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  1. What did you do in KSP today?

    do you know any planet packs that do not touch the stock ones and are just more further out? i had one a while back, but have forgotten it and cant find it, i think the one i found had 2 more systems....
  2. [1.3.1] Pathfinder - Space Camping & Geoscience

    oh god! when you see what i did before reading this!
  3. at last i have fixed my crafts! I owe you a beer!
  4. Improvement of Kerbals and Assosiated Programs

    so your improvement to the game is a video instead of a playing the game, and you want to add more rules to standbox that would stop it being a sandbox....
  5. More Female Defaults?

    [snip] you have blue pink and brown and lost of shades in between. plus my Mrs goes red when i leave a towl on the floor. I do like the shades idea, maybe shades and colours!
  6. More Female Defaults?

  7. More Female Defaults?

    why is everyone racist against the purple and blue kerbals look how cool they could be (just the title screen , none in the video
  8. More Female Defaults?

    no, not for equality, life isn't equal and people should get more use to that, there have been less female astronauts than men unfortunately, never mind in other positions, and calling Val the token female in an industry that in 95% male through history is a bit moch when of the 5 known kerbals (including von) women are 20% represented. However, i would like to see a male and female equivalents for each role just because of choice, some people roleplay having a choice for them is nice, and preferably named after inspiring astronauts like Valentina was is definitely a good thing. last food for thought, people are only truly equal in life when they are equal in death. When you talk about women that have died in space flight everyone remembers colombia and challenger, but very few could tell you half of the accidents that killed men... i think we should have more races too, i wanna see the blue and purple kerbals
  9. Kerbal explosive kolonisation

    ah ha, seems a container i had had reverted, thanks!
  10. Kerbal explosive kolonisation

    while your doing kis things you could make the small space launcher (ocd) kis buildable and carryable (ive just modded mine so i can carry it but i dunno how to make it available in ose i used this code from i stole for a pathfinder peice (sorry @Angel-125 ) i haven't tweaked the location thow so it becomes a giant tutu.....
  11. Kerbal explosive kolonisation

    i just use it as a big 'x'
  12. Kerbal explosive kolonisation

    i knew it! i was sure when i was doing this that i should video it! well new logs and a video, it wasn't working from the pathfinder window (setting up distribution) however i discovered after selecting individual containers and setting up their own distribution then send half their resources, but it has to be one at a time.... so here is new logs and the video of what i just did.... out out log
  13. Kerbal explosive kolonisation

    i really dunno what went on, there was 2 dropped stakes both within 100 metres of the boat rover and placed by the kerbal that got out. and when i was trying to build there was nothing else with build capacity. when i flew the drone there i actually came in from the stake direction... thank god i got out of software engineering, i hate bug hunting it seems to be working now. i think im just gifted at breaking things....
  14. What did you do in KSP today?

    actually i think the word 'krakens' sums up the pictures i love how the forum renames my term for bovine testiballs to 'krakens'