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  1. It's compatible, the motherboard is DDR4 and so is your RAM. I've heard that when Ryzen first released it had issues running RAM at high frequencies but that should've been fixed through software iirc. And even if it hadn't, it would've been. So yes, I am sure you're good to go
  2. Thank you! I see, thanks! Haha, yes I did. I picked the parts out and attempted a first time build which didn't turn on. So I brought the PC back to the store I bought the parts in and they're handling it. Read the motherboard isn't compatible BIOS wise with the CPU (Asus X370-a) so I hope that'll be fixed soon. i'm getting mixed replies here some saying its enough to run it well others presenting concerning numbers like 25fps on a 980. I play KSP on my current PC with lowest settings on an iGPU and 8GB of DDR4 2133MHZ RAM and an AMD APU at 18-50 fps, so I'm hoping the upgrade will be pretty good. Haha no, I like to keep my ships simple and realistic (hence RSS) I tried my hand at the stock game and while fun (got to Mun, Minimus, Duna and Jool) I'm picky about certain things such as the air physics being unrealistic, and the fact that a "low orbit" on Kerbin makes it look like you're ISS level of altitude. Im not trying to throw shade on the game here at all, it's definitely fun, but thats why we have mods.
  3. As title. Thanks for your replies! Specs: Ryzen 5 1600 Gtx 1060 corsair 16GB DDR4 3000MHZ 1TB HDD 250GB SSD 650W PSU EDIT: 1060 6GB version sorry forgot to add
  4. Thanks a bunch although I got a bit of experience, this will definitely help me out. PS: RSS IS SUPERIOR AND IF YOU DON'T AGREE I WILL THROW YOU OUT THE AIRLOCK.
  5. Hey everyone, So i've been gaining experience on how to play with RSS/RO/RP-0 recently, and have been doing quite well. Even if I had to reset my PC yesterday for reasons, and have unfortunately lost my save file, I plan to start over and continue playing, perhaps being more efficient in how I play. One of my troubles before losing my save file was launch vehicles. I could get into orbit, fly past and orbit the moon with satellites and put a man into space, but I never understood the actual launch vehicles, I just used what worked, which meant typically three stages with four liquid side boosters, which for me wasn't terribly efficient or effective. How many stages should I have ideally? What type of fuel should I have in those stages? On my launch vehicles I had my first stage which had a TWR of 1.2, then it separated and activated a second liquid fuel stage, and then a third hypergolic fuel stage. I found however that my second stage did more work than needed, it accelerated me too much and since it had no restart capability I was usually stuck with a higher than needed orbit, or on the wrong orbit in general. Any suggestions? Thanks, Stelum.
  6. Ah yes! I forgot about that feature. Many thanks
  7. Hello fellow Kerbonauts, I'm here today to pose the question of how do I make my interplanetary vessels not wobble in orbit? I have a constructed an interplanetary vessel in orbit, that will hopefully be capable of reaching Jool. It's held together by Clamp O Tron Sr's, apart from an attachment node thingy in the middle where there are four regular clamp O trons, in which I hope to add a small lander, a resource extraction system, and a couple of other bits and bobs. However, the vessel wobbles terribly when I try to move it, and this is without the extra things on it. Any help is appreciated, as I'd like to get Jool done and over with, so I can restart my Career in RSS/RO. Thank's in advance, Stelum
  8. Actually there is one mod that I know definitely doesn't work yet and that's kopernicus and KCT
  9. That's a smart way, I might try it out before squad hopefully maybe might add my hypothetical changes
  10. I agree this should be part of the main game, although it should be an optional start. I'd love to play if for when I'd be finished with everything else.
  11. Hello fellow Kerbonauts! I'm here to suggest a new and improved versions of the Career Mode in this game. I'll get right to it. I'll list off the things which I feel need to be improved/removed/added. "-" = Remove "+" = Add "/" = Update + A monthly fund increase. For example, every month/week whatever, KSC will give you a set amount of funds to you that can be changed in the options menu. Doing this will make the game a little bit more bearable when you're the type of person to build big rockets, or playing on harder difficulties. / Change the penalty for asking for a government fund. There are certain instances when the player might run out of money, and will need to use the strategy that grants you an amount of funds based on the percentage bar. However, the penalty for this is extremely high, and if it was toned down by about 15-25%, it wouldn't make it overpowered, but it would make it much less of a pain. + Loans. The player can ask for a loan. There can be four different options on the loans; 50,000 Funds, 500,000 Funds, 1Mil Funds, and "Custom" where you can choose an amount of funds between 0 and 5Mil. The player will have to repay the fund before a certain deadline, and will have to pay interest. For example, you take the 50,000 loan, you will have to pay 10% interest every month (5000 a month). If the player fails to pay back the loan, the player will get hit with a massive reputation penalty. / Balance the price tags of the different parts. Since the loans feature as well as the monthly fund increase are a thing in this hypothetical update, the price tags for parts may need to be increased/decreased respectively. I'm not gonna pay an absurd amount of money for something I could go to my nearest DIY store and make the same thing myself for much less. I know it's a game, but some things really need to make a little bit more sense. + Statistics. A trend graph depicting where funds are going to/where they're coming from. For example, I'd like to know why I just lost about 500,000 in a couple of months. I could go to the statistics graph in the administration building, and notice that 500,000 was spent on snacks. (I'm joking, but I'm assuming you know what I mean :P). I'd also like to know how much money is coming in, and see if in the end my reusable rocket