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  1. Thanks everyone for the input regarding the bases and stations contract pack, I went looking into a config file and found a reference to Kerbin, changed it to Gael and got an orbital station mission within a play session. All good now.
  2. Just a quick question, I've been playing a GPP career for a bit now, have landed probes and kerbals on Iota and Ceti and my first probes are on their way to Tellumo and Lili. I haven't received a station or base mission yet...and I thought I would've. I usually run the bases and stations contract pack in the stock game, does that not work with the changed planet names? Or do I just need to be more patient till one pops up? Edit: Lots of tourist missions though, so some contract packs are working.
  3. Waiting for my new G810 to arrive in the mail...will this work with it?
  4. I was getting the same thing...really bad stutter every 5 seconds or so if I had more than a few contracts. And lets face it who can't help taking multiple contracts. If I delete the contracts then GC runs every minute or so. Using memgraph I could get the GC running about every 30 seconds, and that's with KSP using up 12Gb of RAM. I updated CC yesterday to the latest version and GC is now running about every minute without memgraph, and after padding with memgraph it's every few minutes. Definitely upgrade to the latest version of CC, it's a huge improvement.
  5. I'm having this issue also,did you find a solution? If I delete Realchute Lite, Stage Recovery works fine but my parachutes don't slow the craft down and I lithobrake at 160m/s :D. If I have Realchute Lite the parachtues slow me to 4m/s but Stage Recovery always fails. I've replaced the existing .dll file with the recompiled one and it's still happening. Should I install the full realchute mod?
  6. I'm still getting the issue the above posters mentioned, even after upgrading to the current KAC version.