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    Doing absolutely nothing
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  6. ... Well, I knida expected that to happen...
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  8. I get your point. I actually wasn't anticipating command seat entries lol. But I think I will allow it. And, yes, launch clamps are allowed below 100m.
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    Banned because your post has none.
  10. Great! I know, I should have started this off, but ive been busy lately.
  11. @Box of Stardust, vens stock revamp is not allowed, right? (It modifies stock parts)
  12. I already downloaded them. The Du-4A, overall, has the edge over the PEGASys.
  13. Another one @Box of Stardust https://kerbalx.com/dundun92/Du-4A
  14. With the recent appearance of many juno challenges, I decided to make my own. This challenge has two leaderboards. You can enter in both, or just one. 1. You must sustain the highest altitude possible with 1 juno powered airplane. "Sustain" means staying within 20m of the altitude for 30 seconds. 2. You must reach a certain altitude as quickly as possible(e.g, time-to-climb). There are several altitude goals for this one. The time is recorded from 100m up. RULES: 1. Obviously, the only propulsion method allowed is a single juno. No RCS thrusters either. 2. A video (or some other definite proof) is required. 3. No mods allowed(except autopilot mods) 3.1. Mods that allowed easier placement of Kerbals in command seats are allowed, but can only be used for that purpose. 4. No cheats, no hacks, no text editing, and no exploiting bugs/glitches/krakens. 4.1. No launch clamps, or any device that elevates the craft above 100m ASL. 4.2. Launch clamps are tolerated below 100m ASL. 5. Craft must be manned! 6. Have fun! LEADERBOARD Sustained altitude: 1. 15250m @CrashyMcCrashFace 2. 15000m @TheFlyingKerman 3. 14889m @Vanamonde 4. 14740m @neistridlar 5. 10000m @Andetch Time-to-climb To 2000m: 15s @swjr-swis/@CrashyMcCrashFace To 5000m: 29s @swjr-swis/ @CrashyMcCrashFace To 8000m: 43s @CrashyMcCrashFace To 10000m: 52s @CrashyMcCrashFace To 15000m: 1:23s @CrashyMcCrashFace To 20000m