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  1. Governor sliders will just reduce the activity of the module. So the kerbitat governor slider will reduce how many kerbal-months it provides (or the hab multiplier or recycle percentage, if you have that set up) while reducing its EC consumption e.g. if you don't have enough EC production to support it running at full capacity.
  2. Resource catchup doesn't simulate EC for simplicity's sake.
  3. Yep, you got it. With a large storage you still don't lose anything, it's just a lot of unused space (though production will ramp up significantly later so you'll need a large amount of slack).
  4. No. If you'd left it alone for a long time and had sufficient (i.e. over 12h) worth of storage for its production, then in each 6h-long catchup chunk it would add 6h worth of production to its storage, shunt enough of that off to PL to empty down to half full and then move onto the next 6h-long chunk. Repeat until caught up. In essence, catchup is processed as though you had visited every 6h.
  5. Neither, but closest to 1. Catchup (vanilla mechanic btw) is processed in 6h chunks, so you'd need 12h worth of storage.
  6. That link refers to something in the old thread, which was lost a couple of years ago in the 2017 Mod Thread Disaster. I'll see if I can have a dig in the Wayback Machine for it (no promises). EDIT: WB only goes six pages in. Whatever RD said, it's long gone.
  7. I've added two curved versions of the letter decal (one for writing each way along the curved surface), and an additional set of textures for the rotated version to the download.
  8. Will we finally get to see the Atlas parts?
  9. This is longstanding bug with KAS connectors - they can't transfer water. Nobody knows why, but this is on KAS' end.
  10. Habitation is a USI-LS thing, and the HHSC hab functionality is added by USI-LS.
  11. This is the MKS thread - I assume this is about USI-LS? Inflatable habitation parts consume Machinery, fixed ones do not (quite why this is so I've never been certain). Colonisation modules and medbays consume C-Sup, as they work differently to standard habitation parts.
  12. The Orca is a part from USI Freight Transport Technologies, not MKS. (this is an FAQ, there should be a note in the OP or something)
  13. I'm not sure of the exact maths, but I believe the medbay takes time to bring your kerbals back, and that time is proportionally or otherwise linked to how long they have been out for.