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  1. Snake that is, dunno about DD. Looks like Olympic1 has been really managing the mod for quite a while and I suppose if it still works fine and nobody has submitted anything then no updates would have been needed. Still, a large amount of content I made for it shortly after its last update a year ago is still pending release.
  2. Not a peep, and they haven't been seen for a year. Looks like they might have flaked to me.
  3. Going back to check the EL stuff is still there and the patches add functionality back to the pts (my bad in that case), but curiously they don't restore them to view as well.
  4. Yes. If you edit the files you could port across functionality to them, but otherwise they are bricks.
  5. There's a reason the Orbital Shipyard and Mobile Launch Platform aren't visible unless you dig for them, and that's because they were stripped of their functionality (which was with ExtraPlanetary Launchpads) and depreciated years ago. The shells of the parts are only around for compatibility.
  6. I presume you are using Linux or some other UNIX-like system, because the config structure is now a wall of horror
  7. Oh, you mean between the parts on the same vessel? Any part that has crew in it will have a button in its rightclick UI to initiate crew transfer to another part, mod or not, though you've got to find them first. Not a fan of your tone btw
  8. You can't. You'd need to transfer them through a part that has one (The Tundra and Ranger series both contain a couple of airlock parts). If you've got kerbals stuck in them for rescue contracts, use RPV:
  9. CTT keeps all the stock tech tree nodes (but changes their display names and moves them around), so even if a mod doesn't have CTT support (which MKS does) the parts would still show up in the tech tree just fine.
  10. It's now been two months since the mod was apparently handed over - is @TriggeredSnake going to be making a new thread?
  11. My God. I never thought the day would come. Prepare your asses, because anything could happen now.
  12. Governor sliders will just reduce the activity of the module. So the kerbitat governor slider will reduce how many kerbal-months it provides (or the hab multiplier or recycle percentage, if you have that set up) while reducing its EC consumption e.g. if you don't have enough EC production to support it running at full capacity.
  13. Resource catchup doesn't simulate EC for simplicity's sake.
  14. Yep, you got it. With a large storage you still don't lose anything, it's just a lot of unused space (though production will ramp up significantly later so you'll need a large amount of slack).
  15. No. If you'd left it alone for a long time and had sufficient (i.e. over 12h) worth of storage for its production, then in each 6h-long catchup chunk it would add 6h worth of production to its storage, shunt enough of that off to PL to empty down to half full and then move onto the next 6h-long chunk. Repeat until caught up. In essence, catchup is processed as though you had visited every 6h.
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