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  1. and how to fix it im running ksp 1.2.2 maybe can i try make another save? it would work this way?
  2. So ok i was playing carrier in Kerbal Konstructs mod and i didnt have any other mod in ksp so this happend when i opened the round launch pad and launched http://imgur.com/gallery/2q5cT thats the link for screenshot any fix for that? log read! from dropbox the log file link:https://www.dropbox.com/s/m609tkou4her34p/KSP.log?dl=0 EDIT:Runways are normal in they normal altidude and position Only launchpad is wrong!
  3. I Did A Plane With A Science Jr (SC-9001) and I did science report near ksc or forward from the launch pad (I Was Landed) And It Said: The Water Spray Has Rusted One Of The Samples And Some Of The Electronics Ar&/F***13e5rse4t8st###### That's exactly What It Said
  4. oh thx for the info i will do it! Oh and i have to launch the ksp so.. ok
  5. This Shuttle Can Take Speeds Over 1800 M/S From Then The Engine+Nose Are Destroyed,Features 3 Airbrakes,Stron Mammoth Engine (Don't Push The Throllert To The Max!),6 Vernor EnginesIn The Wings+4 Rcs Thurster Blocks (Included MK3 Propellant Tank),Mk-25 Parachute + 2 Mk-2 Radial Drogues,Full Science Set,2 Mobility Enchancer's,2 Gigantor XL Solar Arrays,And 1 Communotron 88-88 10G (Combinable) Antenna Info:Built In Version 1.2.0 Screenshots: Download (Currently Dropbox):https://www.dropbox.com/s/om5dhit99rzc5w2/Kerbler-I.craft?dl=0
  6. I Will Test If I can find a method to re-add the old mk-1 Pod
  7. em i have a mini problem later i was having the younge tech tree loaded on my ksp carrier and now when i load this tech tree all nodes icons are messy i mean they are up from another and theat how to explain