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  1. I think it's trying to look for Kerbin, which doesn't exist since you have RSS installed. Maybe try uninstalling RSS so it can find Kerbin again?
  2. I recently pushed an SSTO (Mk-1) to Minmus. I can't Duna though, the game bugs out on an encounter.
  3. I wish Matt could make a tutorial on how to make an Argus-Class SSTO and how to fly it.
  4. OPM doesn't work with this. It's safe to say that everything *insert B emoji*oke
  5. Sorry for the necro in here, I wholehearted agree. Romfarer was one of the BEST modmakers. My favorite were the a r m s. Grabby grabby, station payload grabby.
  6. Configs are an issue. What do I do? How do I fix the Invalid Name thing on clouds and when the City Lights are applied to anything, it turns white. WHY?
  7. Touched up on a mothership mission and a ring station.
  8. I'm a pretty good rocket builder, can make a ring station and a mothership.
  9. Had this same question a while back, was only gonna play it for the old landing legs; they said no and someone got my attention with an old parts mod. Needless to say, you just gotta get an old parts mod.
  10. I think one of them in the mobile lab curses at Jeb
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