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  1. Wanted to give a bit feeback, works so far ok, but i've noticed, with airplanes autoguidance and landing ( not the rocket auto landing mode), when it flies to line up with the runway it never goes in a state for intercepting glidescope going left to right and back, and when it coasts towards the landing point, it lets the plane just drift off.... Second, for the Rover autopilot module, works okay by logic, but when trying to add waypoints to follow from map view, its locations are not accurate with the mouse. for example i can click 15 km further on the map to designate a waypoint, but the actual marker ( and its data) are way off. However when in normal view of ur vessel, zooming out as far as suitable to get a overview of the planet, i can set waypoint just fine and very accurate. just annoying is the point ( as this is tested today at minmus) that the drawn line between the points, is most of the time dug into the ground. position a lil bit higher is a fix. Other than that nothing yet to report, but playing carreer only so i have not unlocked all features, yet.
  2. Sorry, but it is a first timer getting effectively involved in bug hunting. You want to see a log file of the craft which uses the arm? or something else like a logging file? Edit: (feedback) no undock option was shown on either the effector or the fixture. Updating to implement fixes and re-test and see to reproduce the scene... Edit 2: After re-testing the scenario where i found said problems with the fixes to the surface node, i got a undock option at the grapple fixture => Can confirm the whole mod is now 1.5 compatible and functional! (although i got a bit of wobbly connection but i bet all my funds on it that its caused by the big habitation section im moving ^^) https://imgur.com/a/hAp6KaE
  3. Seems to work with 1.5 for the biggest part. Only encountered 2 major things to solve: #1= the grapple fixture seems to have its VAB placement node reversed => the fixture is reversed on placement showing its grey round backside. also when turning this around so its face forward, its buried in the surface it is placed onto. #2 = when docking in space with the arm onto a fixture there seems to be no undock option whatsoever. I assume this is the case due to issue #1 as the fixture in the vab is attached using the node where the effector should link up to. The backside node seems to be the one where the effector docks onto but this one doesnt have a docking configuration afaik. Please update?
  4. Well, in order to make a succesfull space shuttle, you indeed need to build the shuttle in your expected "Re-entry" state => the state in which the space shuttle will get back into the atmosphere. this is the start for balancing your shuttle out for descend and final flight to KSC. Next is adding the OMS engines. To balance these properly out you need to put all your tanks at half weight and see where the Center of Mass ends up to. once you have its location its just a matter of placing engines symmetric with their CoT aiming through the CoM. (!!!! Make sure that if you have attached the main engines for ascend, to turn the thrust limiter to "0". Otherwise your indicated CoT line will include the projected thrust from those engines, whilest in reality when in orbit, those engines are dead. This will throw your entire balancing off, causing instabilty. once that is done. you need to continue to build the shuttle up to its final shape, with all weight included ( engines, boosters everything), again turn the thrust limiter of the OMS engines to 0 for the same reason as earlier. Then detach the Boosters to exclude their weight from the CoM, put the weight of the main tank in half again, line the CoT of the main engines up and then put the booster back on their place. this might seem to set the CoT line under the CoM, but the tiny gimbal range will counteract it on the launch. and while the weight lowers, the CoM will drop too, stabilizing it even more. I've managed to build a stable stock space shuttle like this. but i went on to mods for aesthethics and functionality like robo arms etc. It all a matter of simulating all states of your shuttle and checking the balance out for each state. A few pics of my old stock shuttle and the newer ones: And With my current Mods:
  5. Okay so i took your model for a test drive, and honestly i dont know what flipping issue you have at reentry... i litterally just flew your shuttle 2 min ago into space, and aside from the bad balance between booster engines and shuttle engines in a space environment (due to you using canards for control during ascend and no angled shuttle engines) the thing flies decent. Nothing to do with its construction. The 1st reentry i did with it was a succes and i landed your shuttle nice in some mountain land. Also during the reentry i watched the SAS axis corrections. seems your shuttle never reaches a max pitch/roll/yaw moment which indicates its balanced enough. If you flip over, are you trying to reenter at a AoA of 90°? if so thats your deathsentence. As you plummet downwards at a 90° vector. you have almost no airspeed in forward direction therefor all your wings do is create drag, but no control. That also counts for your hull resulting in a torque with no control from wings/controlsurfaces to counter and ultimatly a combination of "do a barrel roll" + "it's over 9000!"... Anyway, try yourself but at an AoA of about 45-50° of Kerbin Horizon (navball). The real Shuttles lands with a AoA of about 90° from their Vector of Motion. But since its also travelling forward its not the same as 90° straight down. I think it's also about a 45° down. Therefor pitching 45° from horizon up result in its 90° vector for max drag while maintaining control. Easy, ain't it? (Perhaps this might help?)
