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  1. no they didnt. , AND the 'or at least in the eu' statment shows you literally know nothing about how the legal systems operate in the EU. AGAIN, i know what im talking about, im not going under what i googled to win an argument. as you keep quoting things THAT ARE NOT THE LAW!
  2. Im not a lawyer, but i did take a company to court over their eula, and they had a forced arbritration clause. So ive literally had first hand experience of this exact issue. Thats the reason i quoted the precidents in the US that nullify arbitration agreements in an updated eula. This is why i put up what i did, and also why i know that people googeling articles to support their oppinion are not only wrong, but show little understanding of the base law and are just googeling articles to support their stance. Like linking an article from america when talking about e.u. Law.
  3. Im sorry but if you are in the US or EU your fundamental understanding of how the law works it wrong, appoligies if your talking about somewhere else like asuming your US because your you kept mentioning the New york convention, even thought it dosent apply to eula or any digital contract. the law dosent prevent this in either of these large chunks or the world. e.g. gamestation deciding to collect souls as a joke, but still in a eula. Yes it would get trashed in the courts if they ever did try to take peoples computers, literally because of the eulas tenious grasp under law, but they can still write it in there, just like t2 has done. i dont know if your just googeling to win an argument, but alot of what your saying is wrong, and not from accurate, or fully understood sources. The long and short of it is, the new EULA's binding arbritation, is not valid in europe , and because of prescidents, (im mention on page one or two, ) you could fight it in america. but because of the legal system there, itll probably cost you. If your in the US, the opting out is a good idea if you notice it, but if you dont thats not the be all and end all.
  4. sorry let me help you "contrary to or forbidden by law, especially criminal law." is the defination of illeagal, the arbritration section is contratary to EU law, and no, most people arent agreeing to this because (yet again) you have to agree to the changes, and clicking a box isint an aknowlaged agreement (sorry for the spelling, im too lazy to turn my settings back to english for just thie)
  5. Space Kadet

    [1.7.x] Pathfinder - Space Camping & Geoscience

    if you are using the parts with MKS you want to be using pathfinder in the CRP mode as thats the resources used with MKS
  6. i explained above read a page or two back again, the eula is deemed unfair, and under EU law, it prevents contracts that are unfair, as you have already purchaced the sorfware you are entilted to the updates, for them to enforce a new EULA it would first have to be fair under the EU law, and secondly they would have to release it as a seperate product, e.g. ksp 2 you can still buy a product that has unfair terms, they just arent worth the paper they are priinted on. under EU contract lay they are just ignored. BUT in this specific case the EULA update wasent informed to the customers properly (explained a few pages back) so the new eula comes under the defination of 'hidden terms' meaning literally its worthless. heres your citations this time
  7. the making history mod was in the works before T" took over, and the reskins arent much work given how some mod makers crank out better ones in their spare time. GooD analogy, in the Uk at least the only people that buy harlies are mid life crisis muppets, because they melt in the rain, I once saw a 5 year old harleys frame so rusted they had to replace it, it couldent be welded! but alas ill go back to KSP.... oh wait, i cant save anything because the save game bug has hit me again where i cant save anythin because it keeps invalidating save files... im sure itll be fixed soon, its only been happening since..... As for the topic, if your in the EU, the EULA is meaningless, if your in the US get a good lawyer, if your in russia, get a shotgun incase they send people to your door like they did with the GTA modders.....
  8. Ok i grt my sarcasm might be hard to read through the internet so let me explain. Take two has done all that, they treatened mod makers, in some cases with visits to their house, even when they had no legal footing, the have sued players for bad reviews under the terms of this very eula template, and once more, this eula is not legal. Its copy pasted into every game to screw you financially if you ever want to sue them, e.g. If they ever take your credit card details without your permission and put them on the internet for someone to steal.... and again this has happened. But under this agreement you wouldent be allowed to tell anyone. That literally steps on your first amendment fight to free speach in the US. i can speak with authority on these as they are well documented. As for agreeing that a company is evil. Companies are people, some good, some bad, take 2 has demonstraited it cant be trusted, so they dont get the benifit of the doubt. And finally that previous point about 'they havent done it yet so they never will', thats the nieve part. Everything hasent hapened untill it dose! If your example was true we wouldent need laws because the universe wouldent exist, as if nothing new ever happened or nothing ever changed then nothing new would ever exist. now i know im hammering this pretty hard but its because people like you are the problem. Take 2 is literally doing somthing illeagal curtailing your rights AND YOUR DEFENDING THEM! If i sold you a computer then 2 years later rewrote the selling agreement without your knowledge to say that it allowed me to watch you and your family through your webcam, that would be disgusting, if it also included a abritration bind that would be insane, but thats whats literally going on here, the EULA allowed the collection of data. That could include webcam data and microphone recordings in the form of data like the hauwei phones have been found to be doing, using the same template! I know seperate company, but same data usage clause in their eula!
