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  1. there seems to be a bug where the cuda engine always has its effects on even b4 activating it.
  2. What mods are you using(vessel mover?)? i dont get these bugs, and ive had the same kerbal game open for over a day? so it must be in something else. do you have any planet modifaction or structures? and do you ahve trajectories? ive jsut learned that was beasting my computer during reentry
  3. sorry mate, this may be true now, and you may be right, however all i know is seeing the same post about kerbalisim breakins stuff to do with USI mks a few years ago(2016), i belive at the time it was to do with changing how the converters worked. Im sure its a good mod, and appoligies if i was inaccurate, all i know it pathfinder plays well with others and kerbalisim had compatibility issues 4 years ago so i was trying to point the person back to the kerbalisim thread for answers.
  4. where is the deffination of the equipment resource located in the files? i was looking for volumen ammounts for putting into parts not yet compatable with WBI, but also im just curious of the structure of the mod. kerbalisim isint really compatable with alot of other mods as it breaks some of the stock systems in the way it implaments stuff, and the developer never changed this...
  5. i use to be a big user of the mks gear and slowly swapped it all out. my reccomendation would be to bin USI ls and change to snacks (same maker as pathfinder) or goto TACLS if you want more complexity both of them work a hell of a lot better in my experience performance wise. and pulling out all the mks gear reduced alot of the explosions i got and part drifting when loading into bases. also if you experience save corruption or glitches whenr you cant save, thats usually kerbal alarm clock thats the culprate. And just a random tip, but Knes and tundra exploration (spacex) are both compa
  6. of course they will! aside from the stuff switching (fuel, etc), we all know how well itll work under current managment :p one day ill make a helicopter that wont explode.....
  7. Lookin at the pre alpha footage it just looks reskinned with some more parts. so im assuming your mods will just slot in:...
  8. welllllllll to extend the word... so i just saw the kerbal 2 trailer. so @Angel-125 do you recon you will have some free time to convert your mods for the new game in about a year? :p not lookin for an answer, i think i know how much work would go into reskinning stuff, however if you are at some point, get a patreon up, im sure im not the only one that will send you some beers! and i just saw this vid and am trying to make it in buffalo...
  9. you got any logs? see below on how to get them. basically start up make the issue happen then close and copy the log files. then linky linky...
  10. you might want to pop that on the hyper edit thread and provide logs for when it happens, it sounds like a vessel spawn issue...
  11. so far thats all these rebotics parts do for me.... i agree with everything said here defecding squad, and have bought the dlc. my only grip is its not very good. so far stuff ive made is farr less reliable than IR. mostly cracken attacks, 3 game crashes, and one death of the full pc, seriouslt i hard crash i needed to reset the battery for. im all for new dlc, its cool, and you should support good games devs, but this mod isint very good. i would have thought when squad did what one modder did, they would make it far better....
  12. got the same problem her with a fresh install, changed templates to the foundary and no workshop button, tried the factory same. reinstalled and rechecked, same.
  13. so theres some serious conflicts with this and the new rebotic parts. i was making simple crafts and on launching it was kicking me back to ksc, and sometime on load the load box wouldent go away after the craft loaded. id gone through all my mods systematically, and this is the one causing it. im sorry i dont have logs but heres the stock plus dlc craft that caused the issue https://kerbalx.com/SpaceKadet/Mars-Fuel-Drone
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