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  1. Are u using the iva mod, ive just checked and it dosent do that with my modded play or with just the buff mod in.
  2. Just make multiple ships for the mod! they all look great anyway! Got a qyestion thow, im flying alien space program on eve, and constantly the BFS command pod is breaking away from the engine shourd, its to do with high forces or high G's (its full of kiss hear going for orbit) any idea how to fix it, i tried putting a tank in between and the tank snapped from the Shroud too, so it seems to be an issue with that, and upping the breaking force to 3000, (also tried lowering it to 400) for moth stress and tourque did nothing. Any ideas?
  3. Space Kadet

    [1.4.X] OSE Workshop Continued - KIS Addon

    you sir are a bloomin ledgern, thanks!
  4. heres a weird on for you, all fixed but bugger me if i know what happened! installin for 1.5.1 i start with a clean install, put on NFE and NFS install all the ckan mods and copy the onld ones that havent been updated yet... then comes WBI, i start with pathfinder, buff etc then finally dsev. but when i start the game (loading a save file from a previous game) it says WBI.homestead is missing, upon routing around a discover the whole utility folder is missing from parts, so i check github and its there... then i just happen to check the zip i already downloaded and its there too. when i copied it first time it just left out that entire subfolder. a few HD checks and i have no issues, it just 'missed it' from the zip the first time!
  5. Space Kadet

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Feckin Kraken
  6. Space Kadet

    What did you do in KSP today?

    got some more science on my eveness :p
  7. Space Kadet

    What did you do in KSP today?

    i decided that kerbal are short because of strong gravity... so they must come from eve...
  8. Space Kadet

    [1.5.x] Pathfinder - Space Camping & Geoscience

    Thought for a part, under ground storage, convertable and expandable, just a small surface foorprint but could take some resuorces and ec to expand. Can be piped or other linkages to base resources, maybe even base style ones. Like the tents but smaller surface footprint / processing footprint...
  9. Space Kadet

    Kerbal explosive kolonisation

    it is done.....
  10. Space Kadet

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    i love that in its beautiful irony, you have to register and give them more details to tell them to stop taking your details. I dont really mind beacause i run a blocker anyway, but if i see anything sending my personal data im not gonna be happy. ive been screwed by adobe once and saw my mates card get maxed in 2007 after the PSN BS thank god for visa insurance.
  11. Space Kadet

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    if you mean uninstalling it, thats not an option, and actually under eu law could be shown as extortion because you are not allowed to take money for a product and then change the details of the contract substantially or without agreement of both parties. you can change the terms of a service without agreement, but anyone not agreeing to it and having already paid for it must be refunded. if there is another way i am curious thow?
  12. Space Kadet

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    no, its still against the law as under eu law you must be able to opt out, and they dont provide that option, but also 'technically' an eula isint binding, they have never been properly tested in a European court. you dont have to do anything it says.
  13. Space Kadet

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    under rough t&cs that would be "The information we collect may include personal information such as your first and/or last name, e-mail address, phone number, photo, mailing address, geolocation, or payment information. In addition, we may collect your age, gender, date of birth, zip code, hardware configuration, console ID, software products played, survey data, purchases, IP address and the systems you have played on. We may combine the information with your personal information and across other computers or devices that you may use." dosen anyone remember what happened to playstation when they had this data and got hacked.... do you think t2 or unity spends as much money on their security.....
  14. im just a fanman but i guess because its not needed for this mod and hasent been.... clicking on a part can load all associated modules, from the pic it seems TACLS may need it, but ive ran both in the past alot and never heard of this.