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  1. They are working on a complete re-port with a new, more competent developer that is expected to be out in the next couple months.
  2. As long as they take moving between objects in map mode off the bumpers I'd be happy. I'd rather lose the functionality then have that control stay the same!!
  3. Yeah, other than the save bugs, it is not at all a bad game. As for all the readouts/mods some think we need, sure - they'd be great... but without them I was able to return kerbals from the Mun and Minmus routinely, go to Duna and back, land on Eve, and get a single probe to flyby and send science back from every single moon of Jool before I crashed into the planet before my save file corrupted. Without mods, in Career mode. So, YMMV.. I guess.
  4. I don't know which bit I am more excited for, the update to 1.2 or the change in devs! Wait, yes I do... so excited no more FTE shenanigans!
  5. After the patch, it seems to be hit-and-miss. Some of my friends have been able to play fine with no save issues. Before the patch, the save issues were a lot of progress roll-backs when the save file got too large. When the patch happened, it caused some people to lose their save file completely. Post patch, some people are finding their save file corrupting/vanishing. If you are concerned about the idea of losing all of your progress, I'd hold off for now. It could be fine and you'd have no issues, but it might also not be.
  6. Sorry, I haven't been checking this forum as much, and didn't get notified of replies. My original report was for Xbox. All of this too!! Plus, switching planets in map view on the bumper buttons has to go! Way, way too easy to accidentally trigger since you use those buttons for EVERYTHING!
  7. Chill everyone - looks like the award was for being the first Mexican studio in the [email protected] program
  8. Other than the fact that the saves are still broken... some of us are having our save files just "vanish" from the game
  9. There have been no patches (other than one that was only supposed to fix the save issues on Xbox), so anything that was broken a month ago is still broken
  10. And... now my post-patch save files don't show up in the game. Spent 90 minutes with Xbox tech support trying to find a way to get them back but no luck. I still have a 590 KB save data file, but KSP doesn't acknowledge it is there. Uninstalled and reinstalled the game, uninstalled and reinstalled my profile (and all save data). and it is all no use. The file is there, KSP just doesn't see it.
  11. Just to add to the pool of data, I've noticed my KSC saves and my in flight quicksaves don't pull up the same point in the gameplay. At first I thought that the ksc saves could only be opened in the ksc and the in flight could only be opened in flight, but I now have a save that I made in flight that can only be opened correctly in the KSC.
  12. I've noticed similar. I wonder if Space Center saves are separate from mission "quicksaves" and this is just communicated really poorly.
  13. I haven't been keeping track of how much I've played since starting over post-patch, but looking at game time by the time the first week in-game was done I had all of the parts of KSC at 2 or 3 and I'm starting to fill in the 4th tier of the tech tree. I'd probably be going a little quicker but I've been having fun honing my orbiting with forced recruiting rescue missions.
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