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  1. nice reusable rocket!, how will you get teh capsule back on the booster ?
  2. anyone know the music in this video ? Ps sorry if this isnt the right place for this
  3. same, its been like that for a few days now. @Tristonwilson12, whats going on?
  4. hi, im not sure if this is the right place to suggest this, but could you put this in? its by @TheEpicSquared. thanks!
  5. nice that the k-200 is up. ill download it when i get the chance but just from the pictures i can tell its a good plane
  6. yes, it would definitely count!
  7. @TheEpicSquared Same happens to me. not sure if its a bug or if it was removed on purpose. @EnzoMeertens, do you have any answers?
  8. Oh, and i think Through Hardships to the Stars is a great name!
  9. I might have a payload for you as well, I'll probably have it up by friday or saturday, once i get a kerbalx account.