strategy is either making me earn back money, or lose it. Speaking of strategies.... +/- Strategies. This is a bit of a different from my previous suggestions because I'm implying that the strategies be both improved upon (adding more) balanced, and removed. While I don't have a concrete idea of what could be added here, but I'd like to see some actual strategies involved. I'll expand on this a little bit in my next suggestion. + A simplified version of competition and alliances. For example, say WinterOwl is doing better than I am. They're getting most of the funds that are circling around this small economy. Therefore I want them to stop doing so well, and will activate a strategy that will make them lose money, and make me earn more. These strategies work very closely with the strategies that we have now, as if we do this, it'll be seen as an amazing person-ish move on our side, so we will lose reputation for it. In this hypothetical update, let's also assume I'd like to help or collaborate with another company that's doing poorly. I can choose to activate a strategy that will make me lose some funds, but add reputation. It's really simple, but could make the gameplay more interesting. - Remove the old strategies. All of them. I will expand on this on my next suggestion. + Budgeting. If we go to the administration building, there can be a budgeting tab. In that tab, I can choose to either put more money into R&D, reputation, or invest it into something, with an interest rate. If I put it into R&D, I will lose the set amount of funds that I am putting into it, but will research techs quicker (I am actually gonna suggest something later on to expand on this). If I invest it into Reputation, my money will go to creating propa- *ahem* motivational rallies showing the greatness of our space program, creating reputation. If I choose to invest into some company or the government, I will earn a small amount of interest on the amount I put in, making me slowly earn more funds. This will all be handled in a screen in the administration building, where there will be 3 sliders, and I can divide them equally in percentages (i.e I have 100% I can use, I invest 40% Into R&D, 20% into reputation, and 40% into the investment. I feel this will work well with the statistics feature. Strategies will still be a thing with the competition and alliances features. + Allow you to filter contracts by companies. + Researching costs funds. Kerbonaut hiring is a set price along with monthly payments (for every month in action you have to pay them, if you fail to pay them the Kerbonaut will start to become unhappy, and loses XP points temporarily until the player has enough funds to pay them. This shouldn't be a problem.) + Recovering costs funds depending how far away something is. It can be set at ____Funds/KM or something. It also takes time. (Will be explained later) That's all I have for career mode updates, if you'd like to suggest anything, go ahead and do it, I'd welcome them. However before I finish this post I'd like to suggest a little extra something. I'm sure many of you have heard of the Kerbal Construction Time mod. It's a mod where rockets take time to build, buildings take time to upgrade, launchpads need to be refurbished, buildings take time to be repaired, and tech requires time to be researched. I suggest it's implemented into the base game. This will work well with the hypothetical features that have been suggested in this post. If you've got this far, I thank you for reading, and as mentioned suggestions are welcome. If you agree that this should be a thing, please encourage Squad to add it Sincerely, Stelum
  12. Greetings fellow Kerbonauts, Before I start, I would like to mention I'm an Italian 13 year old, so if my English is not perfect, please forgive me. I have an issue with the mods "Kerbal Construction Time" and "Outer Planets Mod". Yesterday, my save file got corrupted by something (for the millionth time). My "Resume Save" button was not working, so I decided to look online, and decided to rename my most recent quicksave to "persistent.sfs". The method worked, and I was able to fly the plane I was flying before I had exited the game. A small issue here was that the plane proceeded to crash, and I lost all my valuable science. (Luckily Jeb survived). I left the game, and re-entered, thinking I would start again where I left off last time. However, the game didn't load where it did previously. It loaded directly on KSC, which I found strange. I checked the tracking station, and saw that my destroyed plane was still destroyed, and the pilot was still alive. I recovered the parts, and went to the VAB, and designed a new launch vehicle to bring medium-light payloads into orbit. When I have Kerbal Construction Time installed, I need to build the rocket before flying it. However, this time it just directly brought me to the launch pad. I was too tired to install the mod then, so I launched my rocket, and brought it into a fly-by of the Mun, and collected some science. Once I had recovered the rocket, I went to the Research & Development building, and when I went to research "Fuel systems", it again acted as if KCT was not installed. I then decided to save the game and exit. Today, I entered again and noticed that the "outer planets mod" was not active either. So I went to CKAN, uninstalled OPM/KCT, and re-installed them. This didn't work, it was all as it had been the day before. KWRocketry still worked, KerbalAlarmClock still worked, everything but these two mods was still working. I uninstalled them with CKAN again, and went to the KCT Forum and re-downloaded the mod, and installed it as per usual. This, again, didn't work. I was pretty annoyed at everything, so I went to play some Skyrim. And now we are here. If anybody has any insight, or solutions, please help me out, it would be very much appreciated. Since I messed around a bit with my KSP exe's, I don't know which output log it is, I will link both of them. The KSP_DATA output log can be found here. The KSP(64x)_DATA output log can be found here Again, thanks to everyone in advance, this is my 8th or 9th time restarting my game due to corrupt saves, I don't want to do it another time.
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