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  1. @NSEP I love the variety of the crafts you have put together, and of course I love that my plane was mentioned. Thank you!
  2. Here is little cinematic I put together to advertise my mini spaceplane: It is not perfect in the slightest but it's what I can put together!
  3. I would love to see your launcher for it. If you can please make a launcher for it. I have a launcher, but I would love to see yours.
  4. I would like to thank @mrmcp1 for mentioning this craft in his Spacecraft Friday Article
  5. Thank you! I didn't realize others thought that plane was good. I will work on the twitchiness thing though! Thanks for telling me!
  6. Interesting Here is a cinematic: AC-S-0 Cinematic | Kerbal Space Program | KSP v. 1.1.3
  7. Aircraft of Consentia - Spaceplane - 0 because the flaps at the back made a 0 shape so I named it that.
  8. AC-S-92 The AC-S-92 is a medium spaceplane designed by Bill Kerman in conjunction with James Kerman. Jebediah said that the aircraft resembled another aircraft he had heard of, but we dismissed that by changing the design a little bit. The plane Jeb was describing was the Dream Chaser by Sierra Nevada, but there are quite a few differences. The differences include: wider wings comparatively, the AC-S-92 has 4 engines, and it can carry reasonably large external payloads. The AC-S-92 can carry payloads in excess of 3 tons in its cargo bay. Jebediah loves flying this plane as he thinks he's flying down Beggar's Canyon back home! On another note this aircraft is lifted to orbit by standard rocket and has its own fuel supply for on orbit maneuvering. Overall Wernher von Kerman thinks it's a pretty good design. Download: Any improvements or changes are welcome! Main forum page:
  9. AC-S-10 Hemera The AC-S-10 nicknamed Hemera can carry up to 7.5 tons to the LKO and 5 to the Mun. Its nickname is from ancient Kreek the goddess of the day. Jebediah says he likes the plane a little bit considering Val was the one who flew it before. Val says she loves it though so that's promising. It comes with its own launcher making it a complete package. During reentry she flies well, just be warned if it comes in to steeply it will get hot. Wernher von Kerman has looked over the design 2 and a half times making it somewhat safe. Overall it flies well with its own fuel supply. Downloads: Main forum page:
  10. AC-S-3 Thalia Medium Spaceplane launched by rocket to carry small payloads to orbit. It is the bigger brother to the AC-S-0, another aircraft developed by Consentia. This plane can carry two Kerbals to orbit and a small satellite payload. It was developed when Consentia needed a cheap reusable spacecraft to ferry small satellites up to Low Kerbin Orbit. Jebediah decided to help Bill Kerman, our main engineer and mission director, design the aircraft to lift payloads of up to 1 ton into Low Kerbin Orbit. It sports its own engines for on orbit maneuvering and rendezvousing with space stations. It is an all around good vehicle that is reasonably reusable. Download: Any improvements or changes are welcome! Main forum page:
  11. AC-S-0 This small plucky little spaceplane was first built when Consentia (my space program) didn't know about capsules and decided to build an airplane to fly up into orbit and return back to the ground. Of course when we got to the ground we realized that we had no parachute or landing gear, but luckily Jebediah was flying and was able to belly land the thing. Eventually when we learned about capsules we didn't care and still used the AC-S-0. Now the plane is retired, but Bill Kerman bought the plane and now flies it to the Elementary Space Station. The reason Bill was able to get the plane is because he designed it and kind of ran the program at the time. Either way this little spaceplane is sure to be a lot of fun to fly. Download: Any improvements or changes are welcome! Main forum page: Youtube Cinematic: AC-S-0 Cinematic | Kerbal Space Program | KSP v. 1.1.3
  12. I'm pretty sure she's sleeping as kerbals do sleep with their eyes open. The reason they can do that of course is that they have a clear "eyelid" that they use to keep dust and dirt out of their eyes while sleeping. Sadly I tried, and the cave, after research, is under the ground.
  13. The construction of the MIR station must have been no MERE task!
  14. As we all know Valentina is a bad*ss kerbal who often competes with Jebediah on who is going to fly different spacecraft. Lately tough Val has been getting pretty tired, So, to fix this problem she decided to take a huge vacation to all of the important landmarks. She had Allen Kerman tag along to take some pictures. Here they are: Val Napping at The Launchpad Val Napping on top of the VAB Val Napping at the Kerbal Face on Duna Val Napping near Val-Henge Val wants to see other kerbals other places too, so she wanted me to post these. So, to please her if you've got any pictures post them!
  15. I figured there was a forum for this craft!