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  1. Nobody notice this? Fantastic work! Fantastic view of first stage "falling" to the earth. Hopefully SpaceX would release the fairing parachute soon so we can used here . But it seems that the fairing had some minor damage when they recovered it (i forgot where that photo comes from).
  2. Well, simply rotate the fairing 180 degree and mirror the other fairing half. Same with the other rockets
  3. Yeah, sadly it won't Well, it's working, had to do some tweaks too at ejection force, i don't know why the Atlas V fairing shows ejection force of -10000 and its destroyed the whole rocket when decoupling . Other than that it's working perfectly, i used it for station module launch and i think its fine the payload not shielded. Thanks
  4. Any idea how to fix fairing not opening on Atlas launch pack? I know it's outdated but if there's someway to fix it, that'd be great. If can't, no problem anyway. Just wanted to use the Atlas pack again tho..
  5. Thank you very much. I was using it but suddenly missing when I "fixing" game error.
  6. Hi, I've tried your mod and it's looking fantastic! But i have a problem with Cruise Flight control. It's speed control does workflawlessly, but i do have problem with vertical motion control. Does it mean to maintain at specific altitude because mine is not working. I have turned SAS off as told so but it still can't maintain at desired altitude, but somehow it can maintain attitude (when i switch off master switch, the plane suddenly dive uncontrollably). And when i 'pick' waypoint, it says: "Can't pick waypoint when Cruise Flight controller disabled" and how can I turn it on? BTW even the mod doesn't work properly, but it still do the job maintaining attitude and speed although sometimes I have to correct the altitude level. It makes my polar station resupply mission way much easier than just relying on stock SAS. Thank you very much before
  7. Cool! BTW,is it possible to add custom texture for the payload fairing? I've try to edit in the Payload Fairing file, but not working
  8. Any chance building a new telescope? I would suggest Worldview - 3 and 4 style spacecraft
  9. Holy Kerman! That Atlas II tho.. And may i ask. How do you add custom texture on Falcon 9 fairing?
  10. Exactly what i thought! Even though ITS design revealed in late 2016, that movie was built way before that. Either Elon give them a clue of the design or its a coincidence. spoiler alert: Yep, Elon Musk is in the show And here a cut from the movie about SpaceX first landing Just look his excitement
  11. Is it ok to use Real Fuel and SMURFF together? Or i just have to use one? As far as i know, SMURFF only change the tank dry mass. Thanks
  12. What do you mean by compatible? It's two different mods. And yes, i do played both and they just worked perfectly . And second, i don't know about that, but i think @Kartoffelkuchen would focus on SpaceX and ULA launcher only. But i would suggest you to just built your own Atlas II with FASA's or Bluedog's 1 1/2 stage Atlas topped with Centaur stages. The fairing is the same (short) 4m ones. Done that long time ago.
  13. Sorry, I'm a bit confused. Which one that i should download (with the best compatibility) for 1.2?u
  14. Nope Now i just had an idea what if Raptor used in the first stage. Wait...., i should do an experiment for a moment . I'll be back later...
  15. Probably scaled-down Raptor engine (as Elon says it's scalable). The ITS Raptor is just overpowered
  16. Wow, might need a bigger VAB *note: really, i wonder how big will ITS assembly building will be
  17. Be patient, it's weekend. They might still having vacation outside. Btw about your problem, I'm not an expert. But have you tried to reinstall the mod as there might be some parts missing / corrupted, try to re-download it. What version of KSP are you currently using? Use the proper version of the mod as there incompatibility with the game. Sorry, that's all I can help
  18. Please also add TAC LS in the hab module . Or is there any way manually adding it? Sorry, I forgot that i had ask the question before. My fault
  19. Please updated to 1.2, the Soyuz fairing looks awesome!
  20. Aw yeah, that's it! Just what I needed. Thanks all you guys!
  21. Well, I believe i saw mod parts of a half-hollow cylinder that two of them can make a round Briz M-like parts long-long time ago. It might be outdated though. So I'm asking does anyone know that, or other mods that can replicate it. Thanks
  22. Is there any mods that can repliate Russian Briz-M / Breeze-M drop tanks? Like this: Thanks
  23. Yep, I did. The problem is that the cloud height starts at random height (all above 50km), so I have to tweak the altitude every time .