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  1. The AI received some tweaks @Box of Stardust, including changing pitch ki to steer ki, and adjusting the value range, so at the very least the AI Pilot modules will need to be retweaked.
  2. Happy new year!

    1. Lisias


      May 2019 be the most kerbal year ever! =D

    2. Wildcat111


      Yes! Happy new year to you too!

  3. dundun92

    WW2 BAD-T IV BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    that actually was intentional, though i probably shouldnt have done that. in my testing, the enemy didn't seem to evade the fire. plus, i wanted to keep mass down.
  4. dundun92

    KSP WW2 Dogfight Competition [1.6.x]

    Actually, no, I do need to clarify that. The procedural wing with the lowest mass-strength is used. And, using pwings as fuselage parts is allowed, and actually what im expecting, because its the only way to get realistic HP to Weight ratios.
  5. dundun92

    KSP WW2 Dogfight Competition [1.6.x]

    also, here is my entry: https://kerbalx.com/dundun92/ID-1-Mk1
  6. dundun92

    WW2 BAD-T IV BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    Also, maybe tallyhawk vs snowpiercer?
  7. dundun92

    WW2 BAD-T IV BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    also, incase anyone is interested, im making a ww2 competition of my own this is a more realism-oriented competition, and is a continuous submission contest.
  8. This is a KSP WW2 fighter aircraft competition, inspired by the BAD-T competition. REQUIRED MODS: FAR BDArmrory AviatorArsenal, with a custom patch by @SuicidalInsanity Patch: https://github.com/SuicidalInsanity/AviatorArsenal/releases/tag/1.0 AJE(Advanced Jet Engine) SXT or AirplanePlus(for propeller engines) AJE Extended configs(for AJE compatibility of AirplanePlus/SXT engines) OTHER ALLOWED(but not required)MODS B9 Procedural wings: Procedural parts: Adjustable Landing gear, if it works in 1.6(testing needed) RULES: Aircraft are divided into two categories: Light Fighters, and Heavy Fighters. Light Fighters have a maximum of 100 weapons points, and 2500 engine points. Heavy Fighters have a maximum of 100 weapons points, and 4000 engine points. They also must have two engines. They also have a minimum empty weight of 5t. Points system/weapons rules: Your available weapon/engine points is the maximum value multiplied by the lowest mass-strength multiplier found on any of your aircrafts wing parts.(whether it is used as an actual wing, or fuselage). Mass-strength multiplier values over 1 count as 1. Cannons(any weapon with a caliber 15mm or above) cost their exact caliber in mm, and have a max engagement range of 600 meters or under. Machine guns(any weapon with a caliber below 15mm) cost 75% of their caliber in mmm, and have a max engagement range of 1000 meters or under. Engines cost their listed WET horsepower. OTHER RULES: 50 part count limit. Only AJE compatible piston engines allowed Only BAD-T weapons No turrets No reaction wheels, or RCS. At least 1 kerbal. No adjusting BDA armor values. LEADERBOARD RULES: This is a King Of The Hill- style leaderboard. 5 leaderboard slots are maintained. Battles are 2v2, best out of three rounds. Planes spawn at the KSC and Island Airfield. You may enter as many times as you like, but only two of your planes can be in the queue/rankings simultaneously. LEADERBOARD 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Also, if you would be interested in helping to run battles, just give me a PM.
  9. dundun92

    WW2 BAD-T IV BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    In hindsight, 2 30mms or 3 23mms probably would have been a better armament. Great battle anyway!
  10. Oh, cool, 1k rep. I never noticed. :P

  11. dundun92

    WW2 BAD-T IV BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    If you look a couple pages back, you'll find the links for our designs. Yea the deltas a great plane otherwise.