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  1. MODS- mechjeb adn hyperedit Dont know where to post so I will post here sorry :/ So my rocket flips over and idk why it happens. Everything shown in the video below (1:11 minutes).
  2. If i add a mod midgame, will I get all the mod parts automaticly researched if i researched the research the appear in?Just asking to make sure I cant fck up my save. I got pretty far where I am.
  3. Thank you, it was a decoupler placed on the wrong side and it was connected to the station as a part and i tought i must be like this.
  4. I finally managed to get 2 thing docked in Kerbin orbit but after I dock them it says "cannot save above surface" and starts shaking like all hell, is there any way to fix that? I Tried the same thing in a sandbox save with hyper edit, it still happens there.
  5. What is the best way to land back on kerbin without burning to a crisp and the least amount of time burning to it?
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