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  1. Your commitment is both amazing and amusing. Even the hack to solve the bug was under caveman restrictions. If you want to do it in a less challenging way next time, consider using
  2. Definitely! I have launched some loads that were unlaunchable until I installed fairings. I'm sorry to sy that you are wrong since the question was made in 2014, at the time, without FAR, fairings would, like @ShadowDragon8685 supposed, just add mass and drag. I guess you noticed the aero model got some adjustments since then.
  3. Oi Jr, Espero que você aparece pra ver a resposta (ou ao menos consiga solucionar de outra maneira). Primeiramente peço desculpas porque uso inglês no meu jogo e realmente não sei como estão os termos em português, por isso estou passando os nomes em inglês mesmo e colocar a minha tradução entre parênteses deve ser algo do tipo mas não exatamente igual. Existe entre as opções do jogo "allow advanced tweakables" (permitir ajustes avançados). Você precisa marcar opção para aparecer nas Part Action Window (Janelas de Ação das Partes) comandos adicionais que ficam escondidos por padrão pra não sobrecarregar o jogador novato de informação (infelizmente tem coisa bem útil que fica escondida com isso) com essa opção ativada vão aparecer as opções de "flow priority" (prioridade de fluxo) que vou mencionar, a maioria em tanques de combustíveis mas algumas em outras partes para permitir ou impedir o fluxo de combustível. Quando você configura a sequência de estágio, o jogo vai automaticamente ajustando as prioridades dos tanques de combustível fazendo com que seja consumido o combustível dos tanques mais afastado da root part (parte raiz). Acontece que em alguns casos o jogo pode se confundir e zoar um pouco essa ordem, ou o jogador pode preferir uma ordem diferente da padrão por uma serie de motivos. Com o "flow priority" visível você pode conferir se a ordem é a que você quer e ajustar nos botões + e - se não for este o caso. Os motores vão consumir combustível dos tanques acessíveis que tiverem prioridade mais alta. O tanque vai estar inacessível se no caminho houver parte que não permita crossfeed(passagem de combustível) o que normalmente vai estar informado na parte, mas inclui algumas partes estruturais e heatshields(escudos térmicos), no caso dos fuel duct(dutos de combustível) eles permitem passagem somente em um sentido, decouplers(desacopladores) tem uma opção para permitir e por padrão está desabilitado enquanto docking ports(portas de atracação) são habilitadas por padrão e tem opção de desabilitar.
  4. There is several things to improve in your craft: The thrust axis should be aligned with Center of Mass. Rearrange the fuel tanks so the Center of Mass don't shift (too much) with fuel consumption. Move the control surfaces further away from the center of mass so they get enough leverage; Give some incidence for our wings for better lift/drag characteristics of the craft Designing a plane can be very tricky for a new player, it's quite easy to get overwhelmed with all the details that you need to pay attention to. To understand those fine details is probably a good idea to look into the tutorial there is around, there are a couple: warning: while there is still plenty of good info in those old tutorials, they are made for older versions of KSP and some details may just not be true anymore due to changes in the game.
  5. @AeroGavhad a rule of thumbs of one air-breather for 30 ton of craft. Given than people still refer to the plane/spaceplane tutorials he wrote, I guess it may be a good starting point. In any case, you will need to design>test>iterate as suggested by the previous answer.
  6. Other than drastically reducing part count, the only suggestions occur to me is about different beverages you may enjoy. I think you mean UbioZur Welding
  7. As far I know, the game will not mind if attach a subassemble that will mostly fall outside the VAB. In that case, working in chunks is the way to do it in Stock. But You really want Hangar Extender if building giant huge spacecraft will be a common occurrence.
  8. The internet, where every action have an overreaction. No, I don't "want to pick nits". I just want you to understand that my comment was not about what you are nitpicking. Would you notice the kerbal not moving despite the reaction force from the wingnut? Most people wouldn't notice or wouldn't care (it's a game). But the devs made the effort to properly simulate it and the result: in some circumstances the wingnut don't move, that is not like it would happen in real life and most people do notice it. Personally, I found it funny enough to post a ironic remark. BTW we do compare KSP with reality all the time. You don't need to go far in this forum to find someone praising realism or complaining about lack of it in the game.
  9. Seems like the kind of problem the modlet ship save splicer is intended to solve.
  10. How you did it? Steering commands are not allowed, but If you used something other than pilot inputs for yaw/pitch/roll your entry is valid. rule 4: I'm not allowed to add extra rules.
  11. Don't get me wrong. I agree with your analysis. My approach is slightly different but that is besides the point. Is just that I'm wondering if can a squeeze a bit more into that concept without making it impractical.
  12. Except that you cant notice the subtle Dzhanibekov effect when the nut remain still despite the Torque exerted by the kerbal
  13. That is not important, however... that is getting into my head right now.
  14. Creative interpretation of the rules is part of the challenge. That is not strictly a "no glitches, no exploits" challenge. Just make it interesting.
  15. For a normal carrer Cheap&Cheerfull designing is more than enough. You can easily make several times the cost of the rocket in mission rewards without bothering to recover/reuse.
  16. Version release 1.xx.1 notes: "Fixed bug with bugs. Bugs should function properly now."
  17. If not said otherwise is allowed. So, yes, yes and yes. On the other hand, not using those may make things more interesting. Also changed the wording of the rule 1 for clarification.
  18. Your mission, should you accept, is to launch a craft from the surface of any planet and hit the surface of any moon. However there are a few condition: Any active engine should be at 100% thrust. You are not allowed to give steering commands You are not allowed to use thrust limit, deployment angle and authority limit to circumvent rule 1 and rule 2 You can report the success in any way you like, there is no "official" scoring, but entrants are encouraged to include images and statistics. And, for the sake of completeness, there is my boring entry: Hall of Fame: @QF9E Hit The Mun from Kerbin. In the face!! @xendelaar The gunslinger Hit The Mun from Kerbin. In the face!!
  19. So, does my tanker counts as a valid entry? Kataklysm Mass(launchpad/orbit) 6 164.9t/1 558.0t , TWR1.41, 324 parts total with 67 in the upper stage.
  20. That by default is control trim. And may be the reason why your navball is wandering around. Alt+X will reset trim. Precision control is now a mode, Caplocks toggle it on/off. Well, maybe cheaper, cooler or something but strapping a parachute to recover the thing is as convenient as it get.
  21. more than 14 fuel tanks if you mean Basic Rocketry or more than 5 science to unlock if you mean General Rocketry. In either case, can be done with very little science and limited by level 1 facilities. MOAR parachutes! ..or a bit of fuel reserved for the suicide burn. There are other issues, like depleting the batteries and turning into a lawn dart or tipping after the touchdown. But is quite doable. Probably more practical early on. If recovering near KSC is not required then you may not even need to adjust from a regular trajectory.
  22. The original deltaV map is quite old and apparently no one bothered to adjust it for each small change in the game if the difference is small enough.
  23. Unfortunately it is fast or cheap. Pick your poison. Eve is quite convenient for gravity assist, both for traveling to and from Kerbin. If you are feeling brave enough you may skim its atmosphere for further deltaV savings (granted that it will be tricky to manage both heat and drag for a useful trajectory afterwards, to say the last. However, capturing and refuel at Gilly may also be an option)
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