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  1. @eggrobinHi. Developing an addon for ksp, and wanted to know, is there any way to get positions and velocities of CBs and vessels in some known reference frame(i.e. J2000 or M50) using either KSP's stock API or Principia's external addon API? Or maybe convert from Unity's world reference frame using some kind of reference vector/rotation? In stock KSP one can use Planetarium.right, but it doesn't seem to work with Principia. From a quick look at ksp_plugin_adapter I noticed you are fiddling with Planetarium.inverseRotAngle, but I couldn't figure out much.
  2. Here is a simple test craft and a list of installed mods (all they need for RSS and RO). Don't work nor simple directions (PG, RG, etc.), nor an autopilot programs. Again, thank you for reply) List of mods: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByN-OPCDEVUOYUhrdS1NRl9sYXM Craft: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByN-OPCDEVUOVUdNWUhwUUFieVk
  3. The whole point is that when I turn on the stock SAS or MechJeb autopilot they correctly change the attitude of the ship using RCS. TCA was doing the same thing in version 3.1, but in 3.2 it does not even try to change the position of the ship and just says "Low Control Authority". I tried to change the types of engines and RCS, and at all the combinations I have failed. In any case, thanks for the reply. I wish you further development of the project)
  4. Hi guys. I have Realism Overhaul + Real Solar System mods installed in my KSP, and when I trying to enable TCA in any craft (which worked before the upgrade) I have "Low Control Authority" message, so TCA can't control vessel attitude. Do you know why? And again, in TCA 3.1 + KSP 1.1.2 it worked perfectly.
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