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  1. thanks mike. i did that. wasnt aware there were cheats. shuttle works good just likes to backflip upon thrusting without external tanks and boosters. other than that its pretty wickid! but im sure you know of that lol
  2. i hear that. now im tryin to figure if i can put fuel in the shuttle so i can take off on a runway lol. but thanks again man.
  3. thank you mike! ok that was the problem. the game data folder inside space shuttle was it. removed it. and put all the files in the original space shuttle folder. some reason there was space shuttle/game data/spaceshuttle/parts etc. it works! weeee lol
  4. i cant upload the log. it freezes my browser whether i pm it to you or put on the forum - - - Updated - - - [WRN 21:49:55.681] [shipConstruction]: No thumbnail image exists for Ships/@thumbs/SPH/HotRod [WRN 21:49:56.597] [shipConstruction]: No thumbnail image exists for Ships/@thumbs/SPH/Radio Isotope Lander [ERR 21:49:56.822] [shipConstruct]: Trying to load Space Shuttle - No AvailablePart found for OnePiece [ERR 21:49:56.824] [shipConstruct]: Trying to load Space Shuttle - No AvailablePart found for STSGearLeft [ERR 21:49:56.827] [shipConstruct]: Trying to load Space Shuttle - No AvailablePa
  5. correct mike. i have the ksp win104 folder on the desktop. then the game data folders at the top. i put the space shuttle folder within that game data folder. and the craft file in both the sph/vab. the space shuttle folder DOES contain individual parts, IE: onepiece, wings, tail, airlock,canadaarm. all them are present. there is a game data folder within the space shuttle folder though, in which these parts are inside. is that the conflict? and yes running 1.0.4 ksp version. heres the list of mods im runnin so far lolex,magicsmokeindustries,mechjeb2,realplanes,ships,space-shuttle,starlionindu
  6. ok tried your new download mike. even with the craft file. when i try to load it in the sph, i get "missing or incompatible parts. and every part listed for the space shuttle is saying its not there. when i know it is. they dont appear on the parts list on the left pane either. i also get a kspapiextentions not compatible popup also. not sure if they are tied together. all other mods work though. infernal robotics etc work fine.
  7. so can anyone email me the craft files? or the whole zip?
  8. nope, sandbox. other mods ive installed work. windows 7.
  9. ok so i dont see the parts of the shuttle in the parts list of either the vab or sph.
  10. oh ok lol well ill try that then. that should have been a big duh. i remember doing that very same thing before .20 on the original component shuttle. thats how long its been for me! work.. and moved to kansas city. thanks again mike i surely will check back!
  11. oh ok mike sorry, missed your post. i see now. no worries take your time! just glad to know the problem wasnt on my end. ill check back time to time and thank you!
  12. yep! viruzzz has the same problem i do. thats exactly all i see in my downloads. ive checked every folder and subfolder also. stumped!
  13. well im using google chrome canary. just assuming maybe i need firefox? ive downloaded both the space shuttle with extras and the space shuttle downloads and there are no craft files anywhere in either. its not even labled as you showed. it just says "space-shuttle". i click on that and all is is gamedata folder, licenses, 2 txt docs and a readme doc. thank you for the reply too
  14. call me a noob. ive been on hiatus since .20. anyway theres no craft file(s) i see in the download. everythings changed so much i just put the space shuttle folder in ksp 1.0.4. game data folder. even ran a search and found no .craft files. am i missing something?
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