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  1. Dude, i absolutely understand that. Thats why I dont point out every other (minor) flaw i also found, only the most severe ones. There are a number of smaller flaws that do bug me, but probably arent worth the time to fix and dont impact the game that much. Some things that may even be compromises like the centaur insulation that you described. I know that I am a very nitpicky person and so I try to limit myself in that regard^^ The thing with that Delta-1000 ELT is just that its hard to build correctly if you dont have a website on the second screen with drawings and measurements to compare to. I just did it with the 2700 like it was in the manual, and then when i tried to do the Thorad/Delta-J stuff nothing made sense anymore and confused the hell out of me. So thats why I think another tank would be a good idea here. I have a feeling that we misunderstood each other in the beginning. Im not talking about "re-doing" the Thor stuff, the 2700 is fine. Im talking about an addition to whats already there. Even if its only placed on a bucket list and may be done later when you have more time for it^^ Though I would appreciate a fix in the manual, not longer describing it as "Daleth 1000" but rather als "Daleth-E" or "Daleth 0600". That way the possibility for confusion is eliminated^^ Actual numbers for the centaurs can be found here. http://www.b14643.de/Spacerockets_2/United_States_3/Centaur/Centaur.htm Infos about centaurs are pretty scattered on the internet, but i found some of the Atlas II/III mission design guide documents that suggest these numbers are correct. https://de.scribd.com/document/20046628/ILS-Atlas-IIAS-IIIA-B-V-400-500-Mission-Planners-Guide Atlas V boosters look good! Peace TK
  2. @draqsko I get your point, but for that matter a new tank wouldnt be needed at all. Lots of Delta 1000-5000 Versions actually have parts of their main tank in that blue shade and the daleth-II 1700 fits just fine length wise with two 880 tanks. The problem is that the tank rims are at the wrong position, and that actually was a concern to @CobaltWolf earlier about some Saturn tanks. An extensien to the Fenris-2700 would only worsen this problem. Instead, just keeping the 2700 as it is (Maybe retexturing it at some point to match the rim) and doing a new one for the ELTTAT would make it look way better without beeing save-breaking and would also be easier to build for people. I mean, on single stick vehicles it doesnt even really look that bad, but as soon as you add SRB´s it gets obvious how much too low that rim really is. So a new proper ELT, maybe split in 2 parts like the EELT daleth-II ones for the "lego-factor", only would make sense here. But thanks for your clarification about the tank masses. I never laid my hands on part configs for now, so this was new to me^^ I probably wont. I am already at 124 craft files (and not done yet ) as im doing all the possible variants of everything. Having them loadable in a savegame makes it cluttered as hell. Instead, i will probably release them as a pack on Spacedock with my "SubassemblyCategories.cfg" along with it so one can put this into his game and have it orderly structured and easy to access. But I will message you, no Problem Peace TK
  3. @CobaltWolf Yeah, thats what i figured too, The 1440 fits the Atlas LV-3C pretty good, the new one fits the Atlas V pretty good, but the third one probably should be somewhere in the middle between the current Inon-D3 and Inon-D5 in length. I know thats maybe hard to believe, but im actually not actively trying to obsess over these things. it just happens Peace TK
  4. @CobaltWolf - Hey, its me again. Sorry, I really didnt intend to be such a nuisance, but i spent a whole day googling and i cannot help myself Since im pretty much done with all the first stage variants (Boy, theres ALOT of possible Delta configurations ) i started doing the upper stages. Im on the newest dev-version btw. Doing the Centaurs i got confused now. Theres not much info available online about the whole centaur family with contradicting drawings, but everything i found suggests 3 different tank lengths (without the G-T variants or IDCS/DCSS).One used with Atlas D, a stretched one on Atlas II & III , and the longest one now an Atlas V. But there are four variants provided with BDB, labeled as Inon-D 1440, Inon-D3 1800, Inon-D5 2160 and the new Inon-V X464 tank. Wich tank is now supposed to go with wich vehicle? Peace TK
  5. How would a fix break peoples crafts? I am not suggesting that you rescale the Fenris-2700 as it is absolutely perfect for building the early lettered Deltas. I am suggesting keeping the 2700 as it is, and adding another tank as a new part and simply changing the manual. This way, it would be accurate and not save breaking at all. I wouldnt want to anger the community with this Thanks for clarification on the Castors. Also good eye to you too. If you never used a direct measuring reference for the 2700, chances are good you had Delta X pictures as visual reference maybe? Because you nailed the Long Tank length wise. Everything works out pretty close to that 1.6 scale. My visual reference only got me to "something isnt quite right here", but i wouldnt be able to recreate something like this without any dimensional reference ^^ Peace TK
  6. @CobaltWolf I found an issues with the Delta series or rather its tanks. Your manual states that the Fenris-2700 tank is supposed to be a "Extended Long Tank" (wich was used in Delta 1000-5000 series), but after some fact checking it doesnt fit. I first calculated it through the ~1.6 scaling factor your parts seem to use. The first stage is 11.8 meters long ingame, times 1.6 makes it 18.8m, just 0,5m short of a real life "Long Tank Thor" first stage. The "Extended Long Tank" First stage was 22.5m long, dividing again by 1.6 makes it 14m ingame. about 13.5 if we give it the same "0.5m short" than with the Fenris-2700. Here is it illustrated with technical drawings: Sources: https://forum.nasaspaceflight.com/index.php?topic=40733.60 http://www.b14643.de/Spacerockets_2/United_States_5/USA.htm Through further testing i found out that the closest thing to an actual "Extended Long Tank" isnt a Fenris-2700 with two Fenris-360, but rather two Fenris-880 with a Daleth-II 1700 ontop of it. It comes out to 13,7m ingame and is therefore within "margin of error". It works as an interim solution i guess, but I am not sure of the tank masses are balanced that way. It would be cool if we could get a "proper" Extended Long Tank when you find the time for it. Also two other things: Since I have to much free time on my hand, I am currently building each and every real (or real-ish for the Eyes turned Skyward & concept vehicle stuff) vehicle thats buildable with this pack for fun. (Guess how I found this one out ) Are you interested in my craft files for distribution when im done? The ones linked on KerbalX seem pretty outdated and some of them dont even load anymore. And finally, do you consider adding the Castor 4/Castor 4A SRM´s somewhere down the future? Along with that tank, these are the only things missing to build Delta 3XXX - II-6XXX vehicles, closing the missing Link between Delta 2000 and Delta II 7000 series. Peace TK
  7. Tiankay

