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  1. Inclined Runway

    I think a better approach would be this; when launching from the SPH, the player would be prompted if they wanted the supplemental takeoff ramp installed at the end of the runway. When disabled, a ramp model would be somewhere around the KSC, and the runway would be clear. Also, this would have to be a VERY late-game item.
  2. 1.3 crash on launch

    I have the same issue, and an almost identical error log. On line twelve, it says that it tried reading from 00000000. The crash happens for me when "Loading Part Upgrades", directly after Asset Bundle Definitions. My install only falls under the "modded" category because I have Kerbal Alarm Clock installed, and I can't imagine that adding more languages to the game would conflict with it.
  3. Landed Ship loading improvments

    Option 2 would also be terrible on high-gravity planets, as some craft can take virtually no fall stress before Krakening
  4. Perhaps the timed experiments could be a difficulty setting (Moderate & Hard). I would like it a stock option.
  5. As explained in this video; KSP Experiment 12: Sequential Construction Drag modeling is based off of node positions. I propose that drag modeling be based off of the craft's colliders instead, resulting in more accuracy.
  6. Otherwordly Fanart: Beuty!

    If I overclock my GPU too much can the visual artifacting be considered fanart
  7. Should the "Wheesley" Engine be Changed?

    I use the Wheesley for mid-high altitude subsonic long range craft. Useful on craft with small wings, as I can land at a high speed and use the thrust reverser.
  8. What seemingly basic thing have you never done in KSP

    I've never landed on Gilly. I've landed on TYLO, but not Gilly? Maybe that's just because I've only noticed one convenient Kerbin>Eve transfer window (but I've had two Kerbin>Jool), and I landed a probe on Eve, missing out on Gilly. I have a craft that can land on Minmus and the Mun in one launch, so how hard would Gilly be?
  9. Mining Ship Thermals

    @sal_vager Thanks! I don't know why I couldn't find that.
  10. Windows 64-bit, Steam I was going about my day, and I had just put a class C asteroid in LKO, and I launched up a mining ship. Capture was successful, but problems started when I started mining. My two Drill-O-Matic Jrs began to mine the asteroid at 100% load, and efficiency skyrocketed as they warmed up... But they didn't stop warming up until 780.4/500K, giving me 5% efficiency. I was confused, as it was being cooled by two large radiator panels AND two medium thermal control systems, but they didn't appear to be cooling anything, saying it was below 15% cooling. I tried troubleshooting and went into the Thermals section of the F12 menu and checked "Display Thermal Data in Action Menus", and I found something worrying. The panels didn't know there was anything to cool (I think)... I saw "AR:CoolingParts:0/0". Help? Also, an unrelated question, why is an asteroid's COM a cube? If you look inside of one... No screenshots at the moment. Related Quicksave & Craft Files System Specs: HP laptop with AMD A10-9600P APU @ 2.4-3.2GHz, AMD R5 Integrated Graphics, 1366x768 Display Resolution, 12GB of DDR4 1866MHz Dual-Channel Memory, Windows 10 x64 OS, Less than a month old. I took a fresh install on 1.2.2 and added saves from 1.0, but the problematic craft is completely new.
  11. Debug Menu

    I've just installed Steam on my new OS (Lubuntu [Lightweight Ubuntu] [Linux Based] from Windows 10), and started playing, when I decided to perform an experiment on ablation, and ran out of fuel during my maneuver. No problem, I'll just cheat; but I can't. It just toggles the aerodynamic overlay. Apparently, Linux thinks it's funny to just not let my alt key work in Steam games. Anyone know how to fix this? Specs: HP Laptop CPU/GPU: AMD E1-2100 1.0GHz Dual-Core APU w/ Radeon HD 8510 Graphics RAM: 4GB (3.45GB usable) DDR3 OS: Fresh install of Lubuntu 16.10 64-bit (came with Windows 8.1)(Also has Windows 10)
  12. What is the biggest mission failure you have ever had?

    Heading to Eve to plant a lander on it's surface. After one hour of work, I realized that I had failed to remember parachutes. Or landing legs.
  13. A Thought Experiement

    The space race would be so much quicker to end. They just have to find a guy who remembers the Saturn V blueprints, a little bit of testing, then BOOM; Soviets are destroyed (in a competition-based way, not literally).
  14. Anybody play an instrument?

    I play the B flat Trumpet (and a tiny bit of electric keyboard), but no proof.
  15. [FORUM GAME] Rate the avatar of the person above you.

    7/10 Beautiful, well designed drawing, but sort of cliché.