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  1. Could my name be changed to Kelly Roadkill, please? Thanks a lot.
  2. @Tyko, thanks for the feedback and the photo! Well, at least the proposed design holds true for turbojets, right? )
  3. Hello, dear colleagues. I am thinking about making an addon with fuel lines like these: Ideally, is should procedurally route its path on and around the craft when the player is choosing the endpoint placement. But I'm totally new to KSP modding, fairly new to Unity, somewhat familiar with C#, and (thankfully) more or less experienced with a couple other languages. It seems like there are enough comprehensive intros to KSP modding around the Internets, so I'm going to start lurking asap, but at now I'd like to know if this kind of procedurality during part placement is possible at all. And, of course, it'd be helpful to know if you consider the idea interesting. Thank you.
  4. I have both installed, and I haven't seen any problems yet (although I am yet to try the latest version of ReCoupler). I'll report later when I have time to run more tests.
  5. Same here - a single water sound occasionally plays when switching to a craft or KSC. It isn't really annoying that much, just odd. I'll attach logs if needed. Plugin ver. 2.3 (through CKAN), KSP 1.2.2 x64, build id = 01622 (through Steam), Windows 8.1 64bit.
  6. Great, looking forward to more updates! That mission went smooth, albeit a little fragmented. Also, here's my mod list. Seems to work together with ReCoupler without any more problems (though I haven't tested all the stuff from Near Future * and other part packs yet). Also I've just discovered the development thread, so I'll post there if I find any more quirks. Thanks again.
  7. I've been waiting for years for this mod! Thanks a lot, keep up the great work! P.S. Here's my attempt at making an Impact!-aimed vessel. A lander, 6 impactors and an orbiter, all in one package. Curiously, the separation didn't go quite as planned. I was planning to activate decouplers by hand, to carefully liberate the impactors one by one, after the lander is gone. But when I started to remove the upper-left tri-coupler by activating one of the three decouplers (thinking that tri-coupler will stay in its place for a while, being held by two other decouplers), then, for some reason, two whole columns of impactors have detached from the base (lower-right tri-coupler) on their own. Since I was building the vessel from top to bottom, I assume that the column I separated was the one actually holding the vessel tree together, while the other two columns were glued to the base by ReCoupler algorithm, which seemed to decide it's about time to cut the connection. Or something like that. I hope that was helpful.
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