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  1. dundun92

    Decent joystick recommendations?

    The T16000m is literally the best-value joystick/throttle for ur money (I have one btw). The joystick has the same sensors as the HOTAS Warthog(meaning the same accuracy), and the throttle has an abundance of buttons. A total of 18 buttons on the throttle alone. Also, the springs are just right, not to stiff, but not ridiculous loose. One thing though, the buttons feel quite cheap, and don't make a clicking noise when pressed.
  2. R.I.P Delta II rocket

    February 1989-September 2018.

    It was my favorite rocket... you will be missed.

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    2. Earthlinger


      What type of logic is that? These machines have sentimental value!


    3. HansonKerman


      sad violin solo (my fav instrument)

    4. Kernel Kraken

      Kernel Kraken

      *Plays despacito on the world's smallest Alexa*


  3. dundun92

    Say a phrase, and complete it

    red-ish Who exactly added ____ ________?
  4. dundun92


    WOW. Epic journey. I probbably would have quickloaded 100 times by now lol. great effort!
  5. dundun92

    The FAR Fightout: BDA Gunfighters!

    Actually, the AI(in my testing) has been pulling over G (11-15). You probably need to upp the steer factor, or the mac AoA.
  6. dundun92

    The FAR Fightout: BDA Gunfighters!

    @ZLM-Masterhas an entry, so do i.
  7. dundun92

    The FAR Fightout: BDA Gunfighters!

    A big nitpick, IRL the pilots would G-LOC.( G-force induced loss of consciousness ) Really nice!
  8. dundun92

    The FAR Fightout: BDA Gunfighters!

    I take it cost overruns too?
  9. dundun92

    The FAR Fightout: BDA Gunfighters!

    Since a month ago. BDA had an update.

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    2. Earthlinger
    3. Cheif Operations Director

      Cheif Operations Director

      Or someone is pranking you lol

      Nice job

    4. Earthlinger


      Not a very effective prank though... :D

  11. dundun92

    The FAR Fightout: BDA Gunfighters!

    No, I still wouldn't want that. But, I have decided to allow the GAU because its heavy. And its ammo is heavy. Which is certainly a significant disadvantage. Plus, its ROF is less than the Vulcans anyway.
  12. dundun92

    The FAR Fightout: BDA Gunfighters!

    What do u mean?
  13. IMHO pretty much all the guns are greatly underpowered. But I have noticed that heavy caliber cannons are too underpowered compared to light caliber guns.
  14. Did you click and hold the mouse button? Nope, missiles require no lock to fire. With or without mouse.
  15. dundun92

    The FAR Fightout: BDA Gunfighters!

    I banned it in order to force people to make well-designed aircraft. TVC allows cheaply designed aircraft to compete competitively. Besides, planes can easily recover from flat spins. Even my aerodynamically unstable aircraft can recover from flatspins under AI control alone. Without TVC. Also, TVC isn't a substitute for good designing. For example, the USAF did tets with a thrust vectoring F-16, and decided that it wasn't practical. Why? The F-16 was so well designed, that TVC didn't substantially increase maneuverability. The only maneuverability increase was at very low speeds (where aerodynamic surfaces do poorly), and according to modern EM (energy-maneuverability) theory, you shouldn't be at low speeds in a dogfight, as your instantaneous/sustained turn rate is lower. Also, when the X-31 participated in dogfight tests against the F-15/16, the F-15/16s had the better kill ratio! Again, the proper design of those two (low wing loading, high TWR, low induced drag) allowed them to overcome the thrust vectoring X-31, which had none of those characteristics. That's also why those ridiculous Su-35 stunts are useless in combat; they can only be performed at low speeds, where you shouldn't be. This is also why F-22 pilots have been beaten by other pilots in simulated dogfights more than you would expect. The F-22 doesn't perform much better at high subsonic speeds (where you should be dogfighting) than its competitors. Only at low speeds is its advantage really apparent.