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  1. that statement is kind of like me saying my grandmother whos been dead for years 'has some health problems'.... i've tried this on i5 11500, 2060super with 2gig and got 15 fps at launch, ive then tried it on both i911900k 4070ti 64gig. then i9 13900k 4090 both 64gig and got 15 to 18 fps at the same place. I built the big rigs specifically for ksp. can you explain why there a 8 fps difference between your below minimum spec laptop and my rigs? Aslo why the fps problem that was blatent in the pre alpha footage is still present 3 years down the line?
  2. jusr round at me mates and these definatly arent fixed in the new version
  3. thats dopamine of the sniney new thing, the basis for capatalism :p
  4. i did buy it, and then tried to play it, on 3 seperate machines, and got more bugs in 2 hours that the first 3 years of ksp. i then returned it. never been so dissapointed in a game, and i played dark void on release day!
  5. your analagy is wrong, the same issues are that far appart as 2 tyres deflating. this is 2 cars that look the same like a ford fiesta mk4 and a masda 121, and they both have the same issue where you put in the key, they start the same and then without doing anything the engine starts knocking and you loose power. They are related because so much is the same. As pointed out, just from a buisness perspective if you have a game and you want to make a very similar one but better, it makes no sence at all to ignore the previous games code. And then we have the fact the overlords are T2 games, u think they care about artistic vision....
  6. thats weird man, i tried on an i5 with a 2060s, and 2 i9's one with 4070ti and 1 4090. all absolute crap14/15 fps on the first and the other 2 16/17fps. and bugged up the wazoo
  7. i didnt say they started off with a clone, i said they didnt start at zero, which is what above was trying to say with the baby analogy, because thats what the developers kinda claimed, which is nonesence. And im not saying they started their development with a clone. Im saying all the source code was available from the first game, then the mod code was fingertips away, most of it easily viewable on github or by request because we are all fans and want an epic ksp2. But with all those resources, this is what they released in 4+ years.
  8. serious question whats your hardware and fps? and any issues with save and reload? so if you arent qualified you dont know anything? and again, none of what i mentioned was in any of the warnings! But to answer the question BSc Hons in computer science with AI from glasgow, cisco and ms certs, worked in industry for over a decade programming and appdev, before i sacked it all in tobe an outdoor instructor and now i drive forest machines, ponsse mammoth being the shiney new one at my place. Oh and started my qualifications the same year paisley uni in scotland (down the road from where i was) made the first ever computer games development course in the uk, that every single person failed to get a job in the industry from (2001). If you noticed my problem isint just what they did or more accuratly havent done, its also that if you understand the problems like some of us do, you can see a major issue with a game in a sorrier state thatn fallout 76 at launch with some serious issues that , again, are core issues that cant easily be fixed at this stage. couple that with what you term 'a bit expensive' an early access game thats over double the price it should be and the bigger picture becomes clearer. it litterally says this in the steam early access documentation Early Access is a place for games that are in a playable alpha or beta state, are worth the current value of the playable build, and that you plan to continue to develop for release. Is it worth 50e if they do nothing else to it. No, then it shouldent be that price, and in its current state it shouldent even be on steam. The fact it is shows its a money grab, and with T2 rolling back development on everything, and KSP2 failing at 'launch' the future is bleak. Aside from the youtubers that need ksp for their channel and people here denying the issues, the people i know returned it, because as someone sort of mentioned above why pay 50 for a game that is in such a state that they will have to drop the price and by then it might be decent.
  9. i would appreciate of you not make personal attacks like that. i dont know what actually happened in the room, i do recognise the specific physics bug thats causing the framerate issue, it was a mods interaction that would cause it . A specific bug from ksp thats in ksp2 when the new one turned on the same thing that modd did. plus the same memory leak killing saves that was in ksp1...... id bet the farm theres ksp code in there. never mind that if there was actually no code in there it would be the dumbest buisness move ever, why remake whats already there. this is take 2 after all.
  10. they didnt start from scratch there was a full game that they have taken large sections of code from. i know both what they said and what actually happened. they where 8 months pregnant going into this. thats like saying a new cod game was started from scratch.
  11. you lost me on that last one. the first part, i had all those problems in the first 2/3 hours of playing across 3 pc's. i left the armosphere once! the 2060 and 4070 are my current builds i play games on the 4090 is one i had there for someone else, all ran crap same bugs across all platforms, theres also both windows 10 and 11 in there no difference. 9 couples do make a baby in a month if one couple was 8 months pregnant when they started the timer. a full game and a mod for everything they advertised, mods that are far better in most ways. Thats where they started, with the game already existing. true, and in the eu theres precident that if an eula contains something thats illeagal the whole thing is void. But it speaks to the company. they arent trying to make a great game and give everyone the same experiennce, they are trying to get as much as possible from as many as possible. also this boilerplate eula was only updated recently and hadent been changed in years. fromt the other games, so although its 'boilerplate' they changed it with ksp2 specifically in mind
  12. that was the day 1 price on cyberpunk 36,99euro and battlefield offered a preorder. for a fully working game. and as for the other part.... well yeah, thats what the company thinks too "who cares about the players if we are happy" not sure if you saw, but im a massive kerbal fan, thousands of hours, multiple modded installs, and i spent a fortune on my big rigs so it would be the best for this game going with lastes gen I) over threadripper because unities physics engine runs on a single core so i9 is faster that a 20k$ threadripper for this game. i made a new youtube account, got dedicated recording hardware etcetc, and the got the game on day 1 hour 1 of release to start a whole new channel making kerbal video series on the new game. that was my plan, but then this... and trhe fanyboys that are supporting a company that did this. Ironically in the process making sure they never get the game thats promised becase as with every big tripple a game with major starting glitches, they dont get fixed because it will take the dev's time away from making the shineys that people buy to ass more money into the shareholders pockets.
