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  1. spacex..

    u like spacex??

    1. StupidAndy
    2. DeltaVerb


      Well I do prefer it, it's just that as in exploration, NASA is better :unsure:

    3. StupidAndy


      well that's because NASA isn't a company, so they don't have to worry about profits and such, and from a business point of view, throwing a multi-billion dollar piece of state of the art equipment into deep space, never to return doesn't make all that much sense

  2. i like the upper jet engine
  3. i think i need to pixelise my mod
  4. the mod havent got 1000+ downloads not avalible now mod thread
  5. im suck at modding
  6. congrats almost 2000 downloads
  7. was this a jet engine
  8. im sorry i would not be able to update
  9. warsoul you have not seen anything... in messenger
  10. update video I cnt make good videos sorry