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  1. That'd really be helpful. Stock cockpits are really heavy. For some reason the AI puts very little priority on obeying the limit. Its been an issue with my FAR caft, esp high-performance fighters. even with a 7g "limit" its hitting 12+ Gs.
  2. @SuicidalInsanitythx for the reminder, i will try to submit something(or two things :P)by the 9th.
  3. question, exactly where in the code is the CM deployment sequence. Im trying to set a max range for CM deployment, and perhaps custom CM deployment sequences based on threat type and range.
  4. Just a test battle with my design. Current armament is 2x 23mm, and 1x 30mm. Definitely will experiment with 12.7 mm MG+Cannon tho :
  5. @SuicidalInsanity Your BDA fork has a BDArmory.dll in the gamedata/bdarmory folder. BDA wont work until its removed
  6. is this still a thing? id love to enter.
  7. DELETED @Box of Stardust, @panzerknoef, just run the A-10, not the B series
  8. I actually had that same problem with the Du-16, except way worse (it would often plough into the ground rolling wildly); the only solution was to disable roll control on the Big-S control surfaces and the canards.
  9. Congratulations @Lo Var Lachland! ON TO 5 YEARS!
  10. Yo! BDA has changed quite a bit. It wont take too long to get used to though
  11. @Box of Stardust @panzerknoef, replacement for Du-13: https://kerbalx.com/dundun92/Du-15-Blk-5