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  1. I personally like the acacius 2 considering the delta v and the fact that it is just AWESOME ! If it was a DSTO (double stage to orbit) and had a booster to help it on eve and tylo which would then be discarded. Jool however .... i tried to land on Jool but theres nowhere to land.Yesterday i found out that Jool is gas giant ... I think fart gas makes the R.A.P.I.E.R's explode.well time to keep trying.good luck Matt ! ps.im hungry
  2. UP FOR A CHALLENGE,EH? Try this :ssto to moho and eloo easy mode:ssto to moho with refuelling normal mode :without refuelling and 20 kerbals hard mode:without refuelling,20 kerbals from moho to eloooooo! matt lowne mode:impress me
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