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  1. well dont i feel dumb toggle ship labels. its right there in the controls. i looked through them multiple times and somehow never clued in that it was a ship label..... thank you
  2. hey gentlemen im having an issue when trying to do rescue missions or during docking. ive got the target set as target but when im coming into said target its not highlighted so finding it is literally a shot in the dark. i am managing to complete the missions with the navball but would really like the help of this visual aid. is it a setting somewhere i have to turn on? ive searched but cant find anything. recently came into the light from console but there it was just always on i guess. any help on the subject would be greatly appreciated
  3. thanks very much, just switched over from console and have no idea what im doing lol
  4. pardon my noobness but is there a way to get an older version for 1.2.2?
  5. This guy is a comedic genius
  6. Holy excrements lol stepping it up this week, me likey
  7. I find this to be an extremely positive sign. I'm very hopeful we'll get a port that does the game justice.
  8. The first one was a challenge this one is just show what you've made at some point in time. Unfortunate but fun to look at all the same
  9. After seeing all these amazing works of art my station is truly an embarrassment but I'll be damned if I wasted 7 hours for nothing so here's Fhloston Paradise orbiting minmus, room for 147 kerbal
  10. So this week's the challenge is to share a space station you've built at some point? That's pretty weak
  11. Well I tried desperately to be the only console guy to complete this challenge but after several attempts to just get into orbit around moho I finally managed it only to be hit by the corrupt save...... f#@%!.
  12. Love how detailed the dev notes have been of late, really nice to get that little peek into the inner workings. The pics are a nice treat. Really looking forward to getting my hands on those new parts P.s. I for one am happy to pay for kerbal dlc keep em coming and I'll keep buying
  13. Thanks for the console updates. Really appreciate any small tidbits we get, it's been a long wait to get my hands on a build that will not corrupt. Any chance you could confirm that the text size is being changed? Please don't forget we are sitting on our couches ànd not on top of a monitor. Keep up the good work, really really looking forward to getting my hands on a version that does the game justice
  14. Well it's only been a month and a half, it's not like we paid for something that doesn't work. These notes are awesome though, really like the direction ksp as a whole is taking. Only hope we see some of these on console eventually
  15. I can't imagine them releasing in more regions until they can make it work without corrupting your data or losing your save file
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