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  1. I lost all my progress of getting a rover to eve due to this bug, and it's very frustrating that the game refuses to save so there's no point to playing ksp if all my progress is lost
  2. I played ksp before on my laptop, but it sucks at running it. I'm excited for the xbox one version because I will be able to play ksp at a decent frame rate. Me and 2 other guys really want to start a xbox one community for ksp and get more people interested in it. We already have a few members in our discord already, And we have a trainer at our discord that has experience with the game to help and teach newbies.
  3. We also have a reddit too, here's the link to the reddit . Ive been trying to grow a xbox one community for the game.
  4. I'm excited for the release of the game on xbox one that me and 2 other guys had made a ksp xbox one discord for the ksp xbox one community. Here's the link to the chat