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  1. @TriggerAu Any chance you can get screenshots of the (?) icon button listing. Its much easier to type that up than looking at the pictures of the controllers you just posted. I want to make a document that has all of the controls and I can update my previous link when I do that. Thanks!
  2. Mouse supported on PS4?

    @Majorjim I think that is a question for Flying Tiger. Personally, I'v seen a lot of complaints here about button controls and lack of customization. This is the first version of the game on PS4. There will always be room for improvements, as with every game. If I had to make a prediction, I would say we could see things like support for mouse input on PS4, button customization on PS4, etc. in future releases. However, it does blow my mind that I can't invert the Y-axis. That just seems silly. But for a person who played KSP on PC at version 0.20 and then my computer crashed and couldn't play KSP until now on PS4, I am really happy with the product. Additionally, while the controller button layout is challenging, for using what Flying Tiger have available with the amount of buttons on the PS4 controller, I have found it pretty intuitive and easy to use after only playing for 4-5 hours. There are bugs, as there always are on first releases. People just need to relax and enjoy the game.
  3. Mouse supported on PS4?

    @Majorjim KSP on PC does support mouse input. As of now PS4 KSP does not support mouse input.
  4. @Gutterboy44 Any chance you can get me some more screenshots today? Thanks! I won't be home till late tonight.
  5. The ability to invert the Y axis would be awesome!
  6. @sal_vager Here is the link. If anyone, not saying you, could verify the accuracy it would be greatly appreciated. I dunno how to add it to the Wiki. Also, I can type up any other screen shots or edit a little if anyone has any requests to make it the easiest viewing. Thanks https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/321650/KSP Cheat Sheet.pdf
  7. PDF's setup so far of what @gutterboy44 sent me. Can anyone do a quick check of this for accuracy? @squelch Is this ok if it gets posted here? Should it be put somewhere else? And how do I even post an attachment...I click insert other media and I click insert existing attachment but I don't know how to put an attachment in there? Sorry probably another dumb question...
  8. @gutterboy44 Any you can get me screen shots of would be awesome! I only spent 2-3 hours playing last night so I am not even sure what different areas have different (?) Button information.
  9. Thanks @Squelch I am at work now so can't take screenshots (I wish I had my PS4 at work although my employer would not be happy). I'll try to take some tonight and see if I can't put a simple word document together before someone beats me to it. If someone else beat me to it, I wouldn't be too bummed lol
  10. Yah I know about the ? Icon. Thanks for the quick response. As Nailach mentioned, a cheat sheet I could print out and have next to me while I play would be much easier. I could look at that instead of having to move the cursor to the ? Icon. I'll took a look at the WIKI but I don't see anything related to PS4 in there. Thanks!
  11. Is there a pdf or word document anywhere that has all the buttons for PS4 control is KSP? I did a google search and searched the forum with no luck although sometimes I am not good at searching the right things. Something easy to print out and keep next to you while you are learning how to play would be awesome so that I don't have to constantly go to the controls menu to see what buttons I need to hit to do things. The game is awesome on PS4 from what I have played so far. The button controls are very good but I just need more info!!! Thanks a ton and keep up the great work! Mods: I asked this question also in the Technical Support section for PS4 and XBOX1 so please feel to delete or move on of the entries. Sorry about that.