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  1. Back in ye olde nooby days, I was flicking through the contracts and noticed one Na zie Kerman up for rescuing. I accepted it on the spot. Maybe I shouldn't have. E: Ah, the old Scu/nthorpe Problem.
  2. How I read that-ermagherd u suck n00b Looks like I pressed some buttons here. My point is that a limiter would make it easier to turn at high speeds. That is all. No need for rants.
  3. I think you're missing the point of this request here. It's to let you turn safely at highs speeds by widening the turning circle.
  4. User error? Are you saying I drive too fast?
  5. Which version? There's quite a few for 1.2. Quite a lot of people (me included) are still on 1.2, so this would be the only option. They don't seem particularly big isses, though.
  6. Sorry if these are really stupid questions, but what is the latest version of this mod that works on 1.2, what version of TRR do I need (or whatever mod) and does anyone have links to/copies of the 1.2 versions of the mod patches?
  7. Well, woot! Finally fixed the Kolonisation applet after 2 1/2 months of it being broken and missing. Turns out MKS 0.51.0 (included in the last 1.2 Constellation release) had some anachronistic updates applied, insofar as the texturepath was changed before my file sorting was applied so it threw IsolatedStorageExceptions (i.e. your filepathing sucks) all over the place, broke the applet button and kept crashing KSP. If anyone else is using it, just create a folder named 'UI' in Assets and copy all the thumbnails (Kolony.png etc.) into it. Now I can finally use local logistics, view the ratings and monitor planetary logistics levels again.
  8. I doubt it, since T2 is going to want to do something with their newly purchased dev team, even if it means monetising KSP to the Mun and back. I do see why development would slow at this point, since I can't really think of any new features aside from small tweaks like this, the permanently ongoing bugzapping and integrating mods into vanilla KSP.
  9. Also very strange: I'm using MKS 0.51.0 for 1.2.2 but I'm getting crashes related to something that only pops up in 0.52.0, namely the assets being moved: EDIT: Jury-rigged to work again.
  10. I searched for it in the titles, must have put the wrong criteria in or something. We all know what this section of the forum is like.
  11. Well, I don't see it in vanilla. Which mod is it?
  12. Right, I can't believe nobody's said anything about this yet. A nice and simple thing: shouldn't rover wheels and landing gear have a steering limiter tweakable? This would greatly help fast rovers not flip out when at high speeds from when you just dab the turning key and all of your TR-2Ls suddenly swivel and explosions and pinwheeling ensue. I can see this causing issues for craft where not all wheels have been tweaked, but this would be a small price to pay for being able to turn at speed without losing control. Wheels have tweakables for seemingly everything else, so why not complete the set? I don't think this would be too hard to mod in either, if Linux has any plans (99% certainly not) to add it to TweakableEverything.
  13. Is it by design that the only part capable of electrolysing water into LH2/OX is the COT250? Should this process be added to the refinery or MPUs?
  14. Or just use proper tailfins instead of DDs. You'd also need to add twelve tailfins to match the weight of a 10m shield. EDIT: I modelled your craft with Tail Fins instead of DDs, and it works beautifully-I'm not sure if KSP models shock cones correctly so that ailerons don't work well past mach 1. If anything, Realistic Atmospheres makes Eve entry harder since you slam into the atmosphere quicker and pull more Gs. I had to swap out the Ka+ tank for the equivalent weight in other stuff (as I can't afford F60M worth of the stuff in this save).
  15. Delta-Deluxes are awful, that's why. They only have 0.13 relative control surface area, compared with 0.61 for a tail fin. You might also want to secure your flywheels with some struts. It's also entirely possible that for proportionally heavier vessels you need proportionally more fins or ones that are further back.