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  1. I would have it so that the player that hosted the game would be in complete control of timewarp.
  2. I think that the parts should have more shine, the new stayputnik is a good example. the parts are all smooth metal and I wish they looked like what they where.
  3. More mk3 cockpits and Mk 1,2, and 3 inline science labs. I really would like to be able to fly a ssto to another planet and have a lab with me.
  4. That would be awesome. but why would you need to do it? If you have an idea tall it to me. I am not very good at unity but I really want to make a mockup of the idea. I am going to try blender but if anyone can do it in unity I would love to see it!
  5. IN my idea, there is a window that looks out over the VAB, It would be even cooler if as you built the model a full sized one was built in front of you.
  6. With my idea, the VAB building would be totally different, more suited for VR. instead of building full sized rocket. you would be building a model of the rocket that you would fly with the parts coming out of drawers with labels to show what is in there.
  7. the flying could be done IVA only or with a few external cameras to show the outside. I personally would love to be able to watch out a tiny window as my ship breaks up.
  8. I think It would be really cool if you could Ksp in VR. You could have the building as you building models of the ships in miniature and the parts in little boxes that you pull out. Then you could fly the ship from iva and with a few external cameras. Maby you could drive rovers by telling them where to go. or you could have a rover control room you could drive it from like probe control room mod.
  9. Thank you soo much. I was really bummed when I couldn't use the airship that I had wanted since I started ksp. And now I can!
  10. I installed the mod and the tab that alows me to ajust the boyancy of the airshpi. how can I fix that?
  11. I think it would be cool to have a ksp for htc vive. You could build a model out of parts to build rockets (with the parts comeing out of boxes of parts) , and IVA and external camaras while flying.
  12. It would be cool to have teraforming, but only if it is unlocked at the very end of the tech tree. and maby take a long time and be done in a realistic way.
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