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  1. of course they will! aside from the stuff switching (fuel, etc), we all know how well itll work under current managment :p one day ill make a helicopter that wont explode.....
  2. Lookin at the pre alpha footage it just looks reskinned with some more parts. so im assuming your mods will just slot in:...
  3. welllllllll to extend the word... so i just saw the kerbal 2 trailer. so @Angel-125 do you recon you will have some free time to convert your mods for the new game in about a year? :p not lookin for an answer, i think i know how much work would go into reskinning stuff, however if you are at some point, get a patreon up, im sure im not the only one that will send you some beers! and i just saw this vid and am trying to make it in buffalo...
  4. you got any logs? see below on how to get them. basically start up make the issue happen then close and copy the log files. then linky linky...
  5. you might want to pop that on the hyper edit thread and provide logs for when it happens, it sounds like a vessel spawn issue...
  6. so far thats all these rebotics parts do for me.... i agree with everything said here defecding squad, and have bought the dlc. my only grip is its not very good. so far stuff ive made is farr less reliable than IR. mostly cracken attacks, 3 game crashes, and one death of the full pc, seriouslt i hard crash i needed to reset the battery for. im all for new dlc, its cool, and you should support good games devs, but this mod isint very good. i would have thought when squad did what one modder did, they would make it far better....
  7. got the same problem her with a fresh install, changed templates to the foundary and no workshop button, tried the factory same. reinstalled and rechecked, same.
  8. so theres some serious conflicts with this and the new rebotic parts. i was making simple crafts and on launching it was kicking me back to ksc, and sometime on load the load box wouldent go away after the craft loaded. id gone through all my mods systematically, and this is the one causing it. im sorry i dont have logs but heres the stock plus dlc craft that caused the issue
  9. thats genious, i never thought of a harrier engine! and if you where goin for realism they still kicked out air for the balance system... well thanks for the thought. and as usual im lovin the mods. im messin about with KFS alot now, and usin snacks instead of TAC!
  10. oh so many issues! they arent stable. they seam to be weaker that IR joints, so their either tearing them selves appart or creating yaw that makes them unflawable. and thats when i can use them, 90% (and thats probably an understatment) of the crafts i make wont launch and i just get kicked back to the ksc. ive literally just made on with mk3 parts and 4 pistons working as gear. not even 20 parts and it crashed to ksc. I genuinly hate this DLC. if its not crashing then its ripping its self appart. i use to do alot with Infernal robitcs and got a problem occasionally, but these parts are basically unusable. Kase in point that craft i linked only launches 1 in 3 times. Thats why i figured id ask cause your rotating props work beautifually, so i figured (i know this is more work than im making it sound like) but if you pulled the code from the prop, placed it in a saddle container, added a nozzel that rotates and a jet effect , and jebs your uncle theres a decent rotating vtol engine for some madness :p But if the parts list is all complete thats fair play. I just thought id try my luck.
  11. Hello all, its been some time, and im finally getting back into this....... so as usual i had a weird idea / request. a while back i thought of and cant remember if i mentioned rotatable vtol engines like the prop ones you make. the idea i has to save time, was basically the saddle tank with a nozzel on the back that could rotate round from backwards facing to down wards facing. maybe a veriant for get and rocket. The reasoning is that your rotating props are solid, but making rotating engines with robotics is unstable as hell. and i need landing engines for some fun craft :p they could fit on a craft like this, and make it stable, or on the buff frame.... im also a willing tester as im in craft development at the moment and making weird shiznae!
  12. new kerbal DLC, i immeadatly came here for another download :p
  13. I got it, i was using the kerbal switcher under the launch button but you have to go through the launch button in Kerbal constructs
  14. bit of a late reply but how did you get it to work, ive put the launchpad up there, enabled it as a launch pad and i see it in the VAB but every time i try to launch it loads for a second then drops back to the ksp screen