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  1. ill thrid this idea request i love this mod as you can see by about 13 minutes along this video!
  2. Wild Blue Industries crafts

    now a little SSTO made from the dsev pack and some engines from NF launch vehicles.
  3. i belive i said 'feck it, that will do to show for a video' after all iw was a bloomin days worth of work just gettin it into orbit or the 64k kerbin!
  4. i like this, my question is... is there i way of giving it another convertible module, e.g. for kis parts or equipment......
  5. interesting.... especially with what im working on....
  6. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    just a old question, is there still no way to have MKS without the extra kerbal types, or the changes to the hiring system?
  7. I like the duna grey myself!
  8. sex on legs!, i love it!
  9. so heres the log and the video of exactly what went on while i was generating the log..