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  1. Stupid Question; Has something drastic changed for the Transfer Autopilot? I used to be able to pick what planet I wanted and Mechjeb would try its hardest to get there... and when I try the Rendevous Planner OR autopilot to select something not in kerbins SOI, it tells me "Target not in SOI".... am I missing something simple or has the transfer orbit autopilot been removed? On a side note; I'm noticing the bug with the AR202 case (the fully functional one) being grayed out. Amusingly, it is doing it to me even AFTER I tweaked the settings to allow me to use the damn thing. Even more amusingly, I WAS able to use the functional AR202.... until the next time I started up KSP. Luckily I left the functional AR202 in Sub-assemblies, but still... whats going on?
  2. Okay, got it posted. Haven't had time to test out the fix, but when I have the chance I'll try it out.
  3. I unlocked the AR202 case, yes, but when I try to use it it's the "Attitude control" variant, not the full up autopilot one. I CAN make a usable craft with the pod, but it's clunky as hell and I hate having to put it on the top of my craft where the (Manned) pod should go....
  4. Well, I have the tree modded so I can use the Interstellar stuff..... Also, assume like a I'm a idiot and explain a little more; I haven't played KSP for a few months so I'm not up on all the new tricks to mods and stuff.
  5. I got a question for you guys; I just downloaded the newest version of mechjeb then started a Career mode game, and am powering through it. Only thing is, I can't seem to find the radially attached Mechjeb in my parts list ( I'm nearly done the techtree, the only thing left is Mod tech tree stuff like the Interstellar engines mod), just the actual Mechjeb command pod and the ar202 case that only does attitude control. AM I missing something stupidly obvious or does the Default AR202 case take the place of the fully functional one?
  6. Excessive use of explosion related pictures tends to derail that train. So does pictures of cats.
  7. stupid question, but does this work in career mode?
  8. Going out on a limb and assuming that none of these'll show up in Career mode if I add them in?
  9. Stupid Question, but does this work for Career Mode?
  10. I had a thought; instead of having the Alcubierre drive require a constant (And massive) stream of power, why not have some form of capacitor that you could trickle charge over a long period of time? That way you could have, say, a probe with a lot of solar panels in orbit of Duna that completes its assigned job and needs to reposition. Instead of using a rather slow and tedious flight using Ion Engines or having to carry massive amounts of fuel, all it would need to do is have a full capacitor ( or two or three) and it could "Jump" a certain distance to its next target, say, Laythe. you'd want to have more than one onboard of course.... This could also make for insanely nasty orbital weapons; drop a satellite with a Alcubierre drive, a armored nose cone, enough RCS to aim, a capacitor, and a pair of solar panels. Once they charged, they'd be ready to fire.... and I've read enough sci-fi to know that a Alcubierre drive ship would make a hell of a hole in whatever it hit.
  11. that looks awesome! looking forwards to more. I do have a request though... I'm a fan of the Forerunners in Halo, who usually have EVERYTHING glowy in some way shape or form.... think it would be possible to do a "Forerunner" skin, IE all right angles and orangish glow? in case you were wondering what I meant, take a look at a Suppressor
  12. Hmmn... since we are gathering and storing Antimatter, which is quite possibly the most insanely reactive substance yet known to man (and kerbal), how about taking into account AM's volatility? for example, in space, since you are (hopefully) not experiencing large G-forces, you could use a large AM storage tank that wouldn't need a large battery backup to keep the AM containment fields at capacity. However, for more extreme operating conditions, such as what a SSTO and a probe would experience, you'd have to use a much smaller capacity tank that would be insanely durable AND have its own backup power supply, sufficient to either figure out a way to dispose of it someplace away from anything important, or to get out of the blast radius... in other words, you'd need to plan out your missions quite finely; having a ship explode due to containment breaches would suck rather badly after all....
  13. Well, generally, AIRCRAFT are cheap... the CARRIERS are not. I mean, look at how INSANELY expensive a Nimitz class aircraft carrier costs; at least a billion dollars, if not more, much more. Thus, you want to protect your investment. Thus, armor. Well, armor and CIWS, SAM launchers, CAP patrols, Aegis class cruiser defenses.... That and I've seen a few sci-fi carriers that were more along the lines of auxiliary carriers (IE, they CAN carry fighters, but that is NOT their main purpose). Kinda like how the japanese had the Type B1 class subs that could carry a seaplane.
  14. Better thought out than mine! my first try at space station ended up exploding from accidental part clipping....
  15. you know what'd be cool to do with this? make it part of a weather Mod.... I mean, that way we'd have to deal with the same things that real life rocket launches have to deal with.
  16. Uhoh. *Hits alert Klaxon* Hit the deck people! this is gonna be ...interesting!
  17. Wow, this is impressive... I'm guessing that when one of these dies, it creates a nasty cloud of debris?