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  1. Well, I needed to put into the WildBlue Industries Folder, but now I cant inflate the Modules, The Lab etc Rocket Parts dont even exist in the game HELP!!!!
  2. Victory!!!!! I have Victory!!! I works, but the orbits of the new planets stay the same, but its like a lazershow!
  3. Just Kopernicus, did not say anything about that, but I installed it once and the textures were broken and I got rid of the mod
  4. Can you update this mod so it is 1.2.2, I downloaded the most recent version and the planets did not show up!
  5. no, that is not what i meant, when i downloaded the Buffalo mod, the parts did not load in
  6. Kinda, I mean a mod that does not need kopernicus, you are correct on that
  7. I love these sstos and stuff 10 out of 10 stars, downloaded every single thing from Duna Attacks and this Spaceplane Innovations thing, I LOVE IT!!!
  8. I need some help getting mods with planets, for 1.1.3, doesn't need a mod to download that mod, easy to install