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  1. I did this music video for Kenny Loggins' Danger Zone a while back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rY0vNDgEGw
  2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Qe6aUkGoRyLJxUWUFGGAzodlYnEpXwIU/view?usp=sharing
  3. I was able to increase the task priority, and the game runs amazingly fast!
  4. My heavily modded copy of KSP runs at like 6 fps with large ships, but Task Manager says it's only using 10% of the CPU and 13% of the GPU. Is there a way I can increase this, as there's plenty of unused power available?
  5. Is there a UI for changing part appearances in-game? Because if there is, I can't find it. Also, all modded parts are unaffected by the mod.
  6. What version is that? Also, it would be cooler if it had a more authentic interior, and emitted blue light when teleporting. But yeah, that's pretty much right on the money.
  7. I had an idea for a mod that would give you a TARDIS that could actually teleport, complete with blue flashing and fading away. I know there's a TARDIS mod already out there, but it just accelerates really fast. Is there a way one could make a teleportation feature based on the hyperedit plugin? To clarify, teleportation in the game would work like this: The TARDIS' teleporter would be controlled with a UI similar to Hyperedit. After picking the coordinates, be it an orbit or on the surface, and hitting the teleport button, the TARDIS would do its trademark fade from the first location until it becomes invisible, then the camera switches to the target location and the TARDIS fades in. I'm not a coder, though. Just an idea I'd love to see.
  8. I know I shouldn’t be posting on a thread this old but... I was able to rescue a Kerbal from the Kraken. That statement you made about the Kraken being inescapable is wrong. All you have to do is press R. If you’re lucky, it will trigger a reset of the Kerbal’s skeleton to perform the RCS animation, and the Kerbal will be fine. However, this technique rarely works in atmosphere, and only works about 30% of the time in vacuum.
  9. I'm trying to get a lot of volumetric layers in Jool's atmosphere, you know, towering clouds, big voids, but still maintain at least 24 frames per second. Does anyone know of any configs that do this?
  10. Girder clipping you know, the glitch that powered danny2462's Christmas tree of doom? it happens because the girders are made of a magnetic material which repels itself. When a bunch of girders are attached radially to a common axis, they all try to push away from each other. This means that if kept perfectly still, the system remains balanced, but is incredibly unstable. The tiniest force can cause the girders to start oscillating more and more violently, until the assembly shakes itself apart, happily bounding towards the VAB, then slams into it, making you have to pay 120,000 funds to rebuild it. Ironically, this "repulsion when clipping" is probably the actual reason the girders do this in the game.
  11. I used a time control mod to slow down everything. I turned the delta-physics lock off and thevspazzing became more intense. I think it's because spazzing is caused by high position changes from one frame to the next. I'd really like to know what actually does cause the spazzing . You can see this sped up spazzing in my YouTube video.
  12. When I get into Jool's atmosphere, the clouds disappear. I want to use the version of SVE with lightning, but I have KSP version 1.2.0, instead of 1.2.2. Does a version difference this small cause problems like this?
  13. Here's the first verse and the chorus: solid booster delta wing heat shield gimbal ring supersonic rapid unplanned disassembly canard rudder elevator solar panel radiator northern Mohole southern Mohole instability rendezvous aileron RCS clamp-o-tron oxidizer kerosene and dimethyl hydrazine chamber pressure corkscrew rocket cockpit Eeloo kilopascal engine failure emergency landing We didn't buzz the tower we were always flying since the sun's been shining we didn't buzz the tower we were on your radar but we left a crater