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  1. The craft was never launched, never used, never even loaded for launch. It was built in the VAB, then when I had exhausted all patience on how to delete a simple part, I used the pause menu to reset it. So...how does it show up on the launch pad if it was never loaded there? Bugs...countless bugs. Thats how. Glad I waited from July 2016 to January 2018 for the same garbage. Whats worst, Take Two put their name on this... Or so they claim... Don't take me to be someone who is just out to trash this game, but rather someone who is tired of being di
  2. I find the PS4 controls to be crap to be honest. The instructions in game are poor. I spent 30 minutes just trying to figure out how to scrap a part in the VAB because the instruction manual in game doesn't mention it at all. I shouldn't need to go onto the forum to find out how to play the game. Even after I entirely delete the rocket from the pause menu (what idiot said it was a good idea to put it or the LAUNCH button in the pause menu should have been fired), it still shows up on the launch pad until I "recover" the space craft that I deleted. How this wasn't "found" during th
  3. For PS4, how to you delete parts in the VAB? Instruction to tell me how to flip things, add things, but nothing how to remove or trash a part. Can someone enlighten me how to do this?
  4. Why aren’t there any weekly announcements since before Christmas?
  5. Seeing a date for the Console may have made my entire month...
  6. What makes you think they do? Maybe i would feel the same if I had a playable game...but 15 months after purchase...adn I still have nothing.
  7. You're right, and typically when a company screws up so badly, they do something to make up for putting it to the customer. Squad on the other hand, has done nothing to repay the customers who purchased the half ass first version. No Discount on something else, no partial refund, literally they have gotten away scott free for really messing up. But I guess a year worth the fixing with no end date..that fixes everything, right? I feel some of you treat Squad with the mentality of going to McDonalds, you make an order, they screw it up entirely, but you tell them "its ok,
  8. Another week, no date for Console release. Man, I wish my job just gave me an unlimited due date on work.... I'd be fired if I pulled this week after week.
  9. "Trying to fix" is the huge key phrase here. I'm really doubting they have any idea how to make this work at this point.... I feel its the blind leading the blind.
  10. Is there going to be a certain point where Squad just admits the console version will never come out and refunds us some money? I mean, heck, there are some of us that have had a broken game sitting on our harddrive for over a year. Perhaps I should charge for taking up space?
  11. Another week, another couple sentences of noise in regards to consoles. No real progress, no estimated release date. Perhaps if they just keep rephrasing the same sentence over and over again, maybe they won't ever have to release an update?
  12. Squad, are you ever going to provide a DATE for the Console fix? Most companies do their fans a decent favor and put a line in the sand with a release date as to when they may get to see a game/update. Providing comments each week of "Submitting builds, testing builds....blah blah blah" has become nothing but noise without any true sign of progress. I've had the game for just short of a year now in which it has sat on my PS4 harddrive and done nothing, and I have no true sign of that ever changing. How about providing a date, and attempt to actually meet it?
  13. Will the console people who purchased the game BEFORE this update get anything special for the months we've waited?
  14. More excuses. If you are incapable of producing something, then don't bother trying. Half-assing something is worthless.
  15. How expensive it is for an update is entirely irrelevant to a customer. Maybe had Squad provided the customer with a finished game originally, they wouldn't need to concern themselves with the cost of an update.
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