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  1. well. One thing is,, you could actually SEE the difference for sure, between a simulated model rocket and a simulated full-size orbital rocket, and since you can SEE real model rockets fairly easily, and most people have, and since you can then also SEE videos of full size orbital rockets,,, more than ever before, it might help you develop your "mental picture" overall. also, a lot of people might not be particularly inspired to try modelling an orbital rocket in KSP, because it's a things that's so far away from them, while there MIGHT be a lot of people who have had a bunch of model rocket experiences, and it might be just the thing that makes them want to play with it. Also, ,,, exactly what you say about the complexity. Although it's pretty cool to put together all of those parts,,, a model rocket is only like 1 part. so, you could much more quickly see all the parts of the game,,,, when I first played with KSP,,, it was very confusing. I didn't know how to exit from the different screens, I didn't understand how to interact with all of the buttons, I couldn't even play the game. it would have been nice to have a more gentle introduction,,, it's better for me to play with new games for only a few minutes at a time until I'm actually pretty familiar. Otherwise, I had to wait for a pretty special day where i could take my time and figure everything out. I still can't even play the game.
  2. I was just checking out BPS space,,, I was thinking Kerbal Space program could have a model-rocketry section,,, where instead of full blown orbital rockets, you could also play around with ordinary couple dollar model rockets. (sure, you could just buy one, but you could also just play the game).
  3. So how do I "set it up myself"?? Do I have to use a separate program to assign keystrokes to each button??? Or is it possible without downloading additional software,,, by using just windows drivers. ?? I have windows 10. ((((edition beta---- which is quite fun. and does have controller support rolled in,,,,, I've never played the original, but am thinking that minecraft should release a separate biome pack, where the character is in space, mining asteroids in a field, and can use gravity boots, or float around in 3d space following newtonian inertial physics, and having to look in the desired direction of thrust. (although probably with some optional tunings to make it easier, it's just block-placing in space....) )))))) It would be similar to those epic space sims a little, ,,, but be minecraft and quite simple and fun! )))) anyway, I'm not interested in running a secondary program,,, finding a secondary program,,, using one I've already tried out and didn't like having to run,, etc.. I just want some kerbal settings to allow game controllers. THen I want to use the game controller in all menus, not just during one short phase of play,, where the launch is "realistic"",, but ,,, (and the kicker is),,, probably not how it's going to work when we go there. interestingly, I think that by the time WE go there (en-mass, not like, that one guy using tiny engines and one way too biga engine),, ships will work actually quite a bit more like our video games that seem unrealistic...... (and lightsabers are real too!! because it's not laser beams, just singularity streams!! well they end so quickly,, even fired quite quickly they'll only get that far!!)
  4. I want to use my xbox controller to pilot the vehicles and interact with the game,, but I have a pc, and the pc version... I certainly don't see the option in the menus,,, can this be made possible?? Is there some kind of cult against making the controller work on pcs? I wish we could grow up and just move toward compatibility.