal
  6. Hello, I have made some small modifications to KIS which allows me to attach the ModuleKISPickup on regular parts. The new feature is used by the SpaceDock mod linked in my signature. I do not dare to submit a pull request at github before I don't have some feedback if the modification causes troubles. Thus please give me some feedback.
  7. Yes, because it works with directly connected tool arms instead of using the PAL Truss. A ShipYard needs a lot of them since the KISPickup will move to the tools in future releases. Sounds like a nice addition. The SpaceDock/ShipYard vessel itself could make use of some more konstruction tools. Currently (in my local repository) the PAL Clamp is used for both, attaching and moving parts. It does not make sense for it to have the attaching/detaching capability. Thus I like to request another part from you. Can you take the arm from the PAL Clamp and replace the clamp wi
  8. Okay, I must say, I really like this design a lot. The last post sounds a bit harsh, so let me say, the part is already quite nice and the animation is amazing. This is a step by step list of what I would do to finish the part. It is ordered by severity. The Truss Let's start with the biggest problem first, the Truss. It is flawed in so many different ways, let's just get rid of it. Removing it and its arm solves 2.3 completely and the biggest part of 3.2. The Telescope Pipe I would go for 4 sections. Meaning the Dock is still 1/4 of length in that dimension when fold
  9. Let's work out what still needs to be done. Legend Cool Fine as is Okay There is room for improvement but no show stopper Halfway done Makes me cry This really needs to be done Dislike Would be cool to get fixed Checklist Nodes Assembly One with room for the middle sized docking port, fine. Konstruction Assuming you agree it is fine to attach the tools like shown lately? Storage The pictures show surface attached containers. There is currently
  10. @steedcrugeon, I have added attach nodes: https://github.com/fendrin/SpaceDock/blob/0.2/GameData/SpaceDock/Parts/Spacedock_Collapsible/SpacedockCollapsibleSm.cfg
  11. Just compiled the modified KIS.dl needed for the KISPickup building. Have a look at the OP.
  12. No and yes. No, those Arms are only in one size available in @RoverDude's Konstruction mod. It is not compatible with tweakSize, at least not the last time I checked. Yes, because I have already several down and upscaled clones from them on my disc for testing purposes. I was stupid not doing that from the start. It is not the Dock the KISPickup module belongs into but it is the konstruction clamp arm.
  13. Hmmm, I have some issues with it. Let's first have a look at the original SpaceDock by @Stevie_D. It is basically a structure trying to be solid while lightweight which provides mount points for gear. The deflatable SpaceDock's trusses are too fragile to hold our heavy konstruction gear on the one side and they can't be mount points for heavy KISContainers on the other side either. They could however hold additional lights. What purposes are they for? Solar Panels? The arms holding the lights seem to be quite stable and they do not need to be strong for lights only. They can hol
  14. Cool, I will have a look at it right now.
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