  13. is there gameplay ? seriously? i couldent see it behind when the ships kept falling appart, the repeated crashes, the 15 fps a corrupt save in the first 20 minutes, vab glitching etc etc.... my favourite one was when the rocket fellappart and landed on its side and the kraken started dragging it all over the place and the game became unresponsive and wouldent quit even when ctrlaltdeling it.... i played kerbal when it was released after 6 months, these guys have had YEARS and are building on an already completed game, and still this is what they deam 50euros worth of game. battlefield 4 cost me 23 quid. cyberpunk was 35. and the devs where not open. not 1 single time, and no where on steam did it say if you have the the lates gen pc will kerbal run like ****, no where did they mention the craft just falling appar, nor the broken saves, or that every craft you launch will get klanged. what they said, is 'we know its unfinnished but we are playing it all the time in the office and want you to be playing it too', which leads me to ask what in the fornicating bagobo si their defination of playing. I was expecting the fillowing things, Buy the game (by the eula you dont own the game, an actual thing then shoved in there that is illegal in the eu, uk and several states) make some ships (the vab bugged on me several times) launch some ships (some launched some didnt at all 1 just hard crashed) fly ship to space (the floopy noodle kracken or the dissassembly kraken shot that horse in the face) repete with second ship, and connect some together ( see above dead horse's grey matter) and lastly but not least fir it to run at a rate that dosent cause me a migrane ( that flickering cause one that made me wish i was said horse witht he noggin ventelation) So you tell me, do you think that was too much to ask from a sequal made by a tripple a company charging full tripple a price?
  14. not sure what part you mean, the steam documentation for early access, the 3 computers that are 1 i5 and 2 i9's 11th and 12 gen, or the fact the fps on the 2060 super is 2 frames slower than the 4070ti, which its self is the same as the 4090. that fps cross 3 systems, with physics issues on unity shows a core problem that isint gpu related, not for the most part. and if its been there since their pre alpha and is still there years down the line that shows a lack of knowledge, hoppefully. Because the other side is they know where the bug is and havent fixed it fallout 76 style. If you want more info study unity. But that line in the EULA about owning anything made for the game, i.e. they can steal anyones mod code. I got no interest in helping a company pull a WotC on their fan base.
  15. Im not sure about your defination of reasonable. we arent talking a small dev team from a startup on a 10quid game, we are talkign a real dev team from a AAA gaming overlord charging full price 50e on day 1. bugs sure, but 15 fps on a 4070ti, and unlaunchable rockets because they come appart or bend like wet pasta, no! Especially when they did that 3 years ago on the first game play teaser from the pre alpha. 3 years to fix that.... Thats not acceptable lack of features, sure acceptable if the priceing was lower, but paying full price. Immagine byuing a car and they said, ok its full price but you dont get seats or a steering wheel until later after we made them, but feel free to ddrive it now. "A state in the development in a project." pencil on paper qualifies as this, i dont think you mean that. for your info, ksp in its current state dosent actually meet the STEAM requiremtns for an early access game. e.g. these 2 points below 2. Do not make specific promises about future events. For example, there is no way you can know exactly when the game will be finished, that the game will be finished, or that planned future additions will definitely happen. Do not ask your customers to bet on the future of your game. Customers should be buying your game based on its current state, not on promises of a future that may or may not be realized. 6. Don't launch in Early Access without a playable game. If you have a tech demo, but not much gameplay yet, then it’s probably too early to launch in Early Access. If you are trying to test out a concept and haven't yet figured out what players are going to do in your game that makes it fun, then it's probably too early. You might want to start by giving out keys to select fans and getting input from a smaller and focused group before you release in Early Access. At a bare minimum, you will need a video trailer that shows gameplay. Even if you are asking for feedback that will impact gameplay, customers need something to start with in order to give informed feedback and suggestions. You are paying for what is there, not for what is coming. and on the 3 seperate high end rigs i have avaliable its not playable. The people paying for this are just making sure that ksp will be full of crap content behind paywalls like every other take 2 game releasd in recent years. oh and that fps issue is a big signal of whats to come because if they havent figured whats wrong by now.... its such a core problem they havent figured out but funny for those that know where the issue is.
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