  9. Actually unity already dose this. And yes its illegal. Because you have to opt out afterwards. So yes under EU law at this very moment KSP is classed as spyware. Thats not only incorrect but very nieve. Your basing this on the fact take 2 has nvere bullied players, or broken the law before? There are several judgements against them for take 2, they have bullied and threatened users and mod makers. And RIGHT NOW unity that kerbal is built in automatically harvests machine data without disclosing what its taking and if you want to opt out you have to goto the unity website, making it illegal in europe! the only advantage is the EULA isint legal in europe either, but still its taking system data without your permission in a way that could be exploited to harvest other data. And the arbratation clause for the US dosent mean your on a one to one bases, your still against the same legal team, but now because its a sealed arbretration they can keep all details secret. And stop eople from filing class actions. This isint helping your rights, in america its literally stamping on your first ammendment.
  10. actually it wouldent add any noticible time, as your already gonna get bogged down in legal processes. there might be an extra step, but in the end taking take 2 to court it wont really change the cost, as for if they went after you, it would add a step for them thats easily dealt with in the US because just juping to court would cancel the arbratation. and the fun part is in the EU this is actually an illeagal contract, so they would start off with a judgement against them.
  11. im kind of the same at the moment, i cant get the motivation to go through my youtube save and figure whats causing me to not be able to save anymore, but i have been making some ships in another save mainly with opt. just to begin with a was looking for end cap parts, like a flatish and pointed ones for the large cargo bays, i hav a design but it looks crap with all the spare holes in it :p
  12. so an odd question, but is this back just done now, no more updates from anyone? i whave been thinking of new parts but dont know even how to get started making them.
  13. so there is a big point being missed here, eula's in the current incarnation are actually not exactly legally binding. in europe and america all it takes to say you didnt agree to it would be reasnable cause to show you hadent understood that what was in it. this could be in the form of the thousands of stories, jokes, and examples of people just clicking yes to an agreement without reading it. for instance the fact it took years for anyone to report that rockstars Eula once said they owned your soul if you agreed, so this company actually knows people dont read their eula, therefor they know that you cant be held accountable. second is the fact they have massivly changed the eula from the origional, so the argument could also be made that you read and agreed to the first one, but not to any consiquential additions. this way there is actual precident for in the US, the case Rodman v. Safeway, Inc. actually set the precident that without them notifying you personally you dont have to abide by their terms. and just clicking on an"agree or you aint playing our game" isint enough to show you agree with the terms. now on a reperate case in the US Douglas v. Talk America the court actually said that parties must consent to the new terms. so between these two cases you have presedent that says you must be personally notified and that just clicking a box saying agree isint enough to prove you have agreed to all the terms and conditions. this means that the new take 2 EULA isint legally binding, unless they can prove you have read the new one! now if you live in europe there is actually a law prohibiting unfair contract terms, that basically means they cant change the terms on something you have bought. Kerbal isint a servace its a product sold on hard copy, their for regardless of future updates to this game, the new EULA means nothing. so forinstance, if they put in a data harvesting thing in an update to gain information about your system. providing you bought the game before the TAKE 2 eula was active then they cant do that to you because you bought the game prior to this happening. Its akin to taking your car in for a servace and it coming out only being able to runn on a special fuel, you ddint ask for that change, so they cant change something you bought without your EXPRESS permission. again, clicking a box they is known no one reads is not binding. but on top of that there is a burden of proof in the EU that essentually overturns EULA's because they cant prove you have read it. essentualy it is that a contract must have a signature, and clicking a box is not classed as an electronic signature. hope this helps you, and remember dont read the EULA :p its not worth the paper its printed on!!! see what i did there.
  14. This is still an ongoing problem and ive currently got 2 saves that i cant progress because of it! In 1.6.1