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  1. sadly not for me. it crash the game on startup. sometimes with visualAlloc remapping failed, sometimes without and takes chrome or other open apps also down. without this mod, my rockets looks ugly
  2. I have no PWB Fuel Balancer. Tried without Visual enhancements, KS3P, NearFuture IVA and still no luck. Here is my modlist, but i dont want to try one by one as Sunday is almost over as a workaround, my rovers going to be unmaned for now.. Thanks anyway.
  3. Thanks gorget about that button completely, but it doesn`t help. It must be something related to External command seat, as its happennig onlz when Jeb using it.
  4. Hi everyone, i hope this is right section Can someone tell me, why Jeb is visible throughout all other parts? It is bug or feature? Is there any toogle for it? Maybe related to kerbal seat - my tip ? thanks for pointing me
  5. lot of ways. crane, dcoking port under lander , or some kind of landing platform for ex.
  6. sure, almost every time, with procedural wings.. Saves plenty of space for cargobays...
  7. This mod is just great!!! Thank you man
  8. When I was able got it through Blender-ArtRage-Inkscape-Unity and make few part, back in 0.2x times. Using it till now;) And of course, return home from Eve
  9. Kraken eats my Plock probe, after 60 years of flight Other than that, ussuall stuff: Bill got his new car Visited Cerilion, that one before last update, hoping the comsat will stay there And send probe to Dres valley, as my Kerbals love this planet Yes, and tried to melt my computer once more, with this old Eve lander (in background ) And now back to normal life, as night shift awaiting me
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