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  1. I'm sick of the collaboration, so I unleash all my wolves on the collaborators and, since wolves are even better collaborators than you people they eat you. I gas the wolves so they become unconscious. I also pay for Spacetraindriver's train, so he woln't bug, me. My Gassy, unconscious wolf hill.
  2. The power to never starve, but always be hungry. Similar to tantalus from the greek myths.
  3. The waiter dosn't understand. Waiter, help! Ive fell into my soup!
  4. Also what train? still my hill.
  5. The train crashes into a hill, and I, the conductor claim it and build a large millatary base from the train parts (don't ask me how ). my train fort on a hill.
  6. How do you get mechjeb ascents to work with the limited ignitions? Every time I get to the end of my gravity turn it shuts off my main engine which can't be reignited. I read one of nathankell's earlier posts but didn't seem to work. Can you give me a pic of the settings you used for it? Thanks!
  7. There is a way to do this with remotetech, you need a station/base with at least 6 kerbals and a special probe core (i don't know which). The remotetech wiki tells you how, or in realism overhaul it might just be any probe core.
  8. don't click this, and don't click the butttion.
  9. I like my underground hill, so I make a garden with lots of flowers and apples on it. [snipped] trapping you inside and getting you to pay for it. My underground garden hill.
  10. I dig a yuge cave under your land and make a hill in the middle. my underground hill.
  11. glad to see its out for 1.2! One question: I couldn't find the simulation option for kct, so I got KRASH. What config should I use for it?
  12. I use the force to levatate the hill, add MOAR boosters and blast it into orbit of kerbin. My space hill.
  13. I use the force to levatate the hill, and shake the black-suted police men off it. I force jump onto the hill and claim it. My force-levatated hill