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  1. yup, its definatly more than one, becaus no matter what individual mod i pull out it still happens
  2. heres the log, could somone please help me understand whats tripping up my install. log file https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bY0nC7gqBOW-qyVYlmKFoyIMe9S08j96/view?usp=sharing
  3. Nevermind, some idiot that looks like me hadent installed reconfig just gonna plop this one here cause i think it may be more of a opt issue, but not sure, very out of practice.... theres the new pic of the issue, and the like to what i posted in b9, its the same issue. im still breaking stuff here so ill post again if i fix it ..... but thats doubtful https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Y-3tsnzgaB9XNqLsdB2uYjlbZSF9AoGx/view?usp=sharing
  4. User error ignore you guys love big crashes so heres one, hard crashes on loadup, seems the same as the others, somethign funky is going on, having mmwatchdog there or not dosent change the crashes. and obviously for me, OPT is unusable without the part switch. i cant read all the other warnings behind because they all pop up together and the game actually freezes then crashes to desktop. the game is 1.11.2 and everything is brand new for 1.11.2 as far as i can tell (just down graded to make pathfinder work) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M4pY3FoMaFbedA3I5PJEXPRwgs4YP96z/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M4pY3FoMaFbedA3I5PJEXPRwgs4YP96z/view?usp=sharing installed mods
  5. did, that, it was all working in 1.11.2...... then i tried to fix opt and installed b9 part switcher... not your problem now your stuff is working FML this .... was always this hard
  6. and you have solved the problem, ksp is the latest. ty ! As for ckan, i just dont bother, its doog for small modders, but with the ammount i put in it never works right and its faster doing it with the old elbow lard. ill roll it back and give a go, its been 2 years since i started it, so many mod updates.
  7. Right ladies and gentleman, i have a 3 day problem here. So im back after several years of a break, and just did a flat out reinstall ground up. everything is fresh and manually downloaded from git hub , correct parts and no duplicates (hours checking that) and long story short wbitools dosent work. The button is there to Reconfigure storage on the parts that have storage, but it done nothing. there is no button on the ksc to open the dialogue for changing play styles either, though ive tried crp, classic and pristine manually editing the play modes file. but no solution. i think its the load order but ill be badgered if i ccan find it. so the details, installed mods and files and in wbi logs KSP https://drive.google.com/file/d/1owpv3W5VflblWM75tW7Ls4GRn8JgMvE6/view?usp=sharing MM Patch https://drive.google.com/file/d/1byAmMLtZQNno4OXPeVKioF7QrWzFKeJx/view?usp=sharing ModualManager https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_w1K8jpkNYJTZRq2CgGqztDVln-mhyqG/view?usp=sharing please help, im loosing my mind after 3 days of this and a week of ckan, b4 sacking that off as a lost cause
  8. do i need b9 part switch if im just using wbi. because my current install (ive been away a while havin kids) dosent work without or with. if its not there, no options, if it is installed, i can only use the b9 switcher even though i can see the button for wbi, it dose nothing when i click on it
  9. there seems to be a bug where the cuda engine always has its effects on even b4 activating it.
  10. What mods are you using(vessel mover?)? i dont get these bugs, and ive had the same kerbal game open for over a day? so it must be in something else. do you have any planet modifaction or structures? and do you ahve trajectories? ive jsut learned that was beasting my computer during reentry
  11. sorry mate, this may be true now, and you may be right, however all i know is seeing the same post about kerbalisim breakins stuff to do with USI mks a few years ago(2016), i belive at the time it was to do with changing how the converters worked. Im sure its a good mod, and appoligies if i was inaccurate, all i know it pathfinder plays well with others and kerbalisim had compatibility issues 4 years ago so i was trying to point the person back to the kerbalisim thread for answers.
  12. where is the deffination of the equipment resource located in the files? i was looking for volumen ammounts for putting into parts not yet compatable with WBI, but also im just curious of the structure of the mod. kerbalisim isint really compatable with alot of other mods as it breaks some of the stock systems in the way it implaments stuff, and the developer never changed this...
  13. i use to be a big user of the mks gear and slowly swapped it all out. my reccomendation would be to bin USI ls and change to snacks (same maker as pathfinder) or goto TACLS if you want more complexity both of them work a hell of a lot better in my experience performance wise. and pulling out all the mks gear reduced alot of the explosions i got and part drifting when loading into bases. also if you experience save corruption or glitches whenr you cant save, thats usually kerbal alarm clock thats the culprate. And just a random tip, but Knes and tundra exploration (spacex) are both compatable with pathfinder
  14. of course they will! aside from the stuff switching (fuel, etc), we all know how well itll work under current managment :p one day ill make a helicopter that wont explode.....
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