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  1. Starting with 1.8, KSP has been failing to load the DLCs whenever I started a copy of it outside of Steam. After some experimentation, it turns out that the failure is caused by a "+" character in the file system path (e.g. "c:\HDD2\KSP Instances\1.8 Stock+DLC"). Removing that "+" character from the path eliminates the problem. Other non-alphanumeric characters (e.g. "-" and "_") that I tested seemed to be fine. However, I have not tested all of them... No clue if this is a Unity 2019 problem or if it's unique to KSP, but hopefully this will help others in a similar situation.
  2. Not sure what to tell you. It's still working fine for me, including the mod's UI window, and displaying planet names when I mouse over them in space. No nullrefs either, so I'm a happy camper... Note that I started a new save with 1.4.1.
  3. In case anyone else was wondering, Distant Object v1.9.1 seems to work well in KSP 1.4.1.
  4. Ok, this is a truly useful change... that I had completely missed until reading your post. Thanks @TriggerAu!
  5. Just a heads-up to anyone having problems... In testing KSP 1.4.1 with MKS, I noticed that Windows Defender quarantined RD's KolonyTools.dll. Malwarebytes had no problem with it, so it's likely a false positive, but that would presumably break things if it went unnoticed.
  6. It's called "SCAN Multispectral Sensor". Are you using the latest versions of GPP and Kopernicus? I had a problem with biomes displaying until that was fixed with the latest versions of those two.
  7. I have one system with Windows Defender (latest definitions) on it, and am seeing this as well. SCANsat.dll and SCANsat.Unity.dll are being quarantined, alert level "Severe", stating that a Trojan called Azden.B!cl was found. Could this just be caused by a bad heuristic match? Note: I'm running Scansat 18.1 and it has happened twice (the last time was after replacing my Scansat directory with a fresh download). Also, Malwarebytes has no problem with Scansat.
  8. #3 is what was really messing with me. I did not know about a bug fix that affected heat. Good thing my actual career includes KIS/KAS. Some lucky Kerbal engineer has an orbital radiator-spamming EVA mission in their future. Thanks for your help!
  9. Which behavior? The 1.3.1 screenshots? What seems weird is that it's different than in 1.3, both in terms of when heat is dissipated and the rate at which temperature increases. If the 1.3 behavior was incorrect and 1.3.1 is correct, then I'll just spam a few more radiators and move on.
  10. @Nertea - I tested the new release, with the same result. After re-reading your previous response, I note that your description of "normal" is different than my experience even in KSP 1.3. Not only does heat dissipation occur with different actions, but heat builds far more quickly for me in 1.3.1. To illustrate, I prepared two saves, one in KSP 1.3 with the previous Near Future releases and the other in 1.3.1 with your latest releases. The following are corresponding imgur albums with results and test steps (not sure how to embed albums), along with output logs and game saves. Same craft, and mostly the same five steps... 1.3 test steps: (includes Gamedata folder image with NF version numbers) 1.3 output log: NF Test - output_log.txt?dl=0 1.3 game save: NF Test 1.3.1 test steps: (includes Gamedata folder image with NF version numbers) 1.3.1 output log: NF Test - output_log.txt?dl=0 1.3.1 game save: NF Test If what I'm seeing for 1.3.1 is expected behavior*, just let me know. I only mentioned it because it was a clear difference from behavior under KSP 1.3. * = or if this whole problem is giving you a headache
  11. @Galileo - Confirming, this biome issue is resolved with Kopernicus 1.3.1-2 and GPP 1.5.3. Thanks to you and @Thomas P. for tracking it down.
  12. @Nertea - Will do. I'll try again with the Thursday release code. Appreciate you taking the time to look at it anyway.
  13. It's still happening with that new dll, so I created a stock + NF mods + dependencies. Same result... Are any of the following helpful? Gamedata folder: Stock%2BNF Gamedata.png?dl=0 Output log: Game save (there's a test craft in Kerbin orbit):
  14. If you want to point me to it, I'll be glad to try your new build in that save. I can also put together a stock+NF save (but this will take a bit of time).
  15. @Nertea - I've started testing KSP 1.3.1 with Near Future, Far Future, USI, GPP and two or three quality of life mods. So far only USI caused a crash (fixed by Roverdude's latest update). One possible problem with Near Future... Nuclear engines do not seem to reject heat when reaction mass is flowing through them (testing this with NV-50 Stubber and NTRsUseLF patch). In a test without any radiators, the core temp of the engine seems to go up when thrusting, then back down (rapidly) when thrust is turned off, then slowly climbs as the engine's "Heat Rejected:" value falls. This is nearly opposite behavior from the same version of Near Future Propulsion ( running in KSP 1.3.0. It's as if heat rejection isn't applied until after thrust is cut. Additional note: Heat rejection works as I remember in 1.3.0 while running reaction mass through the engine if the reactor is turned off.