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  1. Do the crew hatches work properly? I have 200 meters inside my potato and my crew hatch is attached yet none of my kerbals can board it or even grab a ladder. In fact, now that I am coming back, I can't EVA from the asteroid as the crew hatch "does not have a hatch" (if I click the EVA button after transferring in ship)
  2. Just posting here to chime in that I'm also having the 100% cpu issue, if I open the vessel status window the game crawls. There's some sort of mod incompatibility because as soon as I delete the snacks plugin (or just don't open the UI ever) the game does not lag. My logs don't seem to say anything specific unfortunately.
  3. Thank you so much for making this! I've been looking for a mod that does exactly this for a while. Thank you so much!
  4. So I found out that Pixel Light Count and Shadow Cascades were tanking my framerate (any idea why?) I set them both to 0, re-enabled volumetric clouds and scatterer just to get smooth frames. Do you think there will be any noticeable loss in quality with both of those settings low? I suppose in the end SVE makes it worth it .
  5. How can I disable them? I'm sorry in advance if this was posted elsewhere, I tried finding it in the OP but couldn't.
  6. Sorry to intrude but is there any sort of explanation or fix for the frame rate problems I've been having? I posted the log files a page back if that helps.
  7. Logs here KSP root file log: Output log file: (to big for pastebin) And yes, this is on an Alienware 18. The logs have the specs in it. It's worth nothing the logs also don't specify SLI configuration so it's actually 2 GTX 770Ms.
  8. I had roughly 30 other mods installed. I took a vanilla install and installed SVE - about the same horrible performance (with only a minor improvement in performance). I tried forcing SLI with a larger improvement in performance - but nothing amazing. I tried messing around in game and I found that when I zoomed in to only my 4 part test probe that I had landed on Duna (using hyperedit) the frames were smooth as butter. The exteme alternate was also true, if I zoomed all the way out (with the same probe) to see the surface of Duna and found that the performance was also pretty good. If I put the prove in orbit however the performance was lower than if it were zoomed out.
  9. I want to use this mod so badly but it drops my frames to about 40 at the space center and 15 everywhere else. I tried removing scatterer and it got slightly better and tried using the low res pack with the same results. I have an SLI setup of 2 GTX 770Ms and an i7. I hope you can provide some help?
  10. If this is hard to do, could simple filtering be possible? Filtering like basically generating a connection whitelist.
  11. Hello fellow kerbonauts, me and some friends have been playing a Dark Multiplayer game (which, I want to say has been working surprisingly well as of late) and have sort of delved into this sort of game of rivalry. It's gotten to the point where we rent communications time to each other on communications satellites. This works fine and great so long as we aren't using omnidirectional antennas as you can imagine. For those that don't know there's no way to target or filter what the omnidirectional antennas will and won't connect to. So I had a creative yet somewhat lore friendly idea in mind: is it possible to create a mod that can set frequencies for antennas such that those antennas only connect to other antennas with matching frequency. A bare bones mod would simply add the functionality to omnidirectional atennas however for a larger mod you could add it to all antennas. TL;DR friends and I are playing war games on a dark multiplayer server, need a way to limit what remote tech omnidirectional antennas and dish antennas (when pointed at a planet) can connect to. Had the idea to implement this in the form of satellites can only communicate to satellites on the same frequency.
  12. Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster here. I've found myself in quite a special situation and I was hoping some linux users could help me out here. I have a mid range PC I'm trying to run a DMP server on and the server runs well, it works fine. As of right now I use TMUX to run the server outside of the terminal window The problem comes in when I try to run the server headless. I use putty to SSH into my server and the server ONLY allows NEW connections when putty is connected. If I or anyone else connects before I close the SSH window the connection is maintained. The specific error that DMP spits out is "handshake error: invalid username". This post was kind of jumbled so if I can provide any info that might help please just ask. I hope that someone here can help. Thanks everyone.
  13. Does this mod still work? I just tested it out and it seems that the lines aren't being drawn and the range limitations aren't kicking in. I tested it out on 64 Bit in a sandbox save as a test bed. EDIT: Didn't install correctly, sorry.