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  1. KSP quase roda em câmera fotográfica da Kodak. Mas aparentemente dizer que funciona em Xbox ou PS é um grande exagero.
  2. ok...devíamos ter respondido isto a mais tempo. (Foi mal ae...) Na verdade você não precisa se preocupar com o valor exato do SMA, desde que ele seja exatamente igual para os três satélites. Isso já garante que a posição relativa vai se manter, e com os espaçamento correto vai ter sempre algum (embora nem sempre o mesmo) satélite sobre o KSC. De qualquer forma não se preocupe muito em tentar uma sincronia perfeita, primeiro porque você pode até conseguir mas por causa de erros de arredondamento na hora que o jogo salvar a orbita pode variar e estragar a sincronia, segundo porque é muito mais fácil resolver os problemas de sincronia colocando mais satélites em orbita. PS: Podemos até te julgar um trapaceiro sem vergonha por usar cheats pra colocar satélites em orbita. Mas somos incompetentes na aplicação de qualquer penalidade.
  3. Não fugi, sou o tipo de louco que se esta fora não entra e se está dentro não sai. E banido por estar se escondendo.
  4. Acabei de tomar meu remedio pra memória e lembrei de banir.
  5. Correction: that will change the way the game is set up. And it will change absolutely nothing about game mechanics. Once the game start is exactly the same gameplay, had you picked Huey, Dewey and Louie or Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. A few textures and text will change and that is it. Actually one reason that I prefer the idea of selecting the starting crew is to maintain the possibility of start with the "classic crew". Maybe I just saved the trouble of removing mine. ...Welcome, I guess. . You are in this long enough to know that the fist step of an update is to backup the old version. Yes, is annoying to lose a save (or several) because something the update broke the game. But that could happens with ANY new feature or tweak implemented. Unless the idea is to stop development there is nothing that make it issue particular to changing the starting crew or how it is selected.
  6. Sorry, what is that radical change you talk about? The only relevant difference about Jedediah Kerman and Sean Kerman in a existing game is a line of text in the savefile that says Jeb is a Veteran.
  7. Not just for the sake of argument. I meant it as a serious suggestion in my previous post a page ago.
  8. Related question: I remember something about EVA fuel transfer between Kerbals. That is a Stock thing, a Mod thing or an Imaginary thing?
  9. I hope so. Since took some time for answers to your questions. Maybe you found it somewhere elsewhere, but in any case: 1. and 2. Correct in both conclusions. 4. The Relay antenna can do everything a Direct antenna can do. 5.Direct antennas are smaller, lighter, cheaper and require less power(to transmit science) than Relay Antennas of the same ratting.
  10. Actually, me too. But my suggestion is for one of each kind being the default behavior and the option to change it in the new game setting (or in that screen where you pick the starting crew).
  11. I support the idea of female starting crew. But I would prefer a Candidate Roost from where the player pick a Pilot, an Engineer and a Scientist to form the starting crew. Those are given Orange Suits and Veteran status (whatever it means ) while the others may eventually appear among the regular applicants in the Astronaut Complex (or The Other Applicant List) . And of course some of those details may be changed in the difficult settings.
  12. I really don't see why 'an actual carrier' would have a 'military look and feel'. It is in fact just a stretched version of this. The fact we don't have civilian aircraft carrier in real life[citation needed] have more to do with the lack of civilian uses for such expensive vessel (with all the associated safety problems). But assuming the Kerbals have the Funds and don't need to worry about such trivialities like "Defense" that could be something they consider to expends some hundred millions. The issue I see with the idea is that it being just a static kinda fall short of what I could be. On the other hand it being a fully fledged mobile base (with functionalities like refuel, recovery, construction) would require to deal with a lot of considerations about logistics aspects of the game that are actually abstracted (A.K.A. requires lots of work). Maybe that could be an interesting part of a seafaring mod/expansion.(But I'm not touching it without a boat version of BonVoyage )
  13. Fair points (even considering that people already have workarounds for those issues)...however It seems that is more a request for something that looks than something that works. And that could be used not only by Bikes but also Trikes.