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  1. OF COURSE they are the right target. They are responsible for everything named Kerbal Space Program. They made the decision to 1) Port it 2) The company that ported it; and 3) To release the worst port of a video game in the history of video games. When Ford sells you a car, they don't refer you to the company that made the head gasket if the head gasket blows, and shrug their shoulders. The company who sells you the game is where the buck stops, period.
  2. I assume you're aware that acceleration ==/== speed. The problem is a combination of deadzone (lack of, or control over), no snapping (a glaring, obvious one), and no logarithmic acceleration. The standard thing to do if you MUST have an arrow cursor on a console UI (you don't... there are much better ways)... is to ramp of acceleration. So as you start moving, it's slow and precise. This allows you to easily select buttons near eachother without overshooting them. Then it gets faster as you hold down the stick. Alternatively... this is an analogue stick, acceleration can be tied to position, which is problematic (holding the stick at just the right speed is easier in a video game than in a menu). Having no deadzone and fast speed is the worst possible default. Bingo. It feels as if NO console conventions are followed; even ones established a decade or longer ago. It literally feels like this was ported by someone who has NEVER used a console before, with even the most basic conventions wholly absent.
  3. I hope you're right, but you shouldn't charge 40 bucks for a broken game. This isn't Port Kickstarter, people are paying for a completed product. The game is so damn good on PC; the GUI needs to be completely re-thought for console, as is always the case for this sort of game. Radial menus are why Dragon Age is playable on console. This kind of game CAN WORK, it's not inherrently a bad idea, but the port needs to be done by a competent team familiar with console conventions. This is awful.
  4. I'm not using hyperbole. I literally mean zero work. It feels as though it was shot through an automated porting script, and sent out without any testing. In 38 years, this is the second game I'd return (the first being the Kinect version of Steel Battalion... which was still better than this). Watching video of the PC version confirms this. It's not really a port, it's an Alpha attempt at button mapping, and nothing else. 0/10. If I hadn't paid 40 bucks, I'd have no leg to stand on, but I did, and I do.
  5. Disagree. There is a right way and a wrong way to accomplish this. Good ports implement things like nested radial menus, and snap-to-controls on screen. Terrible ports just haphazardly map contorted bindings to every button. It's like playing a fighting game - you have to know all kinds of combinations that are completely unintuitive. I mean, take the B button on the xbox. This is UNIVERSALLY used to back out of menus, in every game. And this is a menu-driven game. But what does B do? Brings up MORE information. Stuff like that - no basic porting or console conventions are used. This is well-trod territory. There is a way to do this. ZERO work was put into this.
  6. Unplayable on console. It's not even a port, it's like they imported it into MS Word, did a find/replace for a few words regarding controls, and called it a day. Definitely wish I had my money back.
  7. You might guarantee, but you'd have to pay up. A LOT (most) of cheap TVs don't have this functionality. This is exactly why, as OP says, almost every Xbox game has a setting (it's usually forced) where you set the edges of your screen. If it wasn't necessary, it wouldn't be in like 99% of games.
  8. I've been waiting for FOREVER for this game to hit Xbox. I was amped to pay for and get going on this today... but man. This is the absolute worst port I've ever played, of any game, to any device, ever. A PC GUI doesn't translate to the console wholesale (obviously). A substantial amount of work needs to go into optimizing the control scheme, placement, etc... and it has not been done. Windows, when made big enough to read on a TV that isn't huge blocks everything. By default, every tutorial text window is in the absolute worst place possible, blocking whatever the most important thing is (whatever the subject of the tutorial is, is invariably blocked). Again, this is not a PC, so "dragging windows" is COMPLETELY unintuitive, but that was ported wholesale. Fine. So we have huge windows, rather than readable large fonts and clever placement. So you drag the stupid window... and the next screen of dialogue reverts BACK TO THE ORIGINAL PLACE, BLOCKING EVERYTHING. EVERY TIME. So you have the disadvantage of movable windows, which console games don't use, instead of correctly placing large dialogue boxes in a console friendly GUI, and THEN force-reverting back to the original, awful location, every screen. Awesome. Then the mouse pointer acceleration. Oh man. There is no option to set this. So you zoom past everything, and selecting anything is a complete chore, instead of using console conventions, like snapping to functions one-at-a-time, or at least having adjustable acceleration, or snapping when near a selectable control, etc... It's as though the porter has never used a console, or console controller, ever. The tutorials... oh man. Screens zip by before you have a chance to read them in many of them. The pause screen blocks the aforementioned terribly placed dialogue window, so you can't even pause and read for a minute. The tutorial dialogue was just cut and pasted, and aren't even correct a lot of the time. It's so badly done, there will be dialogue like "PRESS THE [Press the X Button] Key" ... it's so shoddy and slapdash. Then, a lot of stuff is just not anti-aliased or properly gone over for TV. Like the flags you choose at the beginning look like atari 2600 graphics on TVs, with the words, completely unreadable on a TV under around 40 inches. I could go on, but it's a terrible, awful, miserable port of a fantastic game that I'm dying to play. Maybe when I can afford a gaming PC I'll finally get my money's worth. For now, this is a candidate for worst PC -> Console port of the year; maybe ever. 0/10
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