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  1. Hey, so I'm a fair way through a Youtube series in the After Kerbin planet pack and I've built a lander for a certain moon that digs up Alumina and converts it into fuel for the aluminium hybrid rocket from KSPIE. Thing is, Alumina is supposed to be distributed across the entire surface of this moon so I can refuel anywhere but since AK doesn't have any CRP configs yet it's only in one biome. So I made an AK config for Alumina, defining a planetary value and then defining distributions for every biome on the moon to ensure it's everywhere. Problem is, these changes don't update the save
  2. @DuoDex So I've been using CrowdSourcedScience with the After Kerbin planet pack, getting members of my discord to submit reports for the various planets. The planet specific reports all work great, but I notice that none of the default reports ever pop up, meaning if there is no report specific to the planet and situation, I just get the default 'science collected' message. Is there something I need to change somewhere that will allow the default reports to work? I haven't altered the 000_default folder in the slightest. It would be nice to have the default reports to fill in t
  3. Which file or folder in Kerbal Konstructs stores the bases you make? I’m making a multiplayer series with someone in which we both construct new bases quite often and it’s a hassle to send the entire KK folder to one another each time one of us makes a base.
  4. This pack is awesome! I'm actually making a Youtube series based around escaping the Kerbol system in the After Kerbin pack (using interstellar extended ofc). Is it cool if I have my Kerbals escape to and colonise Valentine?
  5. Does guard mode work in space yet? I recall that it was broken.. Quite important that it works for an upcoming Youtube series
  6. If I wanted the scatterer ocean but none of the atmospheric effects, which parts of the mod would I delete? I tried deleting certain parts and the sky went black XD
  7. 0/10 What you said "up there"? Definitely sounds like you're an alien Also I'm a penguin.. I might be doing this wrong
  8. Is there any way to stop guard mode firing at missiles/bombs? There's the option to set it to shoot at just missiles or everything.. Could I make it only shoot at vessels?
  9. Just wondering how to get my hands on the catapult and arresting gear? Downloaded the most recent 1.1.3 version but I can't find them and they don't seem to be included. They're kinda important for a Youtube series I'm doing at the moment!
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