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  1. Hi, if i remeber right this is caused by ambient occlusion. Try to disable it in the tufx menu and it should be gone.
  2. Hi @linuxgurugamer I have a problem with flickering when in first person EVA. I recorded a video of it: Video The flickering only disappears when running the renderer in lowest or low setting. I asked in scatterer thread already beacause i thought it's related to the common 1.9 shadow problem. I was told it could be an issue with nearClipPlane being overridden. I'm running the game on dx11. Is it only me who has this problem and can it be solved? Thanks in advance!
  3. That makes sense... I will ask in through the eyes of a kerbal thread if it can be tweaked. Thanks for all the information. Have a nice day!
  4. Hi @Shadowmage is there a possibility to have dedicated configs for IVA and EVA Scenes? It seems that tufx handles them all as the flight scene. Thanks in advance!
  5. After more testing I think I've found the problem. Setting the game options renderer quality to the lowest (fastest) or second lowest (fast) level solves the problem. Same behaviour with mods (even outdated graphicmods like eve and ks3p) or without. All other game graphic options can be set freely without causing the problem. So it must be the renderer somehow. I'm running the game in dx11. Could this be a problem related to the nearclipplane overriding?
  6. Tried again with only "eyes" it seems to work on lowest settings. I'll raise the settings step by step and focus on the things you've mentioned. Maybe i can find the foul apple. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
  7. @blackrack thanks for the quick response. Of course you can: Video I don't know if it's realy a shadow related problem. But i guess it is, since in 1.8.1 it works well. I have tested it with all my mods and with only "through the eyes" on both Gameversions. Both 1.9.1 tests resulted in 1st person flickering. Its also the same on planets far away from the ksc.
  8. Hi @blackrack i have a question regarding the shadow flickering. Your fix for 1.9 seems to work well, didn't notice any flickering when in normal flight mode. But I'm using "Through the Eyes of a Kerbal" and somehow for the 1st person perspective it's still flickering. In 1.8.1 this problem doesn't occur. Can i do something to solve this, maybe with some setting? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello @linuxgurugamer, i was wondering if there is any way to make the vessel viewer dependant on a working connection when using remotetech mod? Sometimes i'm too stupid, failing to see the "no connection" dialog and i keep activating/deactivating stuff... btw thanks for making and adopting so many mods! One reason that brought me back to ksp.
  10. Hi Linuxguru, thx for taking care of so many and espacially this great mod! I tried it and it works flawless. What I would like to know is if there's a possibility to show up the window even if i disable gui via F2? Maybe a CFG file or something? The background is I would like to play with no gui, no map and only iva. Well, and for parts its mostly no gui no control. So if the mod window wouldn't obey the F2 gui hide i could still control all parts via the mod "window popup" shortcut defined. Thanks again, LtMtz
  11. Hi, the script is not working 100% correctly but i'll post it again. 1. Install KOS Mod (read about volumes) 2. Place the content (3 txt-files) under /Kerbal Space Progam/Ships/Script/ (this is volume 0 in KOS Mod) 3. run the partact_rpm file Well maybe you can tweak the script. There is alot of programming time while flying through the space. Here's the code. Create Textfile and remove extension. Unless u compile the scripts to .ks (read kos manual) you can simply edit via open with -> editor partact_rpm clearscreen. set mainexit to 0. set mainind
  12. Hello Kerbals, as i tried to mod KSP to a kind of nomap/iva only/no gui mode for extremer experience i faced the problem that you cant control most of the parts because the context menues are also hidden. kOS is a realy nice tool for more flexibility and immersion and can help in this case. It can be alot stuff to write into the terminal to execute a function so i've written a script that can control all parts events/actions and fields by selecting them in a menu. You can access a config option where you can set up to 8 Tags directly from the menu without restarting the tool. Additio
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