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  1. Hmm, it's an odd one. I did try using the pointer to click the RCS button but that wasn't having it. I didn't realise it swapped over to X when EVAing though. I'm betting it's the headbang/ragdoll thing, cos he did seem to fire off at a few metres per second when it happened.
  2. Poor old Jeb was orbiting the Mun and went for an EVA to collect the materials bay data. Along the way he lost his grip and I wasn't able to tell him to grab back on in time as I had the bay menu open. I hit LB+ Long B to switch on RCS but nothing is happening. I have mono-propellant in the capsule which is all I thought you needed to turn on RCS, is there some upgrade I'm missing or is this a bug?
  3. I have the same issue. It seems the position of the white circle won't move unless the cursor is directly on the orbital path. So you have to trace a circle over your orbit with your thumbstick to get it to move smoothly, which is a bit of a pain. It would be nice if the game just looked at side-side movement as clockwise or anti-clockwise in this circumstance.
  4. Yes same issue here, glad it's not just me.
  5. I spent some time today writing out all the key bindings from the help menus for Xbox One to print off and keep in front of me Sorry about formatting all over the place as I'm not a programming type so just threw everything into an excel sheet Hope it helps! General Help Pause Tap Menu Time Warp Increase LB/RB + Tap B Time Warp decrease LB/RB + Tap X Toggle UI Tap View Toggle Labels LB/RB + Tap View Modifier Hold LB or RB Toggle Cursor Tap LS Camera Mode LB/RB + Tap RS Camera Next Tap RS Zoon In LB/RB + RS Up Zoom Out LB/RB + RS Down Camera Reset LB/RB + Long Tap RS Camera Rotate RS Horizontal Camera Pitch RS Vertical Toggle Radial Tap Y Space Centre Help Move Speed 0 LB/RB + Tap A Move Speed 1 LB/RB + Tap B Move Speed 2 LB/RB + Tap X Move Speed 3 LB/RB + Tap Y Forward LB/RB + D-Pad Up Backward LB/RB + D-Pad Down Left LB/RB + D-Pad Left Right LB/RB + D-Pad Right Altitude Up LB/RB + LT Altitude Down LB/RB + RT Altitude Reset LB/RB + Tap RS Editor Help Delete Tap B Pitch Part Up D-Pad Up Pitch Part Down D-Pad Down Yaw Part Left D-Pad Left Yaw Part Right D-Pad Right Roll Part Left LT Roll Part Right RT Reset Part Rotation LB/RB + Tap B Copy Part LB/RB + Tap A Placement Mode LB/RB + Long Tap A Offset Mode LB/RB + Long Tap X Rotate Mode LB/RB + Long Tap B Root Mode LB/RB + Long Tap Y Sym around Ves/Part LB/RB + Tap LS Symmetry Method Tap X Symmetry Mode LB/RB + Tap X Angle Snap LB/RB + Tap Y Fine Tweak RB + Hold LB Camera Translate (SPH) LB/RB + Tap RS Undo LB/RB + D-Pad Left Redo LB/RB + D-Pad Right Scroll View Up LB/RB + RS Left Scroll View Down LB/RB + RS Right Flight General Help Toggle Flight Control Mode LB/RB + Tap Y Toggle Status Screen Long Tap Menu SAS Hold Long Tap B SAS Toggle Tap B Advance Stage (Stage Mode) Tap A Toggle Rotation/Line Mode (Docking Mode) Tap A Precision Control LB/RB + Tap LS Toggle Nav Ball LB/RB + Long Tap X Toggle Map LB + Tap RB Toggle RCS LB/RB + Long Tap B Focus Next Vessel LB/RB + D-Pad Left Focus Previous Vessel LB/RB + D-Pad Right Throttle Cut Off LB/RB + D-Pad Down Throttle Full LB/RB + D-Pad Up Throttle Up D-Pad Up Throttle Down D-Pad Down Brakes Tap X Reset Trim LB/RB + Tap A Lock Launch Stages LB/RB + Long Tap A Scroll Icons Up D-Pad Down Scroll Icons Down D-Pad Up Flight Controls Help Trim Pitch Down LB/RT + Hold LS Down Trim Pitch Up LB/RT + Hold LS Up Trim Yaw Left LB/RT + Hold LS Left Trim Yaw Right LB/RT + Hold LS Right Trim Roll Left LB/RB + Hold LT Trim Roll Right LB/RB + Hold RT Pitch LS Vertical Roll LT or RT Yaw LS Horizontal Rover Movement Help Wheel Throttle Down LS Down Wheel Throttle Up LS Up Wheel Steer LS Horizontal Map View Help Cycle through planets/targets LB/RB