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  1. Homedawgian

    KSP Weekly: The Alexandrian Astronomer

    Either way, keep it up Squad! Looking forward to giving you guys more money for when Making History comes out for consoles eventually!!
  2. I know the exact bug you are referring to with the shuttering. Close your game completely and reopen it and it will be fixed for a while.
  3. Homedawgian

    The Big Patch

    You know, I never thought of it that way. As terrifying as that prospect is, I think that’s good logic, sadly. I hope it’s not the case but it might be
  4. I’m right there with ya, bud. KSP is way too good of a game to be teased on us like this. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take yet another year. I’m pretty close to becoming dead inside
  5. Pure speculation here, but the controller presets weren’t necessarily tested in the same environment that we are using them in. They could be using a controller on a developer console/computer and that could have caused some issues to be missed entirely because of subtle differences in coding/software. They worked on this port for around a year and there were some pretty huge bugs that were found in a week or less of players actually playing the game. I’m giving Squad/Blit the benifit of the doubt that they simply didn’t test the game on a basic console/controller setup and probably tested it through some other developer medium. I mean honestly, these bugs aren’t that elusive at all and there has to be some simple reason as to why they were missed.
  6. Allow me to reword that a bit. “They didn’t use the console itself for their QA”. Clearly they have done some QA but it is blatantly obvious that they didn’t touch career mode with an actual controller on an actual console. It would be insulting them to say that they did because even a complete novice player would have immediately asked questions about recovering a vessel from the Mun, or why they can’t purchase new tech. I know Squad is better than that to miss something so simple. That’s why it’s clear that their QA was done by other means.
  7. So I’m not necessarily asking for a release date, but considering the past console port, lack of support and transparency, I have to ask: Will it be days, weeks, months or years before we finally get a fully working product? I love you guys and I think I can speak for most of us console players when I say that you guys sincerely broke our hearts and threw it in a blender when you gave us that first tease of a port and then left it for dead. I absolutely adore KSP and it’s torture not knowing when I can play the game without worrying if it’s all going to be for nothing. With all that being said, when can the hype train for the big patch leave the station?
  8. You know, this might have been a smart move on Squad/Blit’s part. By not doing any actual QA by playing the game on console, they made it to where they could release the port earlier. Essentially, we are the (unpaid) QA testers. With the amount of people playing and giving feedback I’d bet that they are finding bugs faster than they could have dreamed of had they conventionally done the QA themselves. They saved money and we got our (semi-complete) Enhanced Edition earlier.
  9. It’s a bug. Go back to the tracking station and return to your vessel again and it should work.
  10. I’m on Xbox and can’t say that I’ve actually seen one yet. Just the annoying trim thing
  11. Trim resets your idle controls to whatever input you give it either intentionally or accidentally. If you hit the trim button while giving the left stuck input it will continue to give that input until it’s been reset. It’s normally used to counter act against a vehicle trying to pitch/yaw/roll against your will. Thanks, bud. I’ll check that when I get off work. You’re probably right
  12. So I’ve put a solid 10 hours into the new and improved KSP. After a little while of getting used to the slight but much needed change in controls (cursor mode FTW) I have to say, I’m quite impressed. The new lighting is beautiful and actually useful, the new SAS works so well now I could cry, landing legs can finally handle some weight and they even snuck in a few new parts on me. The Experiment Storage Unit is invaluable in early career as I can fill them with my science from Mun landings and leave them in orbit for later when I have a station with a Mobile Processing Lab on board. Commnet makes the game feel so much more real (especially if you turn off DSN ground stations and make it so you have no control without a signal) and Kerbnet is spectacular for future mission planning. I could go on forever on how awesome the new difficulty customizations are but you’d really just need to see for yourself. They’ve added new snap points for fairings which appears to solve the Apollo lander design problem which I’m thrilled about. There are so many more little things that I could list off but it would take forever. My only issues so far are minute but enough to annoy you. The trim is obviously a problem. I see it’s usefulness but it is way too easy to activate on accident and I would like a way to turn it off until I need it. Also, you can no longer zoom in or out in map view if you have the cursor out or if you are creating a nav node. The latter is particularly annoying because moving the map around can be crucial for getting those encounters just right. Over all, so far, I give KSPEE a solid 9.5/10. Hopefully these game breaking bugs I keep hearing about get squashed before I ever see them or my heart will break in two. TL;DR: Awesome, awesome game, tiny bugs get stepped on.
  13. Sorry buddy, it will not be fixed nor can it be fixed. Flying Tiger did the port and since they are no longer in the picture there will not be any updates for the original port. The whole reason they made this new port is because the last one was so poorly done and it was beyond repair.
  14. I second that 100% and yes, please sell us some parts because we will most definitely buy them
  15. I can’t believe this is finally happening. My life is almost complete.