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  1. @datapirate42: This mod is only for SPH/VAB. To search crafts in flight you can check Haystack or Tracking Station Evolved.
  2. I am glad that you like it. Regarding your question about auto tagging auto saved vessel: generally it should be tagged with whatever tags you have chosen for current vessel. Otherwise there would be a problem because lets consider this scenario: You load some craft with tags You modify the craft (without saving) and you modify its tags You launch the craft. You had not saved it so you have only auto-save You revert, internally it means the game loads auto-saved craft You save your craft to persist your changes that so far were only in auto-save After you saved your craft in last step you would like it to have the tags after modifications, isn't it? It means that they had to be stored somewhere and the only place to do it is auto-save. The only thing that comes to my mind is to hide tags for auto-save, but is it really that big problem if they are shown? I was thinking about giving an option to create sub-folders but unfortunately it conflicts with one important feature that I want to have: if you save anything using my plugin you should be able to load using standard "load" feature from base game. I believe that if I had allowed to save it into some sub-folder it would be no longer possible to load using standard "load" window. Regarding question to allow to save craft to different "save" folder: it is something worth considering, but I would rather see it as a button like "move to another save". So you would still be able to only save to current save, but you would be free to move crafts between saves. I do not think that I will add something like that in the nearest future, but I will add it to my backlog of things worth implementing.
  3. @Probus: Newer versions of KSP introduce redesigned versions of old parts (you can check "KSP loading" forum threads to read about them, for example the newest one for KSP 1.9 talks about redesigned Mainsail engine). Such parts have the same name, statistics and description as old parts and players may think that old parts just changed appearance. But the truth is that redesigned versions have different internal IDs and are separate parts, old versions are hidden in VAB/SPH but they still may be used when someone try to load craft that has been created in old version of the game. Such redesigned parts are named replacement parts for old parts.
  4. Hi, For long time I had been not playing Kerbal Space Program and hence I was not working on the mod. I was just checking from time to time if it works with new versions of the game and it seemed to be ok but unfortunately I had no time to look at some issues that some of you mentioned. Anyway I returned to kerbals and I have updated the mod. Changes in version 1.6.0: Localize stock craft names and descriptions Take into account that there may be replacement parts - vehicles with such parts should not be marked as unavailable Fixed exception while renaming craft on Windows Compiled for KSP 1.8.1 @Gordon Dry: I tried to reproduce error that occurred for you with FAR and procedural parts but I was unable to do so. I know that it is a very long time since you wrote about it but if it happens that you still use this mod and have such errors then maybe you could write steps how I could reproduce it. If it happens for particular craft then you could share it. I do not use neither FAR nor procedural parts on daily basis so I just tried to play with it on very simple crafts and no exception occurred. The stack trace that you provided suggests that error occurs during loading of craft - KSP Craft Organizer does not generate thumbnail of craft by itself, game automatically does it when craft is loaded and thumbnail does not exist. Anyway if you have any more information it would be helpful if you provide it :). BR, Ker_nale
  5. @linuxgurugamer I just wanted to thank you for this mod. I had a feeling that resonant orbit calculator is the last piece missing to have complete KSP experience inside the game itself. I found this mod today and after 36 mods installed I finally feel that KSP as a game is complete .
  6. It seems I have too many mods created by @DMagic and the options in difficulty settings are glitched :/. There are two separate tabs for DMagic mods but when I select one then always both buttons are pressed simultaneously. The options do not fit the screen and they wobble all around so it is not possible to really change anything. Static screenshot that does not really show dynamic behaviour of wobbling: I have following mods from DMagic installed: Let me know if you can reproduce the glitch with these mods. If not then it may be some other mods that I have installed or my particular resolution/scaling - if you cannot reproduce it I will try to investigate more. I have tested it on KSP
  7. @DMagic Thanks for the replay, I didn't notice this button. Excellent work :).
  8. @DMagic Both of these mods are really great. I have one question, though: when Maneuver Node Evolved is installed is there a possibility to increment/decrement time by one orbit period? It is possible in stock KSP but I cannot see the option when plugin is installed. When I force increment time by one orbit using Precise Maneuver and ten I try to adjust the node using Maneuver Node Evolved the time is reset back to the original one. Is it a bug or feature?
  9. @Gordon Dry the bug that you mentioned (about "Unavailable due to science level" message) should be corrected now in version 1.5.5
  10. It is very strange - I have never seen something like that. I just try to load craft to VAB/SPH using standard KSP function and this internal KSP function detects if craft may be loaded and displays message if needed. If something like that happened using KSP Craft Organizer plugin then maybe using standard open dialog may cause this bug as well? This is something that I am considering to add. Definitely right now I do not like idea to provide automatic backup options or to allow to save crafts in subfolders but maybe KSP Craft organizer will be able to display them. This seems to be doable, maybe I will implement it. Now there is .version file included and CKAN uses it. Regarding preview pictures: I investigated it and it is quite tricky to implement. The only option that I see is to remove currently edited craft from VAB/SPH and then load one by one all crafts with missing thumbnails and generate thumbnail for each.
  11. I would need to investigate it. What is the advantage of using .version over just using CKAN? I use standard preview images created by KSP. For stock crafts they are in Ships/@thumbs, for player's crafts they are in "/thumbs/<saveName>_SPH/VAB_<craftName>.png". I am not sure if this is possible to force KSP to recreate them. Edit: My intention was rather to make it not necessary to copy crafts by hand, instead inside plugin you can read craft from another save. When you save it then it will be saved in current save so effectively you will copy it to current save.
  12. As some of you already noticed I published new version of the plugin that works on KSP 1.4.1. I also added possibility to sort crafts by last modification date. I appreciate that you like it :). @Gordon Dry: You are right, I did not think that somebody can give illegal path characters in the craft name. I will look at it. Thanks for the log file - it should make correction much easier.
  13. I think in that case you must do it by hand but you do not need to do it directly on the file system. You can assign tags to crafts you do not like to be displayed, for example you can use default tag "-Archived?" or create similar new one. You should easily spot all non-compatible crafts and select all of them using checkboxes on the left to each craft and assign some tag to all selected crafts.
  14. I am not sure what are you doing. Why do you have modded crafts among stock crafts?
  15. I am the original author of the plugin and I will try to make it work on 1.4. I encountered problems how plugin displays menus when UI is scaled > 100% - I think it was working OK before 1.4 but now everything is messed up. I have to look at it and hopefully fix the problem, I hope I will have time this week :).
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