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  1. How do you change the lighting parameters in the newest version? With the default settings it feels like I'm wearing sunglasses while watching a slasher movie. According to this page: -I should be able to change the sunlight intensity in a "RealSolarSystemSettings.cfg", but that file doesn't exist in the latest version and none of the other configuration files have anything relevant. Also, anyone know of some workarounds for the ksc "seams" in the runway and whatnot being amplified by RSS? I love experimenting with aircraft design but currently have to taxi the vessel into the grass to launch.
  2. Is there any current way to add additional solar systems while using this as a base? -Have the Kerbol system and maybe some other star system mods (if they exist) reachable via interstellar travel?
  3. ??- Nothing's wrong with anything : D I'll paraphrase: The performance hit is weird so I'm going to experiment a bit using the "Alt + 0" menu you mentioned.
  4. CPU Intensive? No game I own can put my load at 100%. Generally, literally any cpu-related effects can be maxed out for me with 0 performance loss. Even if, you're right that performance shouldn't be decreased by well over 50% Either KSP sucks at parallelization or my EVE install had insufficient avionics. --Running an i5 2400 @4x3.1ghz I guess I'll just try it when RVE updates to 1.1.3 and disable stuff with this fabled 'alt 0' menu if need be. Thanks.
  5. Will there be any kind of option to "disable" volumetric clouds? For some reason, whenever I used to install the default EVE for Kerbin it would massacre my framerate. ≈80 to sub 30 for a small amount of wispy clouds. -Scatterer had pretty much no performance impact. --I run max settings @900p, FXAA as a MSAA substitute. EDIT: Apparently my post is hidden. I've got a plethora of posts across various other sites, I'm not a bot : P This is blatant discrimination against Monsters!