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  1. I played a few more hours this weekend and this tip is crucial! Thank you for that. Not sure if I missed that in some introductory tutorial. I managed to get into orbit around Mun and safely return home. Using the UI to interact with planned orbital maneuvers is a bit of a pain, most notably if you try an move the maneuvers. But I am getting better and starting to enjoy it more.
  2. I am predominantly a console player, and I have been eagerly waiting many months for KSP to arrive on the PS4. I purchased it on the release date and have played for a couple of hours each night since. I have to say I am extremely disappointed and frustrated, to the point where I don't even want the game anymore. The control scheme is awful and unworkable. I don't know what I should have expected, but based on my experiences so far, I don't think this game can be played with a joystick. If I could get a refund for my purchase I would certainly take it. I don't think I have ever played a game on my PS4 with more frustrating controls. Are frustrating controls just part of this game? I spend minutes struggling to get a component to attach in the location and manner that I desire. Am I alone in this?