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  1. Background: A while back I remember a fun challenge I picked up that involved BD Armory and delivering a bomb to a target about a third of the way around Kerbin in the fastest possible time, it was fun and all but I really wanted to break a barrier I saw in Kerbin speed possibilities. I wanted Jeb to go faster, farther, and more efficiently, then any Kerbal before him and thats when I began looking up real world hypersonic craft and became really interested in this subject area. What I have discovered already: There doesn't seem to be a lot of info regarding people who are build
  2. I greatly appreciate all the advice given, however there seems to be a simple misunderstanding in that I am the student. I am looking for ways to compete against other students my age, who are so inclined to hold similar passions to myself. If this is true, then I could get together a group of friends and a faculty member to maybe squeak in at the last moment. While I am the student in this (and all scenarios I guess) I can extrapolate out some of what applies to me here. 1) Event Scheduling- I am not sure, I would have to look at what each program brings in te
  3. Hello forum users, I very much enjoy the nature of engineering challenges and am interested in real world competitive rocketry for upper class high school to college student level challenges. However I do not know where to start. Some preliminary research done shows that the National Association of Rocketry has quite a few challenges in altitude, duration, and craftsmanship, but their site seems rather ambiguous on how their events are organized. The Team America Rocketry Challenge, which seems more high school oriented (Similar to FIRST robotics if you are familiar with that), howev
  4. I would like to point out some potentially nasty effects created by crossing some ideas thrown around earlier. These being the world population, mono-cultures, and GM super crops. The general consensus I see here is distaste for the shady business practices of some GM companies as well as that GM crops have the potential to increase the efficiency of farming all over the world, especially developing nations. So I ask, What is too high a price to pay for solving world hunger? If we use the argument that GM super crops could do this (as opposed to something else, like better globa
  5. OK, so this turned out to be in some ways less complicated and in others more than i though it would be. As it turns out, flying wing orientation is very stable at subsonic speeds. Unfortunately, there is a basic design pitfall. The core of the fuselage for a flying wing sits almost exactly in between the wings, which are swept back slightly and translated down in order to provide a center of lift behind and below the center of mass. By using an infernal robotics rotatron(?) and rotating the wings forwards the center of lift suddenly changes to way out in front of the center of mass. I fi
  6. This is my first formal project, so bear with me if it isn't perfect. Some background: I like the flying wing aircraft concept a lot, planes like the Ho 229 and the B2 bomber are some of the coolest flying machines. I don't understand all the advantages of the flying wing design as apposed to conventional fuselages or other alternatives. Another concept I really enjoy messing around with is the lifting bodies that NASA was experimenting with slightly before they came up with the space shuttle. Things like the Martin Marietta x-24 and the similar Scramjet Drones that are more modern a
  7. Figured I would finally make an account and an introduction so I can start sharing my creations and wisdom. Some of my Favorites based in the real world are: Plane - Martin Marietta X-24B Rocket - McDonnell Douglas DC-X President - JFK I enjoy the problem solving nature and the rigorous math involved with engineering and would like to pursue a college + career path in aerospace. I will soon be posting my crafts in their relevant threads.
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