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  1. How do I use the The facilities that can store kerbals and the hangers?
  2. Hey, blackheart, remember that I asked about a Cockpit Based off the B-1B Lancer? Well, what about a Cockpit or Fuselage based of the AH-1 Corbra/AH-1Z Viper and the AH-64 Apache?
  3. Just wondering, but, is it possible to make an International Airport, Inspired by Singapore Changi Airport?
  4. I know, but do you think it might look better if there was a FB-22 Cockpit, like in Ace Combat Infinity?
  5. What about the FB-22's Cockpit (From Ace Combat Infinity), and maybe also landing gears?
  6. Well, I meant this one: https://kerbalx.com/DiscoveryPlanet/Lockheed-Martin-F-22-Raptor Because when I tried it, the wings were messed up, so I have to redo them, Myself Sorry, I actually assumed, because of said craft
  7. Also, about adding Bases at the Poles, not AT, because of the stated reasons that makes it Difficult, how long will it likely take to make such bases? So in the meantime, I'll try to make my own, while I wait
  8. Speaking of 747s, can you let us try your 747?
  9. Also, when you said "it is difficult to place statics near the poles", do you mean it's impossible to do so because the closer you get to the middle, it'll mess the position of the static that you're placing?
  10. Um, I know it might not be possible, yet, but, will the mod eventually have a feature that makes every building that requires this mod as destructible as the KSC?
  11. Hi there. What do you think about an Airport in KSP that's based of Singapore Changi Airport? ( https://www.google.com.sg/maps/place/Changi+Airport+Singapore/@1.3504975,103.9770508,7298m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x31da17d693d0cde3:0xd6d6dd5e414e4503!8m2!3d1.3644202!4d103.9915308 ) Not asking you to do it now, but Wondering what if there's such an Airport for KSP
  12. K, but what about an Aircraft Carrier, Like in the Original Kerbin Side?
  13. How do I make the Launch Sites using this mod to be usable in the LaunchSite Selector? I don't know how to do so, because no matter what Site I select, the selector always sets to Runway or Island Airfield (Depending on what you choose)
  14. Hi, I would like to let you know that your F-22 (Maybe your other Crafts) are outdated, so can you update them for 1.4.3?
  15. Will the AGM-88 HARM, US General Purpose Bombs (Mk 81-84) and Some Paveway (GBU-10/12/24/27) Laser-Guided Bombs, GBU-15 ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GBU-15 ), JDAMs, .etc be added into the mod?
  16. Alright, blackheart612, I can wait, mostly regardless of how long it takes, hopefully THIS can survive Ajit Pai's Anti-Net Neutrality excrements....
  17. Okay, I understand, I can wait for the other Aircraft, but I would like to see a Part Pack with the B-1 "Lancer" Style
  18. About the mod you said that will include the Aircraft, will you also plan to add a B-1B "Lancer" into the mod?
  19. About the 2.5m "B-1B Lancer" Cockpit, will it Eventually be released? And BTW, do you also plan to make a F-22 Cockpit (Maybe in Mk2), almost similar to the Mk22 Cockpit, but with only one Kerbal?
  20. I wish there will be Machine Guns, even the Ultimax 100 ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultimax_100 )
  21. Is it possible to make an update to make whatever's in the mod or addon mods for this to be as destructible as the KSC?