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  1. I have waited so long to buy this game on PS4.. And now I cant buy it.. The EULA wants allof yourt personal info to share with whoever they want... No thanks..
  2. Im super happy for squad and i hate to be negative, but wasnt it take two who completely trashed GTA5 for the hardcore fans, in favour of microtransactions, and removing any real player rewards, for actually playing the game. Please no microtransactions take two. Id already spent over £100 to play this before you did that
  3. There was a mod .. LYGearfixer something like that. Was a manual install not on ckan
  4. Maybe not broken, Just confusing. Ive done a save at mission start, and a save where the confusion appears. no science done. If you now do 2 experiments (with value) at the last destination, it completes. hope this helps. Edit: Erm, i have about 50 mods installed, hope u can still use the save. Also, i cant seem to make my images appear here. they are in the rar.
  5. Ok im gonna try and get that save state or mission back and do it again and ill save everything in steps. Hopefully i can find it. il let u know. I like rover missions so will be great to get em fixed. Unless you already fixed it?
  6. Thats useful info thank you. I feel safer to force quit now.
  7. Hello, I have about 50 mods installed, so i know that doesnt help but: Is there any way of making the game close down quicker, i mean i dont mind the 5 minutes loading time, but closing the game takes over 3 minutes and i really need to close it down in a hurry when im not supposed to be playing. Is there anything i can change in the config? or anything other than task manager?
  8. Hello. Ill try and make that a little clearer. My mission was to drive to several locations in turn, a new destination revealed at each location. For me, this was indeed 4 locations. i had collected some science with no value at this point. Upon reaching the 4th destination, named 'TREE' I did several experiments nothing happened. Then, after writing issue here, i did 1 more experiment at 'tree', that had some science value. This solved:collect science at 4, and 'vessel: any'. 'vessel: any will complete when science is done. just collect science at every destination, especially the last one! and make sure the science has some value. Keeping a 0 value experiment doesnt count.
  9. Vessel any. Not completing. I did complete 'collect science at 4' even tho that makes no sense. Did I collect 2science or science at 2 locations, or did I collect it at 2 o'clock?? I need to understand what I did as I did none of theses things. Collect science at 4: complete Vessel: any : incomplete Collect science: incomplete Collect science: incomplete Makes no sense please help Edit: just figured it out. Science MUST have some value. I stopped at tree and did science and everything completed including vessel: any