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  1. https://github.com/dundun92/BDArmory/releases/latest Version for 1.8.
  2. Also, ive found a bug with AIM-9s in the 1.3.1 BDA, i will be releasing a version for 1.8 based on 1.3.2 soon
  3. Yes multiple entries are allowed, just dont go overboard.
  4. And ive updated the BDA with the tweaks, same link, just redownload
  5. Actually, could you do it for the dev branch, sry for not specifying. NVM got it fixed now
  6. Its wet, including weapons and fuel Yes its supposed to be locked forward, forgot to add that sure,, im assuming youll make a pull request?
  7. Alright updated BDA is up, also has a new feature, dynamic steer damper, read github description for details https://github.com/dundun92/BDArmory/releases/tag/v1.3.1-92.1
  8. I did it because the TVC in stock engines is a bit excessive, plus it makes it more interesting when planes dont depend on TVC for their pitch authority, something i see a lot in FAR designs. I may consider allowing limited TVC, but id have to set per-engine limits if thats the case we could probably go to 1.8, ill prob run a recompile for 1.8 just to be safe tho.
  9. Nope, no GLOC. And sry forgot to put gun restrictions in, should be now As for thrust limiters I don't see why not, as long as the total thrust is below I'm fine And I meant 1.7.x, not 1.8 because BDA isn't for 1.8 yet.
  10. Welcome to the FAR fightout, a BDArmory + FAR gunfighter competition for KSP 1.8.1. It consists of 2v2 battles with 4th/5th gen aircraft. REQUIRED MODS: Ferram Aerospace Research BDArmory* NOTE, the link is to a custom build of BDA I made with various tweaks and enhancements, and new AI settings. You can still use stock BDA, you'll just have less stuff to tweak. RealisticWeapons -- A custom weapons pack that adds new missiles/radars with much more realistic ranges and capabilities. ALLOWED MODS AirplanePlus B9 Procedural wings RULES 1. Fighters are in two classes, light and heavy. Light fighters can have up to 6 missiles, heavy fighters up to 10, any combination. Only guns allowed are 1xM61, 2xM230(locked forward), or 1xGAU-8. DO NOT use the default BDA missiles, use the AIM-7M, AIM-9M, and AIM-120B from RealisticWeapons; they show up in utility. Also its recommended that you use the radars from RealisticWeapons as their detection range is much further. 2. Manned aircraft only. And no lawn chairs. 3. MINIMUM weight at launch of 15t if your plane has over 150kn of thrust per the in-game DV stats, this also means classification as a heavy fighter. If your airplane has less than 150kn of thrust, then 7.5t is the minimum, and its a light fighter. 4. Up to two engines.(except the saturn ALF-31 engines that comes with BDA. only one of those) And no thrust vectoring(disable on capable engines). 5. No excessive wing clipping(minor clipping for aesthetics perfectly OK, just dont take it overboard), and no clipping resource-containing parts into each other. 6. And please no multi wing airplanes(e.g, biplane, triplanes) 7. Light Fighters use up to 126 total countermeasures, heavy fighters up to 168(not as in CM boxes, but how much CM is in the boxes). No ECM. 8. 75 part count absolute limit. However, try to keep it around 50 (or even less). It makes it alot easier for my PC :). 9. Please don't take competitiveness too far. Try to make your planes semi-realistic. I am not discouraging well-built designs and creativity; I am trying to discourage unrealistic/unreasonable designs that technically fit the above rules, but use their unrealistic design to get unrealistic performance.(for those familiar with BAD T III and the Wasp mk3.3, you know what I mean.) Remember, we are here to have fun. 10. No decouplers. The whole plane must battle from takeoff onwards. 11. You may tweak the AI pilot settings however you want, but the Max G cannot exceed 10. 12. All editing must be done in-game. No text editing the .craft files. Rules on dogfights: 1. Fights are conducted in 2v2 format, with the BDArmory AI competition mode, at a range of 80km 2. Other than the engine startup, all procedures are automated. 3. A plane is considered "killed" if A. Any essential modules are destroyed (AI pilot, Weapons Manager, command module) B. it is unable to fly under AI control without crashing. 4. Best out of three fights wins. 5. The leaderboard consists of 3 spots, and a competitor starts with battling the #3 design, and works its way up. 6. Fights are run on the latest BDArmory of my custom build. Also, remember to have fun!
  11. Heres the release version of my custom BDA. All the stuff to mess with is mentioned in github: https://github.com/dundun92/BDArmory/releases
  12. Also it looks like Ferram4 has joined us again It may have been partly due to how the point system works, for example my entry had 62 spare points, not enough for 3 23mm, and if im gonna use 2 ill just use 30mms. Also 30mms really shrek stuff, theyre one of the best IMO
  13. Heres mine(pic is slightly old, current mark has 2 30mms): https://kerbalx.com/dundun92/TallyHawk-MkXXVIa Really fast, climbs and accelerates very well, and excellent agility. Here are some 2v2s against the IA-23.
  14. The Tallyhawk runs with a steer Ki of 1, damping of 2, and factor of 5(or maybe 5.5), and its very aggressive in roll and pitch.