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  1. A friend of mine wants to do a collaboration station, and he's running version 1.5 and cannot update. I use 1.5.1, but for whatever reason, mine won't accept his save files because they use a different version. I use the steam version, so I figured it would be an easy matter to downdate by one version to exactly 1.5, however, I don't see that version on the list I can choose from. Is it possible to get back to that version using Steam? If so, how?
  2. A recent test of a KOS (Kerbin Orbital Station, still in development) ferry/station escape module, shown here docked with the rear docking port of the Circum Terra, a single launch space station:
  3. Well. after my first successful SSTO about a week ago, Remember, this thing: I decided to make an ever so slightly bigger one... Weighs in at 338.235 tons (compared to 28.140 tons for the first one) capable of delivering a 58.585 ton refueling station to a 150k orbit (in comparison to a 1.173 ton satellite to a 100k orbit) and has a grand total of 32 rapiers and 4 vectors, in comparison to 2 rapiers and 4 monopropellant engines. here is a size comparison in between the first and the second one. they are both completely stock.
  4. this is the first SSTO that I ever managed to get into orbit. it has one of the large MK II cargo bays, a MK II docking port, 2 rapiers, and 4 monoprop engines. the way I fly, it's able to get into a 100,000m orbit. I also have a version designed to ferry crew to the (planned) KOS (Kerbin Orbital Station, 200,000m orbit), made basically by replacing the cargo bay with a long MK II LF/O tank. shown here releasing the Traveller III satellite
  5. where can I find the fuel switcher? I can't seem to fill my tanks with liquid hydrogen/oxidizer. also, what is the boil off rate?
  6. umm... how do I make them lighter than air? sorry, but my design won't lift off, and it has got to be lighter than that air-battleship up there...
  7. nice! certainly better than my little single launch one from a couple pages ago
  8. here is my first successful space station, It is only a single launch one, but I'm proud of it. its controlled by a HECS2, has two docking ports (one at the front and one at the back, between the thrusters) and has room for two kerbals in its science lab. it is completely stock. currently, it has one of my Cosmos II Orbiters docked to it. I also designed a disposable experiment ship capable of docking with it to increase the amount of orbital science gained