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  1. dundun92

    Editing own posts older than one hour nerved away?

    Uhh... I can still edit old posts.
  2. dundun92

    Im freaking out right now Help ASAP

  3. dundun92

    Windows 10 or 7? Which is better?

    Win 7 for life! The UI is sooo much better. And it's much more stable. In the 3 yrs I've had my 7 laptop, it's never given me a BSOD, or any crashes for that matter. In comparison, @dundun93s 10 laptop has given numerous BSODs in it's lifetime. And, unlike what many say, I haven't found 1 compatibility issue by running 7.
  4. RELEASE 0.2.1 Tweaked IR missile performance. https://github.com/dundun92/KWS/releases/tag/0.2.1
  5. dundun92

    Samsung vs Apple.

    For me, MP isn't everything. For example, my Galaxy Ace Style has a camera with less mp than my old iphone 5. Yet, in night photography, spectral photography, and star photography, it outclasses the iPhone totally. Why? The iPhone packs tons of tiny pixels into a smaller chip. The Ace Style has less (but larger) pixels in a larger chip. Bigger pixels do better in low-light conditions, collecting much less noise. I rarely see noise with the Ace, but with the iPhone, I see noise in daylight occasionally. This is why a DSLR with a equivalent (or lower)MP than Point-and-shoots can still out-perform it in low-light conditions. DSLRS have huge CCD/CMOSs compared to point-and-shoots.
  6. dundun92

    Samsung vs Apple.

    Excuse me, but what phones other than the S9 have a variable-aperture lens? Also, we all must understand that different people use phones for different uses. Some only need basic internet, talk/text, and a simple camera. Others (me and 93 included) use games alot, need the best quality cameras, and maximum performance. If I didn't play games on mobile devices, I would be good for life with my Samsung Galaxy Ace Style. But I play games on phones, and right now, I'm not getting acceptable performance. Not to mention that I'm always running out of storage space. So we all have different requirements, and we must remember that.
  7. Exactly 3.4k rep!

    1. kerbiloid



  8. dundun92

    Don't Click This

    *ahem* if you don't mind, I'll just click on this...
  9. Right on your house seconds before you make this thread! Ha!
  10. Even after fiddling with the texture/render quality settings, it still doesn't work. Also, Anti-Aliasing is on "none", And vsync on "Every V-Blank", dunno if that will help.
  11. dundun92

    Who is the most significant person on the forum to you?

    I dunno... if I had to pick one, it'd be @Earthlinger though.
  12. dundun92

    The Astro-Imaging Thread

    Same setup as the last photo, but on the next night:
  13. dundun92

    The Astro-Imaging Thread

    Another jupiter one, no grs visible though:
  14. I've been in 3rd place twice actually.(Du-3, Du-1b), and the TFD was in first once. So we classify as veterans, right?
  15. @Box of Stardust, keep the Du-6S in.