  6. Downloaded your craft just now. Dont worry i also use Kwrocketry
  7. i only have mechjeb. unless the parts of those mod run through the entire ship? if its just one or two parts make it stock then. as long as the framework and engines are unmodded its ok, else i gotta download that too
  8. Then why not send the entire craft file? then il work a fix for it out.
  9. what can i say, all i ever payed attention to was that CoT and CoM ( centers of thrust and mass) where alligned. can you try to make a picture of your design in VAB with all indicators on? and without its boosters/tanks/cargo? you basically want to simulate its state for landing.
  10. Which i actually did to include a airbrake that didnt look like the stock airbrake. forgot to make a pic of that one haha. Just added it to the imgur list. might need to visit at site self.
  11. hmm well i placed them now on imgur, strange why pics werent shown here... Anyhow here they are!
  12. Hey there, new to Ksp. Justed wanted to show my very first shuttle. A replica of the Challenger space shuttle. Buildt with minimal mods. Only The internal docking port mount is from Planetary Base Inc. mod and the boosters are from KwrocketryRedux along with the uncolored fuel tank. although its perfectly possible to replace both with stock parts, just not suiting as good as these. Flies really stable. Let me know if you like it and i'll see wether i can share the craft file using dropbox for those who wish to have a copy.
  13. Nice build, i've been working on a space shuttle too using all but one stock parts. the first picture is my former shuttle model on rentry; launched very easy, managed to achieve orbit with only the external fuel tank (even a bit leftover, woops). just after getting through the re-entry to thicker air it starts to flip over and fall backwards, spiralling down to earth. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hq1c41iq3ezh9fn/Shuttle01.jpg?dl=0 Next pictue is my longer model i am (as i write this) testing how it will handle through re-entry and normal flying. tested the last once by carrying it on a plane (just like nasa does ^^) then detach it. But for some odd reason i never encountered on the shorter model was the wings snapping off in fst turns. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3r4830a7cujgdss/Shuttle02.jpg?dl=0 Edit: Forgot to mention about the not stock part, this is only on the longer shuttle, where the inline docking port is located, i've used a part of the planetary base mod to fill that space a little more up, creating a corridor-like part to end towards the docking port. this only to make it more realistic.remove that and its 100% stock Edit2: Just tested the longer shuttle and it flies even better then the shorter model, although im only have a problem on low speeds 60-100 m/s. the nose seems to be a little more that the cockpit reactionweels can handle so its a bit dive into the ground. last thing to solve. Here are some pics for those who wish to see during re-entry : https://www.dropbox.com/s/v6cxqvf1ugoidjq/Shuttle2.1.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/nhu20zipqjtjejy/Shuttle2.2.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/rr9l04att0fgkdk/Shuttle2.3.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/8cyc99rgsmjrejk/Shuttle2.4.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/2qdxmw1t1pphbk2/Shuttle2.5.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/z8zpunph4yohk5l/Shuttle2.6.jpg?dl=0 Also just realized last posts where from 3 yrs back... hate necroing threads
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