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  1. There is several things to improve in your craft: The thrust axis should be aligned with Center of Mass. Rearrange the fuel tanks so the Center of Mass don't shift (too much) with fuel consumption. Move the control surfaces further away from the center of mass so they get enough leverage; Give some incidence for our wings for better lift/drag characteristics of the craft Designing a plane can be very tricky for a new player, it's quite easy to get overwhelmed with all the details that you need to pay attention to. To understand those fine details is probably a
  2. @AeroGavhad a rule of thumbs of one air-breather for 30 ton of craft. Given than people still refer to the plane/spaceplane tutorials he wrote, I guess it may be a good starting point. In any case, you will need to design>test>iterate as suggested by the previous answer.
  3. Other than drastically reducing part count, the only suggestions occur to me is about different beverages you may enjoy. I think you mean UbioZur Welding
  4. As far I know, the game will not mind if attach a subassemble that will mostly fall outside the VAB. In that case, working in chunks is the way to do it in Stock. But You really want Hangar Extender if building giant huge spacecraft will be a common occurrence.
  5. The internet, where every action have an overreaction. No, I don't "want to pick nits". I just want you to understand that my comment was not about what you are nitpicking. Would you notice the kerbal not moving despite the reaction force from the wingnut? Most people wouldn't notice or wouldn't care (it's a game). But the devs made the effort to properly simulate it and the result: in some circumstances the wingnut don't move, that is not like it would happen in real life and most people do notice it. Personally, I found it funny enough to post a ironic remark.
  6. Seems like the kind of problem the modlet ship save splicer is intended to solve.
  7. How you did it? Steering commands are not allowed, but If you used something other than pilot inputs for yaw/pitch/roll your entry is valid. rule 4: I'm not allowed to add extra rules.
  8. Don't get me wrong. I agree with your analysis. My approach is slightly different but that is besides the point. Is just that I'm wondering if can a squeeze a bit more into that concept without making it impractical.
  9. Except that you cant notice the subtle Dzhanibekov effect when the nut remain still despite the Torque exerted by the kerbal
  10. That is not important, however... that is getting into my head right now.
  11. Creative interpretation of the rules is part of the challenge. That is not strictly a "no glitches, no exploits" challenge. Just make it interesting.
  12. For a normal carrer Cheap&Cheerfull designing is more than enough. You can easily make several times the cost of the rocket in mission rewards without bothering to recover/reuse.
  13. Version release 1.xx.1 notes: "Fixed bug with bugs. Bugs should function properly now."
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