    [1.4.2] ForScience! v1.5.2 - Your science autopilot.

    Has a bug on 1.4.3 where it collects the science for ALL biomes on the celestial body upon loading a craft with FS enabled. Deleting all the science and re-enabling the mod then collects the correct science from only the acive biome. Peace TK
  8. @Poodmund Sorry for beeing "that guy", I am not asking "when" or trying to pressure you here. Just looking for clarity. Will this mod recieve an 1.4.X update or can we consider this abandoned? Peace TK
  9. @Tyko Just fired up to check and its still working fine for me. Did you update your Kopernicus to the new 1.4.3 version? Peace TK
  10. Awesome! Just what i have been looking for over the past few weeks. Any chance you might add OPM to it? Peace TK
  11. Tiankay

    CommNet just stops working

    Nope, its still going in 1.4.2. Had a vessel that wouldnt connect to CommNet on the launchpad, neither with a ProbesPlus Antenna, nor with a stock Communotron 16S just an hour ago, with all my mods as UpToDate as can be... Maybe its time to give RemoteTech a try....
  12. Hey. I know you are busy with bugfixing right now, but here is a small suggestion for intermediate time. Right now rovers can be powered by solar, RTGs, reactors, and nothing else. It always bugged me that BonVoyage doesnt accept any fuel cells as power source, as I really like to build fuel cell powered rovers. They get a ton of mileage out of their fuel, theres no danger of accidentally destroying your panels on rollovers and they cost far less then RTGs, let alone reactors. I cannot see a reason why fuel cells shouldnt work. The only problem that comes to my mind would be calculating fuel consumption while beeing unloaded. But reactors also use up fuel, so I guess that problem was already solved. Peace TK
  13. Just a little heads up. Just as Kopernicus has been updated, this one once again DOES work fine in 1.4.2. The graphics are a bit glitchy in LKO (Its different, but it reminds me of that tiling bug scatterer had in 1.3) but i am not sure if its from Kopernicus, Sigma or these configs. But in overall the configs work fine. Peace TK
  14. Tiankay

    Operating Systems Used for KSP

    Windows 10, because installing Win7 on a Z170 Platform without a DVD Drive is a complete nightmare that i didnt want to go through again. Peace TK
  15. Tiankay

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Took over half a day to rebuild my ~+150 Mods install from 1.2.2. with 1.3 to keep my savegame alive. Mod it till it breaks... Peace TK